Maps for quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion plugin Knights of the Nine Revelation.

Clutter - Clutter is a general term for the various low value or worthless items that are found in containers.

Castle of the Nine

This is Sir Gareth's former castle that is given to the player after the conclusion of Revelation by Chancellor Ocato.

Lord's Quarters

The Lord's Quarters contain a number of empty display cases, racks and storage, including many which are labelled to make it easier to find and store items.

(1) Door to Upper Quarters (2). This is downstairs.

(2) Here there are Items for sale - Items placed in this Chest will be taken and sold by Valerius, and the Gold deposited later. On the wall above it is the Mailbox which is where the letters regarding Gareth's Equipment and The Arrow of Time will appear. Underneath the stairs are 2 Crates, each of which may contain clutter, a Repair Hammer and minor loot.

(3) Door to Lord's Quarters (21). Next to it is an empty Weapons Table.

(4) Knights of the Nine Revelation Extras - This book will allow a number of options to be toggled.

Portal - This option toggles the Glass of Time, which allows the player to return to the basement of the Tower of White Gold in First Era Cyrod and will appear in the corner next to the book.

Multiple Knight Commanders - This will allow all eight Knight Commanders to follow you, each of whom may be accompanied by up to 8 Knights. Players are warned that this is buggy.

Crusader's Relics - Various different options for the Relics can be toggled here. These will take effect after the Relics have been placed on and then removed from an Armour Stand.

Armour Weight - Toggles between Heavy and Light armour.

Appearance - Toggles the appearance between Antique and Shiny.

Upgrade Level - This will alter the Relics' upgrade level. The options are: Repaired by Vulcanus, but unenchanted, reconsecrated at the Shrine of the Eight, powered up by Pelinal's Heart, the damaged Relics found during Recovering the Crusader's Relics and the original level.

Cattle Options - This toggles a number of changes to the Castle of the Nine.

Display Hall - This will add the original trophy room back, which can be accessed using a door in the Guest House (7).

Throne - This will cause a throne to appear in the Main Hall (18).

(5) Here there is a Stand, in which are:

Fine Steel Longsword
Steel Longsword

Next to it is an empty Weapons Display.

(6) In this corner are a Display Rack with a Knights of the Nine Heavy Shield on it and two empty Display Cases.

(7) Armour Display Case - When opened, the Crusader's Relics can be placed inside on the Armour Stand, which functions like the original Armour Stand in the Priory.

(8) In this corner are a Display Rack on which are a Knights of the Nine Longsword and a Knights of the Nine Greatsword as well as two empty Display Cases.

(9) On this Table are two empty Small Chests. Under it is a Chest which may contain clutter and minor loot.

(10) Bookshelves - On these are:

Book Stacks - These are containers that take the appearance of all the books in the series they are named after:

2920 (v1 - v12) - This contains one of each book in the series, including the Blade, two Conjuration, Heavy Armour, Mercantile, Mysticism, Restoration, Sneak and Speechcraft skill books.
A Brief History of the Empire - Inside are one of each of the four books.
A Dance in Fire, v 1 - 7 - In this are all seven volumes, which are the 2 Acrobatics, Athletics, Block, Marksman and two Mercantile skill books.
Biography of Barenziah, v 1 - 4 - Contains one of each of the four volumes.
Feyfolken I - III - Contains all three volumes.
Guides to the Cities of Tamriel - Contains one of each of the eight books.
Mystery of Talara, v 1 - 5 - In this are all five volumes, including the Acrobatics, Destruction, Illusion and Restoration skill books.
Mythic Dawn Commentaries - Empty.
The Ancient Tales of the Dwemer - This contains one of each of the seven known volumes in this series, including the Alchemy, Athletics, Blunt and Heavy Armour skill books.
The Life of Eslaf Erol, Part I - IV - Contains all four volumes, the Acrobatics, Athletics, Block and Blunt skill books.
The Real Barenziah, v 1 - 5 - This contains one copy of each of the five books.
The Wolf Queen, v 1 - 8 - In this are all eight volumes, including the Hand to Hand, Illusion, Mercantile, Security, Sneak and two Speechcraft skill books.

Containers - These all take the appearance of books and scrolls and are designed to make filing easier:

Journals - Empty
Miscellaneous Books - Empty.
Miscellaneous Scrolls - Empty.
Skill Books - Empty.
Spell Scrolls - Empty.
Spell Tomes - Empty.

(11) Shelves - On these are:

Chest - This may contain clutter and minor loot.

Shezarr and the Divines
The Adabal-a
The Knights of the Nine

There are also a number of labelled containers:

Empty Soul Gems - Empty.
Filled Soul Gems - Empty.
Sigil Stones - Contains a levelled Sigil Stone.
Varla & Welkynd Stones - Empty.

The Song of Pelinal, v 1 - 8 - A book stack containing one copy of each volume in the series.

(12) Drawers - These may contain desk clutter. On them are some labelled containers.

Healing Potions - Empty.
Magicka Potions - Empty.
Miscellaneous Potions - Empty.
Poisons - Empty.

Enchanted Amulets - Empty.
Enchanted Rings - Empty.
Gemstones - This contains a Gold Nugget and a Flawed Ruby.
Unenchanted Jewellery - In this is a Silver Sapphire Ring.

(13) In this corner are various labelled containers designed to store weapons and armour. All of these are empty and are labelled Arrows, Axes, Bows, Claymores, Clothes, Daggers, Heavy Armour (Enchanted), Heavy Armour (Unenchanted), Light Armour (Enchanted), Light Armour (Unenchanted), Maces and Warhammers, Robes, Staves, Storage Chest, Swords (Enchanted) and Swords (Unenchanted).

(14) Desk - This may contain books and desk clutter. On it are an Open Book and a Lectern which contains desk clutter and may contain a cheap book.

(15) Drawers - These may contain clothing. On (a) is The Amulet of Kings.

(16) Cupboard - This may contain clothing.

(17) Door to Lord's Quarters (18)

(18) Door to Lord's Quarters (17)

(19) Ladder to Lord's Quarters (20)

(20) Exit to Castle Exterior (20)

(21) Door to Lord's Quarters (3)

(22) Ladder to Castle Exterior (23)

Map of the Lord's QuartersCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd
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