Daggerfall Memories is a user created plugin for the fourth game in The Elder Scrolls series, Oblivion, and consists of two quests set on the island of Cybiades. Cybiades was last visited in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The island has now been settled by a number of outcasts, and they need your help.

The first quest is The Liberation of Cybiades. The second is A Dungeon in Cybiades.

Dionillo MinerusCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksYou will be approached by Dionillo Minerus, captain of the Dart of the Divines. He tells you about the island of Cybiades, and how a small settlement has been built there. Minerus trades with the island, taking their products to other parts of the Empire, but he says that recently a supernatural storm has been haunting the island, and no-one has been coming to the dock. He's seen lights inland, but he can't investigate himself.

Minerus asks if you can help. If you decline, he says he will mark his ship's location on your map should you change your mind. If you agree, the quest is started.

The Location of the Dart of the DivinesCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks

The Liberation of Cybiades

Cybiades IslandCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks Cybiades DockCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksIkarus MordaxCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksUnagressive GhostCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks

Dart of the DivinesCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda Softworks"I have agreed to help Dionillo Minerus in his investigation. He wants me to reach with Cybiades with him on his ship which is docked near Anvil. Once there, I'll need to find out if something bad happened to his business associates."

When ready, make your way to the Dart of the Divines where it is docked near Anvil. On the ship is Dionillo Minerus, Claude Metzi and Zordan. Speak to Minerus and he will ask if you are ready to go to Cybiades yet. Once you go, you will be unable to return back to Cyrodiil until after the quest is finished, so make sure you are prepared before you accept. Although, if you have a horse, you can ride it onto the boat, it won't travel to the island with you.

Cybiades VillageCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksCybiades VillagersCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksOnce you arrive at Cybiades, if you follow the path up to the village, you will find it empty, and the island has a constant howling wind. All the villagers are to the west in a circle beneath a flaming sphere, which occasionally stabs them with purple light, or sends lighting over them. Only one of the villagers is able to speak to you, Ikarus Mordax. He tells you they are enslaved by an evil wizard, and asks you to free them. He gives you a ring he made, Mordax's Ring, which you will need to get past the gates."All inhabitants of the island seem to be entranced by a mysterious force keeping them captive and sucking their souls away. Only one of them was able to speak, and told me to seek out the evil mage responsible for this. I must follow the pathways around the mountain to the east, and go past a series of gates."Pit of ShadowsCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksMake your way to the east of the island, following the winding path through the mountains. On the way are a number of Ghosts, who are not only not aggressive but cannot be attacked either. There are a number of gates, but with Mordax's Ring these will all open. At the end of the path is a large door to the Pit of Shadows. On entering, you will see a large skeleton on the ground with an enormous sword thrust into it and a temple. Enter the Temple, and you will see someone asleep opposite you.

IsykronCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksSpeak to him. He says his name is Isykron, and he was captured by Mordax. He says Mordax tricked you into coming here. Mordax is a member of a group called the Red Lodge who build temples such as this one and hold sacrifices in them. Now, he suggests the two of you make your way back to the village, but the return journey won't be easy. He also tells you about an action he was involved with related to the Mantellan Crux, suggesting he is the hero of TES II: Daggerfall.

"I've met this mage, Isykron, who told me we were both trapped here by Mordax. His story makes sense, now we'll try to get back, but he says it won't be easy..."

Start making your way back to the village. On the return journey you will be attacked many times. Isykron will accompany uu back and will fight with you, and he is a pretty effective mage. When you pass through the door from the Pit of Shadows, you will be attacked by a group of Redskin Goblins who appear out of nowhere, and whose corpses vanish on death. When they are defeated, proceed along the path.

In the area between the first and second gates on the way back, lightning will hit the ground, summoning two Giants. Again, once killed, their bodies will vanish.

Between the second and third gates, beams of light hit the ground, summoning three beasts.

Between the third and fourth gates an enormous Altered Clannfear appears.

When you enter the area between the fourth and fifth gates, four warriors materialise, and will come over and introduce themselves to you one by one. They are Markus, Duncan, Solomen and Morten Blood, of the Blood Brothers. They all serve the Red Lodge, and kill on its behalf.

This is the most dangerous fight, and if you let them introduce themselves, they will all be standing next to you when it starts, so attacking them immediately can be a good idea. Again, they all disappear when killed, although they do leave behind an enchanted weapon, War Axe of the Inferno. Once they are defeated, move into the area between the fifth and sixth gates.

Mordax AppearsCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksThis area is littered with bones. You can't exit through the sixth gate, but when you are near the centre Ikarus Mordax appears in a light show. Isykron needs to be with you for Mordax to appear, so let him through the gate if he gets stuck on the other side. He congratulates you on your victory, and says the island is free now, but you are now an enemy of the Red Lodge, and they will always be able to find you from the ring he gave you, which cannot be dropped.

He says you could choose to fight for the Unbreakables, like Isykron or the Nerevarine (from TES III: Morrowind), which Isykron will explain to you, or maybe you could join the Red Lodge - although that option is not given to you.

"It has ended. For now. I have found a good ally in Isykron, and a terrible enemy in the Red Lodge. It will be hard to sleep soundly, from now on...Now it is time to head back to the village, see if everyone else is safe and sound too."

If you talk to Isykron he will explain who the Unbreakables are. He will also now explain the Daedric symbol on his collar which, if you asked him about earlier, he wouldn't, as being the symbol of the Unbreakables. Isykron will also make you a member of The Unbreakables with the rank of War Spy.

The howling wind has also gone.

When you return to the village, you are greeted by Dooch. He thanks you, and says they will build a house for you which will be ready next time you visit. The villagers will also tell you their stories if you ask them. They are all outcasts from their homelands for one reason or another.

"I am now a citizen of the island of Cybiades. This place is like a small, independent state. I hope the empire doesn't take notice too soon. I will also have a brand new house here, the next time I visit."

Quest complete. Dionillo Minerus will now take you back to the dock near Anvil if you want.

Cybiades HavenCredit: Deathless Aphrodite and Bethesda SoftworksOnce you return to the island, you will find that the villagers have built a tower for you called Cybiades Haven. The tower has a bedroom, storeroom and dining area on the ground floor, bookcases and chests on the first floor, display cabinets on the second floor and a final ladder to the roof. The display cabinets, chests and bookcases are pretty much empty, providing places to store things you have acquired in your adventures, without having to find the money to buy a house and/or its furnishings.

In the eastern house, Isykron's, you will find a number of books including the Destruction skill book Response to Bero's Speech.

If you speak to the islanders, Ostudar will give you ten Cybiades Raspberries.

On the second visit to the island after completing The Liberation of Cybiades you will be able to start A Dungeon in Cybiades.