Maps for quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion plugin Knights of the Nine Revelation.

Clutter - Clutter is a general term for the various low value or worthless items that are found in containers.

Castle of the Nine

This is Sir Gareth's former castle that is given to the player after the conclusion of the quest Revelation by Chancellor Ocato.

Upper Quarters

The Upper Quarters contain Sir Thedret's room, as well as spellmaking, enchanting and alchemy resources.

Map of the Upper QuartersCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd(1) Door to Upper Staircase (3)

(2) Door to Lord's Quarters (1)

(3) Door to Inner Wall (1)

(4) Exit to Castle Exterior (21)

(5) Door to Inner Wall (42)

(6) Sir Thedret's Room - In this are:

Chest - This may contain clutter and minor loot.

Desk - This may contain books and clutter. On it is the book Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed.

Shelves - On these are the following Book Stacks, which are storage containers that take the appearance of all the books in the series they are named after:

A Brief History of the Empire - Inside are one of each of the four books.
Guides to the Cities of Tamriel - Inside this are one of each of the eight city guides.
The Song of Pelinal, v 1 - 8 - This contains one copy of each volume in the series.

Cupboard - This may contain clothing.

Drawers - These may contain clothing.

On the Bed is an Open Book.

Drawers - These may contain clothing.

Weapons Rack - On this are:

Knights of the Nine Heavy Shield

Knights of the Nine Longsword
Silver Longsword
Skyforge Steel Sword

(7) Strategy Room - Most of the items in here are decorative rather than functional but there also are these:

Display Case - In this is a Silver Longsword.

Display Case - In this are the books The Adabal-a and The Knights of the Nine.

(8) Alchemy Room - In here are:

Ingredient Containers - 145 of these are labelled, and are where Dunyak stores ingredients. The remaining 5 are Miscellaneous. All of these can be accessed like a normal container, as well as by having Dunynak store and retrieve ingredients.

Alchemy Laboratory - This, when activated, will make potions using alchemy equipment of Grandmaster level.

Dunyak - This Bosmer will store or retrieve all your ingredients if requested. He will also retrieve specific ingredients required to make potions and poisons by effect.

Two planters, in one of which are a Fennel, 2 Ginseng, a Goldenrod, a Lady's Mantle, 4 Mana Bloom, a Morning Glory, a Nirnroot (Regrowing) and 2 Tobacco and in the other there are 5 Blood Grass, 3 Harada and 3 Spiddal Stick.

(9) Spell Room - In here are:

An Altar of Spellmaking identical to those in the Arcane University and an Altar of Enchanting which has a built in, recharging energy source that can be used instead of a soul gem.

Bookcases - In these are Spell Books with the following spells that cover many, supposedly all, spell effects:

For Alteration the spells are: Burdening Touch, Ease Burden, Frost Shell, Heat Shell, Open Very Easy Lock, Protect, Sea Stride and Water Breathing.

For Conjuration the spells are: Bound Armor, Bound Bow, Bound Dagger, Bound Mace, Bound War Axe, Summon Dremora, Summon Flame Atronach, Summon Ghost, Summon Headless Zombie, Summon Scamp, Summon Skeleton, Summon Skeleton Guardian, Summon Zombie and Turn Undead.

The Destruction spells are: Corrode Armor, Corrode Weapon, Crippling Touch, Curse of Weakness, Drain Attribute: Luck, Drain Skill: Marksman, Entropic Touch, Magicka Drain, Minor Enervation, Minor Wound, Sever Magicka, Snowball, Spark, Weak Fireball, Weakness to Fire, Weakness to Frost, Weakness to Magicka, Weakness to Poison and Weakness to Shock.

The Illusion spell books are: Beguiling Touch, Chameleon, Command Creature, Command Humanoid, Deathly Visage, Debilitate, Eyes of Eventide, Frenzy, Hush, Inspiration, Starlight and Touch of Fear.

For Mysticism the spells are: Minor Dispel, Minor Life Detection, Remote Manipulation, Soul Trap, Spell Absorption, Spell Reflection and Thorns.

The Restoration spell books are: Absorb Fatigue, Absorb Health, Absorb Magicka, Absorb Skill: Athletics, Absorb Strength, Cure Disease, Cure Paralysis, Cure Poison, Fortify Fatigue, Fortify Health, Fortify Luck, Fortify Magicka, Heal Major Wounds, Master Armorer, Minor Magic Resistance, Minor Respite, Resist Disease, Resist Frost, Resist Paralysis, Resist Poison, Resist Shock and Restore All Attributes.

Also on these bookcases are 4 Manual of Spellcraft, a Titanite Crystal and the spell scrolls Dismiss Undead, Shadow Shape and Summon Frost Atronach.

On the Table is a Manual of Spellcraft.

In the Display Case are two Open Books.

Two Soul Gem Chargers - Placing a single, empty soul gem in these will cause it to become filled once enough time has passed. The bigger the soul gem, the longer it takes to charge. Once a suitable soul gem is placed inside a charger, it will now say that it is charging.

Sigil Stone Regenerator - Placing a sigil stone in this will cause it to be rerolled in about one game day. Should you want more sigil stones after completing the Main Quest the, very difficult to get, Prime Morpolith from Khazad-Dun from the Midas Magics mod allows new Oblivion gates to be created.

Shelves - On these are:

Petty Soul Gem (Petty Soul)
Lesser Soul Gem (Lesser Soul)
Common Soul Gem (Common Soul)
Greater Soul Gem (Greater Soul)
Grand Soul Gem (Grand Soul)
Greater Soul Gem (Empty)

The following labelled containers:

Empty Soul Gems (Empty)
Filled Soul Gems (Empty)
Sigil Stones - Contains a levelled sigil stone.

Arcana Restored

Chest - This may contain clutter and a minor loot item.

Upper Staircase

Map of the Upper StairsCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Door to Main Hall (5)

(2) Door to Main Hall (4)

(3) Door to Upper Quarters (1)

(4) Door to Inner Wall (45)

(5) Portcullis - This is raised and lowered by the Lever (6), but the player can raise or lower it by activating it.

(6) Lever - This raises and lowers the Portcullis (5)

Lower Staircase

Map of the Lower StairsCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Door to Main Hall (6)

(2) Door to Training Hall (1)

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