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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Plugin Walkthrough - Tamriel Rebuilt: Darnim, Seitur and Dreynim Spa Quests - Marcus Reprus' Ring, Mahhjat's Mistake, Worthy Investment and Rich Pickings

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These are the miscellaneous quests that can be done in the towns of Darnim, Seitur and Dreynim Spa from the Tamriel Rebuilt plugin for Morrowind.

Darnim Quests

Darnim can be reached by boat either from Marog or from the Helnim Docks, as well as by walking or flying.

Location of Marcus Reprus
Marcus Reprus' Ring

In Darnim, speak to Marcus Reprus who can be found on the docks using the topic "get my ring back." Agree to help him get his ring back.

marcus Reprus
"I told Marcus that I'd get his ring back. He says he wandered east of Darnim before he was attacked, so that might be a good place to start my search."
Sassanibat's Yurt on the World Map

Go to Sassanibat's yurt and speak to Sassanibat about "get my ring back." Her Disposition will need boosting to 70. Once achieved, she will state that Marcus is the thief and that he stole an amulet from them.

If you say "Enough of these lies" they will attack and you can take the ring off Sassanibat's corpse, if you manage to kill them. You could also try picking her pocket.

Sassanibat's Yurt on the Local Map
If you tell her "I believe you" she asks you to get her amulet back, in return for which she will give you the ring. In this case return to Marcus and get the amulet from him and then return to the yurt.

Sassanibat takes the amulet and gives you Reprus Ring. Return to Marcus with the ring.

Marcus takes the ring and gives you 150 septims

If you didn't agree to take the amulet back, because you either killed the Ashlanders or successfully picked Sassanibat's pocket, he will also give you Sassanibat's Amulet.

The Windrebreak Hostel and Farie Niernis: Trader
Mahhjat's Mistake

To start this quest speak to the Khajiit Mahhjat in Farie Niernis: Trader in Darnim about "Help a poor Khajiit."

"I met a Khajiit named Mahhjat, who told me that he mixed up an order from Charna gra-Mohl, the owner of the Windbreak Hostel, so that she bought seven bottles of spoiled Sutch Wine. He wants me to go to the Windbreak Hostel and replace the seven spoiled wine with some normal Sutch Wine."


The Windbreak Hostel: Dwellings
Go to the Windbreak Hostel just to the north of the trader's. Charna gra-Mohl is in the hostel inside the door, but don't mention the spoiled wine to her or she will take it out on Mahhjat. Instead, go through the trapdoor in the floor to the Windbreak Hostel: Dwellings.

At the end of the Dwellings are Urns, Barrels and a Wine Crate; the latter contains six bottles of the spoiled wine. When you open it, your journal updates. Remove the six bad bottles and replace them with the good ones. You can go speak to Mahhjat at this point and he concludes that the final bottle must have already been sold to a customer. You can find out that Tertitius Panelus has bought it, and that it is on the table in his room.
Wine Crate

Tertitius Panelus
If you speak to Tertitius Panelus about the last bottle of wine he will agree to exchange it, but unfortunately he will also complain to Charna, a less than optimal solution. Instead, steal it from the table and replace it with the good one. You will have to make sure you aren't seen - Sneak and camouflage spells and items help here - as this is theft and Panelus will attack you.
Bottle of Spoiled Wine

Once you have all seven bottles of spoiled wine return to Mahhjat and speak to him about "spoiled wine." He will thank you, take the spoiled wine from you, and give you two bottles of Surilie Brothers wine.

Seitur Quest

Seitur can be reached by walking or flying. The closest Divine Intervention destination is Fort Umbermorth and the closest Almsivi Intervention destination is Sailen, which is on the silt strider network.

Manus's Shop and the Hunted Hound Inn
Worthy Investment

In the village of Seitur, go into Manus's shop and speak to Manus about "business."

"Manus, the trader at the small village of Seitur, wants me to try and convince the local innkeepers to direct some of their business his way."


Go to the Hunted Hound Inn just to the north and speak to Ryamon Sevenas about "business." Ryamon refuses to have anything to do with Manus, an outlander, and refers you to his wife. Speak to Tilme about "business" and she suggests that Manus could convince Ryamon to deal with him if Manus made a donation to the Sinramen Monastery.

Sinramen Monastery on the World Map
Tilme Sevenas
Return to Manus and tell him this. He gives you a Pledge of Donation and asks you to go to the monastery for him. If you ask the locals about "Sinramen Monastery" they will give you directions to get there. You can follow the road south from the village to the fork, and then take the fork north until you get to the monastery or, alternatively, fly east from the village and join the path there and then proceed to the end.
Rathos Reminul

Enter and speak to Rathos Reminul who is in the dome chamber at the top of the monastery. He thanks you and takes the Pledge of Donation from you. Now return to Manus, who asks you to return in a few days. After approximately 3 days have passed since you spoke to Manus and told him that you left the Pledge of Donation at the monastery, your journal will update and suggest that you return to Manus to see if it has worked.
Sinramen Monastery on the Local Map

Return and speak to Manus again about "business" and he will give you 100 septims, completing the quest.

Dreynim Spa
Dreynim Spa Quest

Dreynim Spa can be reached by walking or flying. The closest Divine Intervention destination is Fort Umbermorth and the closest Almsivi Intervention destination is Sailen, which is on the silt strider network.

Thonis Mansenat
Rich Pickings

In Dreynim Spa standing outside a building near the road is a guard called Thonis Mansenat. If you speak to him about "bandits" he will tell you about a bandit called Rithre Arsur.

"I spoke to a guard at the Dreynim Spa. He told me that there had been reports of attempted robberies in the mountain canyon to the west of the spa. He believes the bandits probably have a base somewhere in the area, but he does not have time to search it out himself. He asked if I could find and kill the bandit leader, Rithre Arsur."

Ilnibu on the Local Map
Ilnibu on the World Map
Rithre Arsur and her bandits are in a cave called Ilnibu to the south of the road where the junction to Dreynim Spa is on the Dreynim Spa side of the river. The easiest way to reach the cave is from the river, but it can be reached by climbing over the ridge to the south of the road.

Inside the cave are Rithre Arsur, a level 13 Assassin and three other bandits: Mirsha gra-Ilnog a level 17 Warrior, Ingel a level 13 Acrobat and Aren Llothos a level 7 Scout. Only Arsur has to be killed and, once she is, your journal will update. Return to Thonis in Dreynim Spa and speak to him about bandits. You will be give 500 septims and the quest is completed.
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