Maps for quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion plugin Knights of the Nine Revelation.

Clutter - Clutter is a general term for the various low value or worthless items that are found in containers.

Castle of the Nine

The Castle is Gareth's old Castle Relleis renamed, which is given to the player by Chancellor Ocatio after the completion of Revelation. This is a guide to the complete, fully upgraded, castle after the quest Castle of the Nine is completed, a quest that basically requires the player to have and spend a large amount of money.

Various Knights are standing guard, on the walls and towers and wandering around the castle, and patrolling outside the castle itself in the case of the rangers.

Castle Exterior

Exterior of the Castle of the NineCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Boat to the Waterfront District of the Imperial City

(2) Underground Cave (1)

(3) Trapdoor leading to the Inner Wall (19)

(4) Ladder to the top of the tower

(5) Trapdoor to the Inner Wall (27)

(6) Door to the Wall (18)

(7) Door to the Inner Wall (24)

(8) Door to Wall (25)

(9) Door to Inner Wall (29)

(10) Trapdoor to Inner Wall (30)

(11) Door to the Wall (31)

(12) Door to Inner Wall (33)

(13) Trapdoor leading to Inner Wall (34)

(14) Door to Wall (35)

(15) Door to Wall (37)

(16) Door to Wall (38)

(17) Door to Inner Wall (39)

(18) Door to the Inner Wall (43)

(19) Trapdoor to Wall (44)

(20) Door to Lord's Quarters (20)

(21) Door to Upper Quarters (4)

(22) Door to Wall (3)

(23) Trapdoor to Lord's Quarters (22)

(24) Door to the Inner Wall (7)

(25) Door to the Wall (8)

(26) Trapdoor to Inner Wall (9)

(27) Door to Wall (10)

(28) Door to Wall (12)

(29) Trapdoor to Inner Wall (13)

(30) Door to the Wall (14)

(31) Door to Wall (16)

(32) Door to Eastern Tower (1)

(33) Door to Smithy (1)

(34) Door to Barracks (1)

(35) Door to Main Hall (1)

(36) Door to Guest House (5)

(37) Door to Guest House (6)

(38) Portcullis - This is raised and lowered by the right Handle at Inner Wall (23) and can also be raised and lowered by the player activating it.

(39) Portcullis - This is raised and lowered by the left Handle at Inner Wall (23) and can also be raised and lowered by the player activating it.

(40) Lanceor's Ring - To say this ring is hard to reach is an understatement. It is between the Guest House and the castle's wall, behind some very difficult to climb rocks. Even then, the ring cannot be reached, and telekinesis spells do not seem to be able to retrieve it. Should it be obtained, it is just a fairly expensive ring.

(41) This is where the Prophet sleeps. In front of his tent is a Sack which may contain food.

(42) Vyper - Vyper is nestled in a niche in the wall between it and the Smithy, and he is a trader who sells poisons, potions, Skooma and Lockpicks, and will buy miscellaneous items and potions with 400 Gold. He will enter combat and can be killed, so be careful about what hostile creatures you draw back into the Castle - easily done if you wander too close to the Conjuerer occupied Fort Roebeck across the pool, or are being pursued by monsters - unless you want to lose your own personal fence.


The Smithy is on two levels, with Sergius Turrianus' quarters up the stairs. It can only be accessed from the Castle Exterior.

Map of the SmithyCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdLower Level

(1) Door to Castle Exterior (33)

(2) On this weapons rack are:

Fine Steel Claymore
Fine Steel Warhammer
Iron Claymore
Iron Mace
Steel Battle Axe
Steel War Axe

(3) Here there are:

Shelf - On this is a Steel Dagger

Knight of the Nine Gear (Respawing) - This Chest contains the following items, which respawn:

Knight Commander Boots
Knight Commander Cuirass
Knight Commander Gauntlets
Knight Commander Greaves
Knight Commander Helmet
Knights of the Nine Covert Boots, Gauntlets, Greaves and Cuirass
Knights of the Nine Cuirass, Greatsword, Longsword, Heavy Cuirass, Heavy Shield, Ranger Cuirass, Shield and Skirmisher Cuirass

(4) On here are:

Iron Dagger
Repair Hammer

Underneath is a Chest which may contain clutter and minor loot.

(5) Sergius Turrianus - He sells Iron Arrows, Repair Hammers, Torches, weapons and armour and buys armour, weapons, potions and miscellaneous items with 2,000 Gold, and will repair items. He will also equip the horse Spirit from Kyne's Spirit with horse armour.

(6) On this rack are 8 Knights of the Nine Shields.

(7) Here there are:

4 Knights of the Nine Shields
8 Silver Longswords

(8) On this rack are 4 Knights of the Nine Longswords.

Upper Level

(9) On the landing here are:

Arrows (Respawning) - This is a Chest which spawns levelled magic and normal arrows.

A weapons rack, on which are:

Fine Iron Bow
Fine Steel Bow
Iron Bow
7 Steel Bows

(10) Here there are:

Chest - This may contain clutter and minor loot.
Barrel - This may contain clutter, a Repair Hammer and minor loot.

(11) There are the following here:

Cupboard - This contains ammunition, weapons, clothing, armour, spell scrolls, Bear Pelts, Repair Hammers and potions. On it is a Weak Potion of Healing.
Shelves - On these are:

2920, MidYear (v6), Heavy Armour skill book
Biography of Barenziah, v 1
Biography of Barenziah, v 2
Biography of Barenziah, v 3
Biography of Barenziah, v 4
Guide to Chorrol, 2 copies
Manual of Arms
Mysterious Akavir
On Morrowind
The Amulet of Kings

(12) Drawers - These may contain clothing. On them are:

Ruins of Kemel-Ze
Tamrielic Lore

(13) Here there are a Drawer and Drawers, both empty. On top of them are 2 Beer.

Eastern Tower

Map of the Eastern TowerCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Door to Exterior (32)

(2) Trapdoor - This is blocked by sandbags in the Inner Wall (17). If the sandbags are removed, the trapdoor will work.

Underground Cave

The entrance to the cave is underwater. It is completely empty. There is a door which doesn't work and a non-working secret entrance that hides an equally non-functional ladder.

Map of the Underground CaveCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Exit to Castle Exterior (2)

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