Standing on the plateau of Egyptian Giza,  sorrounded by desert, inscrutable in the blazing sun, the Pyramids have been a source of awe, mystery and grandeur. Since about 4000 years they stand as a fantastic and timeless proof of an advanced civilization whose marvellous stone legacy is surely the greatest wonder of the ancient world. The enthralling history, the mathematical secrets, the timeless beauty, and the cosmic significance of these colossal man-made mountains , stand as a great attraction in the Egyptian desert. How could the ancients record the fundamental laws of astronomy and physics , with a precision equal to that of the modern science –computing the distance of earth from the sun, and the actual weight and circumference of the earth itself, thousands of years before Newton and Columbus.  

The famous archaeologist, professor Zaba, is of the opinion that, “ One should not consider the pyramids solely as monuments attesting to the megalomaniac  arrogance of the theocratic despots who had them built , but rather as monuments to the culture, knowledge and progressive technology of the age in which they were erected”.

Egyptian Tombs

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The ancient Egyptians probably chose the distinctive form for their pharaohs' (probably considered) tombs beca

use of their solar religion, explained Donald Redford, professor of Classics and ancient Mediterranean studies at Penn State. The Egyptian sun god Ra, considered the father of all pharaohs, was said to 

have created himself from a pyramid-shaped mound of earth before creating all other gods. The pyramid'

There is a long list of reasons about their exact purpose of construction, one such recorded motive for building them was to avoid providing funds for their successors , or for their rivals who wished to plot against them, or else to keep the local folks occupied.s shape is thought to have symbolized the sun's rays.

About The Egyptian Pyramids

Till to-date, 138 pyramids have been unearthed at different locations in Egypt. Some have been discovered by the latest technology to exist under waters. At Giza Plateau there are three pyramids, the fame of which has reached every part of the world. They are of course visible to travellers approaching by river from any direction. They stand on a rocky hill in the desert on the African side of the river.

The largest of these three pyramids is made of stone from Arabian quarries . It is said that 360,000men took twenty years to build it. The pyramid is known as “the pyramid of Khufu” and  is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world. It is the  largest pyramid ever built, it incorporates about 2.3 million stone blocks, weighing an average of 2.5 to 15 tons each, with a height of 147 meters. This pyramid covers an area of nearly 5 acres. Each of the four sides has an equal measurement from corner to corner of 783 feet . The height from ground level to pinnacle amounts to 725 feet , and the circumference of the pinnacle is 16-1/2 ft.

 With the latest machinery available to-day, and assuming that all the stones are available on site, it would take about 70 years to complete this structure. This fact alone speaks of some technology of the time and also diminishes the common theory that that these pyramids were built as tombs for the king who wanted to immortalise themselves. Add to it the fact that these pyramids are located in a desert and the nearest stone mountain is Aswan which is about a 1000 kilometres away, with the necessity of crossing a river in between, the things become more complex. In front of these three pyramids is the Sphinx , which the local inhabitants regard a 

 top of its head is 61-1/2 ft. 

Egyptian SphinxCredit: google-

s a deity. They are of the opinion that Pharaoh king Haramais is buried inside it,  and after his death he was placed on this spot. It is in fact carefully fashioned from the native rock. The circumference of the head , when measured across forehead amounts to 102 feet, the length is 243 feet. The height from the paunch to the

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German archaeologist, Erich Von Daniken, in his book, “Chariots of the god”, has propounded a theory that people from outer space have visited this earth, taught many technologies to humans and went away with a promise to come back again. He feels that these pyramids were built as guiding towers for the people coming from outer space. To support his arguments, he has printed a map of the earth with these pyramids in the very centre of the earth . He also feels that technology to lift stones, cut them to size, bring them to site after crossing the river and then put them on to build a 147 meters structure with perfect north alignment, and perfectly fitting each stone to another with almost no gap in-between was done by or with the help of those aliens. 

The Hidden Secrets Of Egyptian Pyramids

All About The Pyramids

The Turkish researcher has proved (Video attached above with permission) that the pyramids were built to supply wireless electricity to the whole of Egypt. A concept later developed and exhibited by the famous inventor Nikolai Tesla in USA.  The modern day concept of electricity with wires is pretty straightforward. Electrical current is defined by the motion of electrons travelling through a conductive material — usually a metal such as copper. With a few basic formulas engineers are able to electTesla Nikolai holding Wireless bulbCredit: googlerify our world, keeping our lights and appliances running..Tesla proved that electricity can flow to any point without wires, and researcher Adnan Oktar believes pyramids were built for the same purpose.

A Russian researcher has come up with many more theories. (see, he has proved that these pyramids are there to save the earth from earth quakes, and he has given his explanation with details and with many other uses of these mystery pyramids.

All this indicates that those who built the pyramids were much more knowledgeable than the present era of advanced science and technology. Were they really advanced or were they aliens who have promised to come back again ( as per Erich Von Daniken) ?