Maps for quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion plugin Knights of the Nine Revelation.

Clutter - Clutter is a general term for the various low value or worthless items that are found in containers.

Temple of Nonungalo

Map of the Temple of NonungaloCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

The temple is visited during the quest The Elder Scroll. It is reached from the Ayleid ruin Nonungalo[1] through a new door in the Halls of Nonungalo. Apart from the new door, the two original areas remain the same.

(1) Door to Halls of Nonungalo

(2) At this point the player will see a vision of St. Alessia, which starts the quest The Descendent of Alessia.

(3) Dead Skeleton - This has a Bonemeal and may have an item of loot. Those at (a) may also have a ring.

(4) Welkynd Stone

(5) Ayleid Cask - This cask contains Gold and may contain gems, jewellery, armour, magic armour, heavy armour, soul gems, a magic weapon, arrows, magical jewellery, a potion and a spell scroll.

(6) Stone Steps - These collapse into the floor when the centre of the room where the hidden trapdoor is (7) is approached. Once the automaton is defeated, the steps raise again.

(7) Trapdoor - When approached, the steps at (6) collapse and a Skeletal Automaton is raised up to attack the player.

(8) Sir Juncan - The skeletal remains of Sir Juncan. Near the body is a Welkynd Stone, a Knights of the Nine Shield and a Silver Longsword. On the body itself is a Bonemeal, a Message from Sir Amiel and Sir Juncan's Ring. When you examine the skeleton it starts the quest The Shrine of Pelinal.

(9) Ayleid Display Case - This is locked and requires a key which Gareth has. Inside it is the Elder Scroll.

(10) Ayleid Coffer - This contains gold and may contain a combat skill book, jewellery, alchemical apparatus, armour, magic armour, a weapon, a magic weapon, magic jewellery, a staff, soul gems and spell scrolls.

(11) Ayleid Cask - This contains gold and may contain ingredients, jewellery, Lockpicks, armour, a weapon, arrows and a potion.

Sardavar Leed

Sardavar Leed[2] is an Ayleid ruin occupied by Conjurers. To get to the two new areas, you need to travel through Sardavar Leed and Sardavar Leed Lattasel to the new entrance to Sardavar Leed Nagasel in Sardavar Leed Lattasel. Apart from the new door, the rest of the ruin is unchanged.

Sardavar Leed Nagasel

Map of Sardavar Leed NagaselCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

This is visited during the quest The Descendent of Alessia.

(1) Door to Sardavar Leed Lattasel

(2) Dead Ayleid Soldier with Dark Ayleid Equipment

(3) Swing Blade Traps - There are two sets of three traps, with a dead Ayleid Soldier in the second set.

(4) Iron Gate - These shut and can't be opened when the flame trap at (5) is triggered.

(5) Flame Trap - The holes in the floor here start spouting flames when the room is entered.

(6) Block - Pressing this opens the Iron Gate (7).

(7) Iron Gate - This is opened by the Block (6).

(8) Naomi will appear here

(9) Door to Sardavar Leed Aldmerisel

Sardavar Leed Aldmerisel

Map of Sardavar Leed AldmeriselCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Door to Sardavar Leed Nagasel

(2) There are the following containers here:

2 Barrels - These may contain ingredients
A Battered Crate - This contains 4 Beer
Crate - This contains 3 Ale
2 Small Crates - These contain 3 Rat Meat

(3) Reman Soldier - Spirit soldiers, levelled Knights

(4) Vipsania Lucilla - Level 3 Commoner

(5) On the shrine are the following:

3 Alkanet Flower
4 Redwort Flower

(6) Ladder - These provide access to and from the balcony.

(7) Jean Durand - Level 3 Commoner

(8) Here there are the following:

The Wild Elves
Chest - This contains 6 Gold and a Rusty War Axe
2 Crates - These may contain clutter
Small Crate - This may contain clutter

(9) In this corner there are:

Trials of St. Alessia
Cupboard - This contains 1 to 3 pieces of food

(10) Here there are:

2 Barrels - These contain 1 to 3 items of food
Chest - This contains clutter
Shelves - On these are:

2 Apples
2 Bread Loaves
Cheese Wheel
3 Lettuce
5 Potatoes
4 Pumpkins
4 Radishes

Shelves - On this set are:

Bronze Necklace
Copper Ring
Mages Guild Charter
Souls, Black and White, a Mysticism skill book
The Adabal-a
The Amulet of Kings

(11) Exit to The Great Forest

Ondo Molagsel

Map of Ondo MolagselCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

This is visited during the quest Auriel's Bloodstone and is reached through Ondo,[3] an undead and monster infested Ayleid ruin, using a new door in Ondo Canohaelia. Apart from the entrance to Ondo Molagsel the ruin is otherwise normal.

(1) Door to Ondo Canohaelia

(2) Flames - The entire area between these two points is filled with flames.

(3) Demonic Sword

(4) Demonic Hammer

(5) Demonic Axe

(6) Akatosh's Bloodstone

Priory Undercroft

Map of the Ruined Priory UndercroftCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

The ruined undercroft of the Priory of the Nine is visited during the quest Escape.

(1) Here there are:

Chest - This contains clutter and may minor loot items

2 Torches

(2) Naomi

(3) Sir Amiel's Tomb - Activating this causes his ghost to appear and make his way to the Loose Bricks (5)

(4) Armoury - This contains 2 Knights of the Nine Cuirasses and 2 Knights of the Nine Shields and may contain other armour

(5) Loose Bricks - Activating these reveals the exit to the Priory well, which provides access to the outside.

Naomi's House

Naomi's HouseCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

This is a new building in Pell's Gate. Naomi may be present, depending on what stage you are at in the quest series, but other than that there is nothing of any real significance here.

Abandoned Shack

Abandoned ShackCredit: Lanceor/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

The Abandoned Shack is visited during the quest Escape. As well as the Knights of the Nine there are the following containers:

Cupboard and Sack - These may contain clutter and minor loot.

Salvaged Equipment (Safe) - This contains:

Chainmail Boots
Chainmail Gauntlets
Chainmail Greaves
Chaimail Helmet
Iron Boots
Iron Greaves
Knights of the Nine Cuirass
Knights of the Nine Shield
Steel Cuirass
Steel Helmet
Steel Shield

Dwarven Bow
Fine Iron Warhammer
Fine Steel Longsword
12 Iron Arrows
Silver Dagger
17 Steel Arrows

2 Potion of Healing
Potion of Respite
2 Potion of Sorcery

2 Torches

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