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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Plugin Dibella's Watch Walkthrough Maps - Al-Raj, Birksfjord, Cove, Dreadmoor Hills and Sachsmoore Fields Trading Station

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Maps for quests from the Oblivion plugin Dibella's Watch.


The small town of Al-Raj is the focal point of the quests The Lawman of Al-Raj, Freeing Al-Raj and The Ganton Brothers and is visited during The Fourth Crusade.

The Town of Al-Raj on Dibella's Watch
(1) Minotaur Farm

There are three tame Minotaurs in the pen behind the building. There is nothing of note inside the house.

(2) This tent belongs to Bomir Gro-Droch who will train Blunt up to level 75.

(3) General Store

Trader San Rufius buys weapons, armour, books, clothing, ingredients and miscellaneous items with 250 Gold and sells weapons, clothing, food, books and miscellaneous items.

(4) Sengousie Family House

Nicolas Sengousie, who will start the quest Freeing Al-Raj, lives here with his wife Jenna and, once she has been freed, his daughter Lene.

(5) The Wateringhole Saloon

Saloon Owner Hermeris will buy ingredients and potions with 100 Gold and sells alcohol and food.

(6) Birger's House

(7) Al Raj Smith

Smith Rhivara buys weapons, armour and miscellaneous items with 200 Gold and repairs items and sells weapons, armour and miscellaneous items.

(8) Slave Trade Station/Al Raj Mayor's Residence

Until he is killed in Freeing Al-Raj, the Slaver's Mercenary, a level 17 Warrior, stands outside the building. The Slave Trade Station is where Lena Sengousie, and two other slaves, are being kept. Gro-Hargh the Slaver is upstairs initially, but he flees during Freeing Al-Raj.

Once the Crusader quest The Fourth Crusade is complete, Marraldor becomes Mayor of Al-Raj and this becomes his house.

(9) Bincka Ahrn's House

(10) Law Office

Crusader Otho, who is the main NPC for The Lawman of Al-Raj, can be found here initially.

(11) Achirra the Highwayman


A small Nord settlement separate from Vasthelm.

Birksfjord on Dibella's Watch
(1) Viking Colony Barracks

(2) Viking Trading Post

Notable items in here are a bottle of Cyrodilic Brandy and a Jewellery Box which contains one or more pieces of levelled jewellery, including magical jewellery.

(3) Astrid's House

The most noteworthy items in here are a Novice Alembic, two Novice Mortar & Pestles and a Novice Retort, a variety of ingredients including Dreugh Wax and Frost Salts, and a Potion of Insulation and a Potion of Warmth.

(4) Viking Smith

There are a variety of weapons and armour in the shop. Viricka the Smith buys weapons, armour, lights and miscellaneous items with 800 Gold and will repair items. She sells Gauntlets of Gluttony, Iron Arrows and other ammunition, enchanted weapons, Torches, weapons and Repair Hammers.


Cove on Dibella's Watch
(1) The Mermaid

This former ship is now an inn consisting of The Mermaid, The Mermaid Cabin, The Mermaid Lower Deck and The Mermaid Room. In The Mermaid is Gro-Brechugh, the publican, who buys ingredients and potions with 400 gold, but only sells two Apples. The doors to the three areas off the main tavern all have Average locks, and opening them is not a crime, nor is taking any of the food and drink in the room. The Mermaid Room has a bed that can be slept in for free.

(2) The Trader of Cove

There are many items scattered around this shop, the most notable of which are a pair of Boots of the Eel, two Emeralds, a Weak Potion of Speed, a Weak Potion of Invisibility, the valuable books Provinces of Tamriel and The Wolf Queen and the rare book Arcana Restored.

Shopkeeper Falsifarius buys weapons, armour, clothing, lights, alchemical apparatus, miscellaneous items and potions with 2,000 Gold and sells the Apron of the Master Artisan, Repair Hammers, Iron Arrows, Bear Pelts, Torches, potions, novice spell scrolls, ammunition and miscellaneous items.

Marya the Fence, despite her name, doesn't actually appear to buy stolen goods. In fact, she doesn't actually seem to buy or sell anything. She also trains Sneak to level 70.

(3) Weenaris' House

This house contains many bottles of drink including Lazeera's Fine Wine, one bottle of which is required for the quest Alcoholics Guild. Weenaris is a member of the Alcoholics Guild himself.

Dreadmoor Hills

Once the Main Series quest Commander of the Army is completed, Dreadmoor Hills becomes another settlement. Until the appropriate point in that quest is reached the doors to the area are closed, and until it is complete, the buildings cannot be entered.

Dreadmoor Hills on Dibella's Watch
(1) Dreadmoor Shoppe

The shop contains a variety of Deadtree weapons and armour. Dreadmoor's Shopkeeper buys weapons, armour, books, clothing, ingredients and miscellaneous items with 500 Gold

(2) Mayor's Residence

The most notable items in here are two bottles on Lazeera's Fine Wine, one bottle of which is required for the quest Alcoholics Guild.

(3) Dreadmoor Olde Pub

Tavernkeeper Gro-Harghurgh buys ingredients and potions with 140 Gold and recharges magic items.

(4) Fort Deadtree

The door leads to Fort Deadtree - Dro-Zharrn Entrance (1). In the ruins of the fort are a chest containing 6 Torches and 10 Repair Hammers, 3 Gold coins, a Common Soul Gem (Empty) and a Deadtree Mage, a level 20 Battlemage. The fort is visited during the quest Into Temple Dro-Zharrn.

(5) Temple Dro-Zharrn Inner Halls

This is the exit from Temple Dro-Zharrn Inner Halls (15). The door cannot be used to enter the temple until it has been left after Into Temple Dro-Zharrn.

Sachsmoore Fields Trading Station

A Redguard settlement in the south.

Sachsmoore Fields Trading Station on Dibella's Watch
(1) Djibou's House

Djibou the Mage recharges magic items and trains Conjuration to level 60.

(2) Smith

Cenna the Smith buys weapons, armour, lights and miscellaneous items with 800 Gold and sells weapons, armour and some miscellaneous items, as well as repairing items.

(3) Redguard Trading Post

This is composed of two areas, Redguard Trading Post and Upstairs. The most noteworthy item is a copy of the valuable book The Argonian Account, Book 2 in the trading post.

Rovan the Barkeeper buys ingredients and potions with 300 Gold and sells alcohol and food.

(4) Guard Barracks

(5) Mayor's House

The most notable items in here are a Weak Poison of Sickness, a Brass Pearl Ring and a Bronze Amulet.

(6) Wadeyna Family Home
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