Cybiades Dock(101624)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksIdilgastCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksThis is the second quest in the Daggerfall Memories plugin for TES IV: Oblivion and requires the completion of The Liberation of Cybiades first.The second time you return to the island after completing the first quest, Idilgast will meet you at the dock. Apparently a portal has appeared at the entrance to the path to the mountains. Idilgast asks you to investigate it.

A Dungeon in Cybiades

The Gravel Pit(101634)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks

"A strange portal has appeared in Cybiades. I need to go through it and discover what lies beyond."
The Gravel PitCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksPortal(101626)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksMake your way to the portal. Shortly after stepping through it, you will be transported to another place, the Gravel Pit, run by the Red Lodge. You will initially appear in a long, wide hallway.

The Gravel Pit is a bizarre set of interconnected rooms and corridors, which doesn't look like anything else in the game. Each room is also called The Gravel Pit, and you need to make your way through them to the end in order to escape. There is no means of returning by your entry point, so make sure you have enough supplies, although many of the beings encountered have a plentiful supply of potions.

In the initial corridor, you will first be attacked by three Redskin Goblins (1). Unlike the ones that attacked you in The Liberation of Cybiades, these do not vanish when killed.

After killing them, proceed up the hallway. The lamps are rather unpleasant, containing people who are standing in the flames, although there is nothing you can do for them.

You will next approach two statues, with an Apprentice Necrotizer (2) by them. Kill the apprentice, and proceed further. The hallway is blocked by a sheet of flames (3), which will initially knock you flying back. You may also be fired upon by someone unseen. The flames will disappear and at the end of the corridor is a door and a Red Lodge Necrotizer (4).

The door is to the next room of the Gravel Pit, and is locked. It can only be opened by the Red Lodge Key, First Level, which is on the Red Lodge Necrotizer.
When you go through the door, you enter a corridor that slopes downwards and has pairs of statues along the sides. As you approach the last statue on the right (1), it shrinks and then comes to life and attacks you. Kill it, and go through the door at the end.

The Gravel Pit(101635)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksOn the other side of the door you are overlooking a large room in the centre of which appears to be yet more people being tortured in a huge dish over some flames. They are also out of reach. On the floor is Bgaruk of the Speechless (1). Once you descend from the balcony, you will be unable to get back up. Kill Bgaruk from the balcony where he can't reach you if you want.

On the opposite side to the balcony is a door, which requires the Red Lodge Key, Second Level, held by Bgaruk.



The Gravel Pit(101636)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksThe Gravel Pit(101644)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks

Once you go through the door, you will be in a tunnel. This descends into water (1), and you will need to make your way through to the end. At the end is a ladder, climb this to exit to the next area.
The ladder from the previous area brings you out into an octagonal room with two exits (1), where you will be attacked by five bats. These shouldn't be a problem to dispatch. The south west exit (2) takes you to a door which needs two keys to open, Red Lodge Key, Third Level A and Red Lodge Key, Third Level B, so you need to enter the south east tunnel to get the keys.

Part way down is a side tunnel. Enter it, and you will come to an oval passage with a Drake Lizard (3) in it, which disappears when killed. There is a door on the other side which takes you into a small room where Grags of the Speechless (4) is asleep on a mat. He holds the Red Lodge Key, Third Level B.

After getting the key from Grags, return back to the corridor and make your way to the end of the tunnel and pass through the door. On the other side is a chapel filled with Succubi you can't interact with and the Red Lodge Bishop (5). He will attack, so kill him and get the Red Lodge Key, Third Level A from him.

Return back to the entrance room and enter the south eastern tunnel, making your way to the door. In the passage is a Horned Lizard (6) which will disappear when killed. On the other side of the door is a vertical tunnel.

The Gravel Pit(101646)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksDrop down to the bottom, and activate the Floodgate Lever (1). This will cause the area to fill with what looks like blood, gradually taking you to the top. At the top, open the trap door in the roof.



The Gravel Pit(101648)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksYou will now enter a square room with a statue in the centre and a wooden staircase going up the sides for a very long way. Climb the staircase to the top; on the way you will encounter two Apprentice Necrotizers and a Red Lodge Necrotizer. By the exit door at the very top is a Master Necrotizer; she has the Red Lodge Key, Fourth Level needed to open the door.

The Gravel Pit(101651)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksOn the other side you are in a two part room, divided by a large wall. The part you are currently in has Mstrej and Dnomark of the Speechless (1) sparring with each other to the north west. If they notice you, they will attack you with hand to hand.

On the other side of the wall through the door (2) is a maze patrolled by six werewolves. They wander about, so there is no easy way of finding the one you want, which is the Dominant Werewolf, who is larger than the others and white. On his body is the Red Lodge Key, Fifth Level need to exit through the door in the north west wall.

The Gravel Pit(101667)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks

Go through the door and you will be in a transparent passage over an arena below where an Altered Clannfear and Horned Giant are fighting. In the passage are seven Killer Mantises (1), one of which has the Red Lodge Key, Sixth Level for the exit door.

The Gravel Pit(101668)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks

Ectodok the EnchanterCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksThrough the door is a large area with a Black Panther, two Altered Clannfear, an Abominable Giant, a Horned Giant and three Redskin Goblins. Ectodok the Enchanter will appear at some point and, if any of the monsters are still alive, will kill them. Ectodok will impart some information regarding the Red Lodge and the Gravel Pit, and then tell you to grab your prize and leave, giving you the Red Lodge Key, Seventh Level.
The Gravel Pit(101669)Credit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksThe Darkling SwordCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksGo to the top of the pyramid in the room and enter the door at the back. There is a statue holding the Darkling Sword (1). Take it, and the room will descend. Exit through the door and you will be standing on a ledge over an abyss. Jump off, and just before you hit the floor you will be teleported back to Cybiades.

"I am back in Tamriel. I don't know if I'm sure about what really happened: I visited an incredibly strange place, built by the Red Lodge, and I discovered some new things about the Lodge, the Unbreakables and their agelong feud."

You reappear in Tamriel on a rock pillar to the east of Cybiades. Jump off it into the sea and swim back to the island. Quest finished.