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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Plugin Dibella's Watch Walkthrough Maps - Millstone Run, Vasthelm and Wordham Village

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Maps for quests from the Oblivion plugin Dibella's Watch. Clutter refers to the worthless and low value items found in containers.

Millstone Run from Dibella's Watch
Millstone Run

This small settlement is defended during the quest Striking Back. There are many containers full of Grain and Flour scattered around the village.

(1) Foreman's House

(2) Miller's House

(3) Millstone Run North Mill

(4) Millstone Run South Mill

(5) Millstone Run Warehouse

This is full of containers, most of which contain either Grain or Flour with some containing clutter.

Vasthelm from Dibella's Watch

Vasthelm is a Nord settlement that is the focus of the Vasthelm Quest Series.

(1) Reguel the town drunk has a bedroll here

(2) Sovngarde's Gate

Tavernkeeper Stieg buys alcohol and ingredients with 400 Gold and sells alcohol and food and trains Mercantile to level 40.

(3) North Tower

(4) Rode's Tradehouse

The most notable items in here are an Ebony Bow, an Ebony Dagger, a Potion of Chameleon, 3 Potions of Cure Disease, a Potion of Cure Paralysis, 3 Potions of Cure Poison and 2 Strong Poisons of Illness, the valuable books Dwemer History and Culture, Fall of the Snow Prince and Tamrielic Lore and a bottle of Lazeera's Fine Wine, a bottle of which is required for the quest Alcoholics Guild.

Shopkeeper Eirik Rode buys weapons, armour, books, clothing, ingredients, lights, alchemical apparatus, miscellaneous items, magic items and potions with 800 Gold and sells weapons, clothing, alcohol, potions, books and miscellaneous items.

(5) Klofinger's House

(6) Harbour Tower

(7) Dorcha's Mead Room

Barkeeper Dorcha buys ingredients and potions with 200 Gold and sells alcohol and food.

(8) Vasthelm Home

The door to this is locked and requires the Vasthelm Home Key, given by Crusader Cerize at the end of Like Father, Like Daughter, to open. This is the player's house in Vasthelm. The most notable item in the house is the valuable book Tamrielic Lore.

(9) Haarfinger's House

Haarfinger buys and sells clothing with 150 Gold.

(10) King's Way Tower

(11) Frey's Sword n'Shield

Frey Smith sells and buys weapons and armour with 400 Gold and repairs items.

(12) Vasthelm Castle

The castle is comprised of nine different areas, most of which cannot be entered until the appropriate quest point is reached.

Vasthelm Castle Entrance - First Minister Jaen can be found here. When the Hellrise attack in The Winter War, he is killed by the force of five Hellrise Greater Skeletons. He is eventually replaced by Gasteric after Like Father, Like Daughter. The doors off lead to the Princess' Quarters, Vasthelm Castle Throne Room and Dungeon. All of these are initially locked.

Princess' Quarters - The door to these cannot be opened until the appropriate point in The Road to Vasthelm. Princess Elena can be found here in her working hours, which First Minister Jaen will tell you. Doors off lead to the Vasthelm Castle Entrance, the Princess' Chambers and the Embassy Rooms.

Princess' Chambers - The door to these has a Hard lock, but it can be opened with a Vasthelm Castle Key, which a number of NPCs possess. The chambers only lead back to the Princess' Quarters.

Embassy Rooms - The door to these has an Average lock, but it will be opened after the appropriate point in The Road to Vasthelm. They provide a safe place to sleep and store items in the castle. They only lead back to the Princess' Quarters.

Vasthelm Castle Throne Hall - The door to the throne hall cannot be opened until the appropriate point in The Winter War. King Thor the Grey can be found here. Doors off lead to the Vasthelm Castle Entrance, Valkyrie Barracks and the King's Quarters.

King's Quarters - The Speechcraft skill book The Wolf Queen, v 7 can be found on a bookcase. The only door in here leads back to the Vasthelm Castle Throne Hall.

Valkyrie Barracks - The Blade skill book 2920, Morning Star (v1) on a Bookcase. The only door leads back to the Vasthelm Castle Throne Hall.

Dungeon - The door to the Dungeon cannot be opened until the appropriate point in The Winter War. When entered, there are three Hellrise Warriors in the dungeon. One door leads back to the entrance; the other to the Vasthelm Castle Crypt. The crypt door is in a prison cell, whose lock must be opened by the Vasthelm Dungeon Key, which is on the body of Jailor Svein.

Vasthelm Castle Crypt - This is reached from the Dungeon. Inside are two Hellrise Warriors, a Hellrise Greater Skeleton and two Hellrise Scavengers, levelled Dunmer Mages. The Mad Magician's Grave will deactivate the portal in The Winter War when activated.

Wordham Village from Dibella's Watch
Wordham Village

A small settlement in which there is a battle between the Deadtree Clan and the County's forces in The Battle of Grandoak Cross.

(1) Wordham Dairy Farm

(2) Wordham Tavern

Genius Vesuvius buys ingredients, lights, alchemical apparatus and potions with 350 Gold and sells Mead, ingredients and other alcoholic drinks. Trades-In-Questionable-Stuff buys weapons, armour, books, clothing, ingredients, lights, miscellaneous items, magic items and potions with 500 Gold but doesn't, despite his name, seem to buy stolen goods. He sells a Carrot.

(3) Vlastov Farm

The notable items in here are a Nirnroot plant and three bottles of Cyrodiilic Brandy.

(4) Butler's House

(5) Wordham Sheep Farm

One Chest in the farm contains at least 500 Gold.

(6) Secret Passage

This well leads to Secret Passage (5), but it cannot be opened until The Siege of Wordham has been started.

(7) Wordham Castle

The castle is comprised of Wordham Castle, East Tower and Leowina's Tower. In Wordham Castle the notable items are two copies of the rare book The Last King of the Ayleids and one of the valuable book Azura and the Box, a bottle of Cyrodiilic Brandy and an Apprentice Alembic. In addition, Lady Wina Wordham recharges magic items and provides Restoration training to level 75.

The quest The Lost Daughter is started by speaking to Sir Meyowind Wordham, who is usually found in the main room of the castle, and the castle is also visited during several other quests that are part of the Main Series.

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