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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Plugin Walkthrough - Tamriel Rebuilt: Helnim Fighters Guild - Hunting Twilight and Fame or Folly

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For those of a high enough rank, these are the next quests available after completing The Mad Lord's Guars for the Helnim branch of the Mainland Fighters Guild from the Morrowind plugin Tamriel Rebuilt.

Galseah World Map Location
Hunting Twilight

Speak to Hartise about orders. She will only give this quest to you if you are Swordsman or higher rank in the guild. After asking her about "orders", then ask about "Saruse Evans."

Galseah Local Map Position
"Saruse Evenas, a Telvanni warlock in Helnim, summoned the winged twilight Guuljhka. Unfortunately, the daedra ran off to Galseah Caverns with Saruse's staff. I am to kill this winged twilight and return the staff to its rightful owner."

Winged Twilight
Hartise tells you that Guuljhka ran out of town to the northeast, up the northern fork east of town. This is less than helpful for finding Galseah, as the caverns are actually to the south west of Helnim. Go to Galseah; this is a two zone cave consisting of Galseah and Galseah Deep Caverns. The Winged Twilight is in a cave in the north east corner of the Deep Caverns. The rest of both cave systems are filled with various daedra and hostile NPCs. Kill Guuljhka and then take the staff from her body.

Saruse Evenas
Location of Saruse Evenas
Once you have the staff, take it to Saruse Evenas who is in the Telvanni district east of the city. Speak to him and he will take the staff from you and tell you to return to the guild for your reward. Return to Hartise and speak about Saruse Evenas. You will be rewarded with 500 septims and +2 reputation in the Mainland Fighters Guild.

Fame or Folly

Speak to Hartise about "orders" and then about "potential contract." There are two different ways of doing this quest. She tells you about a contract that has been offered by the Telvanni promising patronage, but she is unsure as to whether the guild should accept it, and asks your advice. You can advise Hartise to either accept the patronage or to reject the patronage. Which you pick will result in a different quest being carried out.

Torvel Manor and Dolthernul Manor Locations
Accepting the Patronage

"Hartise told me of the Torvel family, a wealthy Telvanni family in town who has offered to patronize the Guild in exchange for influence in Guild matters, asking me if I think she should accept or decline the offer. I told her to accept, so she wants me to give the contract to the Torvels to sign, then bring it back to her."

Irelav Torvel
Take the contract Hartise gave you to Irelav Torvel in Torvel Manor in the Telvanni district just outside the north eastern gate to Helnim. Irelav wants you to do a task for him before he signs and gives you two options.

The first option is to go to Dolthernul Manor and kill Gelress, a level 12 Alchemist, and Nevera, a level 18 Nightblade. Once dead, return to Irelav and h will give you 1,000 septims and the signed contract. However, when you tell Hartise what you've done she expels you from the Mainland Fighters Guild, so this probably isn't the best option.

Assurbalhet on the Local Map
Assurbalhet on the World Map
The second option is to kill a renegade called Neloreth Selly, who resides in Assurbalhet to the north of Helnim. Follow the road north from Helnim; the stair Irelav mentions is just south of Yenidan. Talk it to the top of the mountain, then follow the path through the Dwemer ruin of Mzankh - the entrance to Assurbalhet is on the other side. Assurbalhet has several daedra and Neloreth, a level 16 Sorcerer. Kill him and then return to Irelav, who gives you the signed contract. Take the contract back to Hartise.

Hartise will give you 500 septims and you will gain +1 reputation in the Mainland Fighters Guild. This is the last quest Hartise has for now.

Rejecting the Patronage

If you advise Hartise to reject the patronage, in this case you are told to capture - not kill - a bandit called Lucrete Ponius. He operates from a cave called Otori to the north of the town.

Otori on the World Map
"Hartise told me of the Torvel family, a wealthy Telvanni family in town who has offered to patronize the Guild in exchange for influence in Guild matters, asking me if I think she should accept or decline the offer. I told her to decline, so she instead wants me to find and capture an infamous robber baron, who resides in Otori. I can reach this cave by taking the north road out of Helnim, past the end of the mountain range, and following the road east a short way until I find the side path up to the cave."

Otori on the Local Map
Follow the road north; there is a path leading to Otori just past Nalrin Vere's Shack. There are six bandits including Lucrete in the cave. One, Demetrius Muntian, a level 3 Scout, is guarding a locked door with monsters on the other side. One of the remaining, a level 5 Warrior called Marcus Atris is in a side cave with Lucrete. The other three are not far from the entrance and are all low level. None of these should prove a problem.

Lucrete Ponius
Lucrete is a different matter. He is in a side cave and will address you when you get close enough; you must damage him enough so that he surrenders. Lucrete can be very dangerous, especially to low levels, as he is a level 26 Warrior. Closing for combat with him can be fatal. One of the easiest ways of defeating him is by flying around the room and attacking with magic or other distance weapon.

Helnim Old Prison
Once you have inflicted enough damage - reducing his health to about a quarter - Lucrete will surrender, and will follow you back to Helnim. Take him to the Old Prison in the south west of Helnim. Once he is inside, your journal will update and you can return to Hartise. Don't kill Pontius; if you do, you won't get any reward and Hartise will not be pleased with you.

When you return to Hartise after successfully escorting Lucrete Pontius to the prison, you will receive 500 septims, +3 reputation in the Mainland Fighters Guild and +2 reputation. Again, this is the last assignment available from her.
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