Maps for quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion plugin Knights of the Nine Revelation.

Clutter - Clutter is a general term for the various low value or worthless items that are found in containers.


Map of FanacaseculCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

Fanacasecul is a single zone Alessian occupied Ayleid city in First Era Cyrod that is visited during the quests The Slave Queen, Reforging the Crusader's Relics, The Spirit Barrier, The Song of Pelinal and The Covenant.

Before it is attacked by Gareth during The Covenant it is inhabited primarily by Al-Esh (Alessia), her inner circle and Alessian soldiers along with a few merchants. Afterwards, the inhabitants are gone, but the items remain, as do a number of corpses. Most of the items present are owned by the inhabitants, and taking them is theft.

(1) Exit to Cyrod

(2) Alessian Soldier

(3) Naomi

(4) Visitor's Tent - The tent provides a safe place to sleep. Also inside are the following:

Naomi's Bag - This may contain clutter, ingredients and a religious book
Storage Chest (Safe) - This contains a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Respite, a Potion of Sorcery and a Strong Potion of the Sea and can be used to store goods for safe retrieval in the future during the quest The Covenant.

Naomi's Journal
The Adabal-a
The Amulet of Kings

(5) Welkynd Stone

(6) On this are:

2 Alessian Helmets
Alessian Leather Cuirass

(7) Fabricia - Fabricia will repair items and is also a merchant with 1,000 Gold who sells Repair Hammers, Iron Arrows and Alessian equipment and will buy armour, lights, miscellaneous items and weapons.

(8) On this counter are:

Alessian Bronze Greaves
2 Alessian Helmets
Alessian Leather Cuirass
4 Repair Hammers

(9) Thierry - He sells alchemical apparatus, ingredients, potions and a number of spell and will buy alchemical apparatus, ingredients, magic items, miscellaneous items and potions with 1,200 Gold.

(10) Here there are:

Counter - On this are:

Aloe Vera Leaves
Daedra Heart
Fire Salts
Frost Salts
Void Salts
Expert Alembic
Expert Calcinator
Expert Mortar & Pestle
Expert Retort

On the lectern to the right of the counter is Fundaments of Alchemy, on the one to the left is the Mysticism skill book Souls, Black and White.

(11) Alessian Captain

(12) Chest - This contains clutter and may contain a minor loot item.

(13) Queen's Guard

(14) Gate - This is opened by the Handle (15). The Gate will be opened when it is approached by the Alessian Soldier on the other side next to the Handle, until he is killed during The Covenant.

(15) Handle - This opens the Gate (14)

(16) Pelinal Whitestrake

(17) Morihaus

(18) Al-Esh

(19) Gate - These are locked and require a, non-existent, key top open them. They can be opened after Gareth's attack as by this point they are not locked any longer and the Adabal have been stolen.

(20) Adabal - These are taken after Gareth's attack.


Map of SercenCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

Sercen is another single zone Ayleid city in First Era Cyrod that has been captured by Alessian forces, and is now occupied by Alessian citizens and shops. As a consequence, most of the items are owned and taking them is theft. It is visited during the quest Reforging the Crusader's Relics.

(1) Exit to Cyrod

(2) Alessian Soldier

(3) Gate - This has a levelled lock

(4) Here there are:

5 Alessian Aspis
Alessian Bronze Cuirass

Table - On this are 6 Xiphos

Shelves - On these are:

6 Alessian Bronze Bracers
6 Alessian Bronze Greaves
6 Alessian Helmet
6 Alessian Leather Cuirass
6 Alessian Sandals

(5) Alessian Citizen

(6) On this Table are 2 Beer and a Mead

(7) On the counter here are 2 Ale

(8) On the counter here is a Cheap Wine

(9) On the counter here is a Beer

(10) Indrusu Salas - She sells food and alcohol and will buy ingredients and potions with 50 Gold.

(11) Barrel - This may contain clutter

(12) 2 Barrels - Each contains 2 Torches

(13) Here there are the following:

Barrel - This may contain a Repair Hammer and clutter
Small Crate - This contains 3 Rat Meat
A Battered Crate - This contains 4 Beer

(14) In this are the following plants:

3 Elf Cup
2 Emetic Russula
2 Somnalius Plant
2 St. John's Wort

(15) Table - On this are:

Open Book

Dragon's Tongue
Flax Seeds
Ginkgo Leaf
Ironwood Nut
Mandrake Root
Motherwort Sprig
Peony Seeds
Primrose Leaves
Root Pulp
Somnalius Frond

(16) In this corner are:

Altar of Enchanting
Altar of Spellmaking

Shelves - On these are:

Bear Pelt
Lion Pelt

Expert Alembic
Expert Calcinator
Expert Mortar & Pestle
Expert Retort

(17) Tamira - She will buy armour, books, ingredients, alchemical apparatus, miscellaneous items, spell scrolls, magic items and potions with 1,600 Gold. She sells ingredients, alchemical apparatus, potions, spell scrolls, magic jewellery, soul gems and the Ayleid Helmet of Gills which detects life to 20' and gives night eye and water breathing on the wearer. She also sells the various items on the tables and shelves nearby, and will recharge magic items.

(18) Welkynd Stone

(19) Table - On this are:

Common Soul Gem (Common)
Greater Soul Gem (Empty)
2 Welkynd Stone

(20) Tent - In this are 2 Chests, both of which contain clutter and may contain minor loot.

(21) Armour Stand - The Crusader's Relics are placed on here when Vulcanus has repaired them. They can also be placed here to be repaired again after they have been used or damaged.

(22) Repair Hammer

(23) Vulcanus - He will reforge the Crusaders Relics for you. He is also a merchant and sells Beer and spell scrolls, and will buy books, clothing, ingredients, lights, alchemical apparatus and potions with 400 Gold.

(24) Tent - Inside this are 36 Beer, sold by Vulcanus (23), and a Chest which may contain weapons and armour.

(25) Alessian Captain

(26) Here there are:

Alessian Bronze Cuirass
Alessian Bronze Greaves

(27) Weapons Rack - On this are 4 Xiphos

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