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One of the major tourist attractions for anyone taking cheap flights to Paris is the Eiffel Tower, located on the Champ de Mars. Millions of tourists come to see the iconic structure every year and it is considered the most visited monument worldwide.

It was built in 1889 after two years and two months of construction time and is the tallest building in the city. It gets its name from the person who designed it: Gustave Eiffel and was originally built to be an entry into the 1889 World’s Fair.  Believe it or not, the tower was scheduled to be torn down 20 years later, but it was preserved so its antenna could be used for telegraphy and is still used as a radio tower today.

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However, since then there is no more clamoring for its destruction, and it has become a very important symbol of Paris seen in many movies and attracting millions of people to see it every year on day trips in Paris.

Facts about the Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel tower is 1,063 feet tall, which is about 81 stories and is considered the tallest manmade structure in the world if you count the antenna on top of it. Visitors are allowed to tour three of its levels and can get up it by using either stairs or an elevator.  The elevators are unique due to the fact that they need special brakes that are adapted to the different angles of the descent and they also must travel a slight curve to get up and down.

If you go to the top of the levels you can see for more than 37 miles, so it is considered to be quite a sight, making it one of the very interesting sightseeing options in Paris that tourists don’t want to miss. There are restaurants to get a snack or meal on each of the first and second levels for hungry tourists. These include the Le 58 tour Eiffel, and the Le Jules Verne, one on each level. At night, the tower is lit up with hundreds of tiny white lights that attract tourists to come and see it in its nightly glory as one of the Paris attractions.

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Sometimes tourists don’t take into consideration that the Eiffel Tower is also important because it gives more than 500 people jobs in the form of the restaurant workers, ticket takers, maintenance employees, security guards, and more. As an example of the tower’s maintenance, it takes 30 painters, all working 40 hours a week, a full 18 months of painting to put a new coat of the bronze paint onto the tower.

Tickets and Hours of Operation

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Tickets to go up into the tower depend on if you are going to the second or the third level. Prices vary from 8.10 Euros for adults over 24 to go to the second level, 4 Euros for kids, and 6.50 Euros for ages 12-24 to about 13.10 Euros for adults to go to the third level, and 11.50 Euros for 12-24 and 9 Euros for kids.

If desired, you can even buy Eiffel Tower tickets on the Internet. It is open all year with operating hours of 9 a.m. to 12:45 a.m. June to August and 9:30 a.m. to 11:45 p.m the rest of the year.