These are the miscellaneous quests that can be done in the town of Sailen from the Tamriel Rebuilt plugin for Morrowind.

SailenCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksSailen can be reached by silt strider from Akamora and Necrom and by using Divine Intervention to get to Fort Umbermoth to the south or Almsivi Intervention to Sailen itself, as well as by walking or flying.

Balvel HouseholdCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksSave a Prayer

To start this quest, ask about "latest rumours" in Sailen. Some of the townsfolk will tell you about Ethasi Balvel and her visits to her son, Duram.

"Ethasi Balvel has been making repeated nightly visits to her son in Evos. The townsfolk wonder if he may be ill, but Ethasi tends to dodge the question."Ethasi BalvelCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

EvosCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksYou can go and speak the Ethasi herself, and ask her about "Background" and "Durham" and she will tell you about her son being haunted. Alternatively, you can proceed straight to Evos - a small settlement just south of Fort Umbermoth that isn't marked on the world map.

Go to Durham Balvel's house at the north end of the settlement. When you enter, you will see a female Imperial called Ladiana. She will tell you that her master is being haunted and asks if you can help. If you agree, she gives you Duram Balvel's Key which opens the locked trapdoor into the basement.
Duram Balvel's HouseCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks
LadianaCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksEnter the basement. If you visit during the night, there will be an Ancestral Ghost called Sanos Balvel there as well as Duram. Ignore the ghost if it is there - it is not aggressive - and speak to Duram about "haunting." He will tell you that he is being haunted by his ancestors because of his relationship with Ladiana - if you spoke to her at length, you will likely have realised that this is not a typical master/slave relationship - which the ancestors consider improper. Volunteer to go to the Balvel Ancestral Tomb on his behalf, and he will give you the Balvel Ring which will stop the ancestral spirits from attacking you out of hand. You can also ask him about treasure in the tomb, and he says you can have any you find.Duram and Salvos BalvelCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

Balvel Ancestral Tomb on the World MapCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksThe tomb is a short way south of Evos. It is inhabited by three Ancestral Ghosts - Nals, Menith and Ulse Balvel - and a Bonelord, Ervasi Balvel. None of the undead will attack you without provocation if you are carrying the ring you were given.

Speak to Ervasi. You are given four options initially: "You will cease to harass Duram and Ladiana," "I am not here to convince you, I am here to deal with you," "You misjudge me. I was hoping to be of assistance to the House Balvel" and "Remain silent."Balvel Ancestral Tomb on the Local MapCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

"Remain silent," when chosen, will terminate the current conversation, with no ill effects. If you offer assistance, Ervasi asks you to kill Ladiana. If you accept this, go back to Duram's house and kill her and then return to Ervasi, who rewards you with an Amulet of Rectitude which gives the following effect: Light, 15-45 points for 60 seconds, Resist Fire 10 to 25% for 60 seconds and Shield 15-30 points for 60 seconds when activated. It has 65 charges. If you kill Ladiana, Duram is less than pleased to say the least.

Ervasi BalvelCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksIf you tell Ervasi to cease harassing the pair, you then should choose "You should stop harassing them for the sake of love" and then "I mean the love of the Tribunal, the love that guides House Induril." You will then be given three more responses one at a time that are the only response that can be chosen. After this, Ervasi agrees to stop bothering Duram.

The other options at any stage will eventually result in you being given the option to attack the undead which, if you decide to do so, will result in them all attacking.

Return to Duram. If you killed Ladiana, he is not happy. If you killed the ancestors, he will give you 250 septims. If you convinced the ancestors to cease their harassment, he will give you 250 septims and a Steel Jinkblade.

Sailen MapCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksReligious Inquiry

Whilst asking about "latest rumours" in order to start the quest Save a Prayer you may have come across mention of a witchhunter staying at the Pilgrim Hostel.

Girynu RathryonCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksGo to the hostel and speak to Girynu Rathyron. You will need to boost his disposition to 70 or more. Speak to him about "stay in Sailen" and he will tell you that he is in Sailen on a special commission from Almalexia. Tell him that you are listening and he will ask you to follow him to the attic of the Pilgrim Hostel. He will then tell you that he is here on a special commission looking for a Daedra worshipper in Sailen, and wants you to investigate several people for him. He will give you Girynu's Notes, which details his three main suspects. He doesn't want you to do anything other than reporting to him.

"Girynu Rathryon explained that he is a Temple witchhunter who has traced a daedra trafficker back to Sailen. Since he cannot launch an open investigation without alerting his target, he has asked me to look discreetly for evidence of daedra worship. I have been given a list of three possible suspects that I should talk to. If I get a chance, I should inspect their houses as well."

Dalam MarysCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksThe three suspects are Idroso Menas, Dalam Marys and Golveso Darys.Golveso DarysCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

Dalam Marys, when asked about "Background" will give you his if his disposition is over 35 and your journal will update. Golveso Darys, when asked about "special items" will tell you he no longer deals in them and your journal will update. Idroso Menas will give you an abrupt answer and her disposition will drop when asked about her "Background" but you will need to ask her about it five times until your journal updates.

Idroso MenasCredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda SoftworksYou need to look in the basement of Idroso Menas' house. There are two entrances, both locked, a trapdoor outside and a door inside. The inside door is easier to pick, being only level 50, whilst the outside is level 80. Both can be unlocked with Idroso Menas' Key which is behind a bowl on the Drawers beside the bed inside the house. Picking the door lock or taking the key will require hiding from Idroso whilst you do it. Picking the door to the trapdoor outside is easier to do unnoticed, but make sure the guard and any pedestrians in the village can't see when you do it.

In the basement is a Daedroth called Khayam-I. Speak to it, and it will offer you a reward if freed, but this is untrue. If you do release him, both Khayam-I and Idroso will vanish. Return to Girynu; don't free Khayam-I and don't kill Idroso.Khayam-ICredit: The Tamriel Rebuilt Team and Bethesda Softworks

If you set Khayam-I free and tell Girynu that, he will reward you with 200 septims and an Amulet of Drydene's Panacea, which casts Cure Common Disease and has 75 charges. If you lied about setting Khayam-I free, you get 300 septims and the amulet. If you didn't set him free, you get 400 septims and the amulet.

Whatever you did, Idroso Menas's house is now empty, and will provide a place to stay in Sailen as well as quite a bit of loot in the various containers around the house.

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