These are the next quests available after completing Conflict of Interest for the Akamora branch of the Mainland Fighters Guild from the Morrowind plugin Tamriel Rebuilt.

Circus LeonosCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksA Lifted Ledger

Speak to Circus Leonos or Laalavlo Irano - which one you speak to first depends on whether Laalavlo will currently speak to you after the last job - about "orders" and you will be offered this job. Apparently it's one that Circus either can't be bothered doing himself, or that is too subtle for him (the description depends on who tells you about this job).

Clibergus CelataCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks"Circus Leonos told me about a job to find the stolen financial ledger of Clibergus Celata, who's staying at the Laughing Goblin in Akmora. As the Indoril guards aren't very interested in his problem, Clibergus hired the Fighters Guild."

Locations of the Laughing Goblin and Varos ManorCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksIf you speak to Amiro after getting the job, he teaches you the spell Charisma and suggests that gold is also useful for loosening mouths. If you currently lack any means of boosting someone's disposition, this is a useful spell during the quest, and acquiring it anyway is not a bad idea.

Daryos VarenCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksRisbanjiCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksFirst, go to the Laughing Goblin and speak to Clibergus Celata about his ledger. He tells you that he has been visiting the various nobles, and therefore one of them might have a clue. Various nobles will tell you that they either have or haven't seen him and his ledger. The amount they will tell you varies with their disposition. You may also get some comments about the previous quest if you let the slaves escape, but didn't do it subtly.

Go to Varen Manor and speak to Daryos Varen about Clibergus's ledger. If his disposition is over 50, he tells you that he told his Argonian slave Risbanji to steal it, and if you want to go and get it back, to go and ask her for it.

Go and find Risbanji downstairs in the manor and, when given the option, tell her "Your master told me I could have it if I want." She will then give you the ledger. First take the ledger back to Clibergus, and then return to Circus. Circus pays you 100 septims for completing the job.

Tomaril ManorCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksTomaril Manor Local MapCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksInstructions from an Altmer

Speak to Circus again about "orders" and then "package transport" and he tells you to go and speak to Galdalior in Tomaril Manor.

"Circus Leonos of the Fighters Guild gave me an assignment to transport some sort of package for an Altmer named Galdalior from the household of House Indoril Councilor Sorvol Tomaril in Tomaril Manor. I should make my way to Tomaril Manor which is South From Akamora. Circus told me the only way to reach it is a path that starts on the back road of Akamora. I should find the junction a little South-West from the Tiranat-Parys Egg Mine."GaldaliorCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

Geras Egg Mine on the World MapCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksHead to the crossing where the guard was waiting near the Tiranat-Parys Egg Mine during the quest Conflict of Interest, and then head south and follow the path to Tomaril Manor. Once at the manor, travel through the Lower and Upper Guard Towers and then exit them for the path up to the manor. Enter the Reception and Slave Quarters and go through them to the Manor House. Speak to Galdalior about "package shipment" and he tells you that he needs a package taking to the Geras Egg Mine. He also gives you Galdalior's Orders and An Adventure's End. Read the book before you give it to Miros at the egg mine as it will teach you the spell Pure Blood which will cure common disease on touch.Geras Egg Mine Local Map LocationCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksMiros' LocationCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

There are a number of ways to get to the egg mine. You can cross overland, but Galdalior warned you about Dridrea on the paths. You could also use levitation to fly over the mountains, but the quickest ways are by using Divine Intervention to get toMirosCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks Fort Umbermoth, which is south of Sailen, directly from Tomaril Manor, or by heading back to Akamora and taking a silt strider to Sailen. The egg mine is to the north west of Sailen; follow the path north from Sailen until you come to an unmarked junction heading west and then follow that path to the end where the egg mine is.

Enter the mine and speak to Miros, who will take the book and orders from you. Now head back to Akamora - using the silt strider from Sailen is the easiest way - and go and speak to Circus again. He will give you 200 septims and two Repair Prongs, and will tell you to speak to Laalalvo for more work. If you speak to her, she does not currently have any jobs.

This is the last quest currently available from the Akamora branch of the Mainland Fighters Guild.

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