Dibella's Watch is a substantial user created plugin for The Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, adding an entire new land, Dibella's Watch, and a large city as well as many smaller settlements, as well as numerous new locations, many of which are related to the quests, three quest series and a number of individual quests. Along with these are new non-player characters, armour and equipment specific to certain types of NPCs, books providing details of the land and some new creatures which have new ingredients when killed. The quests lack quest markers.

The player can also gain possession of three houses, an entire castle and quarters in another two castles in different parts of Dibella's Watch.

The quests can be divided as follows:

Miscellaneous Quests

There are ten miscellaneous quests to do. Four of these have to be completed in order to progress with two of the major quest series, and a fifth starts during one of those series. They are started from various different places around the new land.

Main Quest Series

This is composed of fourteen quests, and involves the player in attempting to stop an invasion of the county. The quest series is started when the player visits Shardville.

Crusader Quest Series

This is a series of five quests for the Crusaders in and around the Deadlands. They are started from Castle St. Graecius.

Vasthelm Quest Series

This is a series of four quests that are started by speaking to the Crusader Lord at Castle St. Graecius.

Captain Gru-Rghargh at Anvil DocksCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdTransport

The first thing that needs to be done is the player has to get to Dibella's Watch. This can be done via Anvil Docks and the Imperial City Waterfront.

Captain Gru-Rghargh at Anvil Docks takes you to Port Zerra on Dibella's Watch for 100 Gold. Captain Wergaard at Port Zerra will take you back to Anvil Docks. Captain Gra-Warrhargu will take you to Port Constanze from the Imperial City Waterfront near the Bloated Float and Captain Gudrun will take you back.

Miscellaneous Quests

Alcoholics Guild

The Lost Explorer

The Maroon

The Retiree

The Pirate's Treasure

Ruling Scarleyshire

Freeing Al-Raj

The Ganton Brothers

The Best Tavern Ever

The Lost Daughter

Location of the Alcoholics GuildCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdAlcoholics Guild

A number of drinkers around Dibella's Watch will tell you about Can't-Stop-Drinking and the Alcoholic's Guild. To start this quest, go to Port Zerrva and enter the Alcoholics Guild building and speak to Can't-Stop-Drinking. When he asks you if you want to join the guild say "Yeah, why not." which starts the quest. To progress, you must end the conversation and then speak to him again.

Can't Stop Drinking, the Head of the Alcoholics GuildCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"I have joined the Alcoholics' Guild in Dibella's Watch, an honourable institution of drinkers united. I should speak to the Guild Master if I want to perform great deeds of heroism for the Guild."

Can't-Stop-Drinking wants you to do an errand for him and bring him back a bottle each of the three best wines on Dibella's Watch.

"I have returned to Can't-Stop-Drinking with his three bottles of fine wine. He now told me to get lost so he could start his wine tasting."

He wants a bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, one of Tamika Vintage 399 and one of Lazeera's Fine Wine. The drinks are on sale at a number of inns around Dibella's Watch, as well as being found in various places. Lazeera's Fine Wine can be found at Lazeera's Vineyard, which is visited during the quest The Best Tavern Ever, and in other places throughout Dibella's Watch. The other wines can usually be obtained from various Inns, as well as picked up around the place.

Once you have them, return with the three bottles and Can't-Stop-Drinking takes them and gives you Port Zerra Home Key. The house is just opposite the Alcoholic's Guild building in Port Zerra, and is a sparse but safe place to sleep. This completes the quest.

Adventurer Hornwald in the City of Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Lost Explorer

Adventurer Hornwald has a house in The City, but can usually be found roaming the streets. If you speak to him, he asks if you will do him a favour, and have a look for a student of his should you be in the Deadlands.

"The Adventurer Hornwald in Dibella's Watch tells me that he is worried that a student he sent off adventuring in the west is dead. The student was learning the trade of the adventurer with Hornwald as a teacher and hasn't returned although he's been gone for months. Hornwald told me to keep an eye out for the boy if I ever explore the west myself."

The Location of the Lost Explorer's camp on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe adventurer's skeleton is in a small camp consisting of a tent, bedroll and stool just south of the woods that lie to the east of the Red Tiger Mountains in the Savage West of Dibella's Watch with two Western Tigers guarding it. On the stool is a note, To The Teacher. Read this and your log will update.

The Lost Explorer's Camp from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"I've found the body of a dead adventurer along with a note addressed to Hornwald in the City of Dibella's Watch. I should take this note to him."

Return and speak to Hornwald. This completes the quest, and Hornwald gives you 500 Gold.

The Location of Lightspring Island in Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Maroon

This quest is started by speaking to Grogan Lemaron on Lightspring Island. Ask him about "Your wife."Grogan Lemaron, the Maroon on Lightspring IslandCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

"I have found a marooned sailor on a deserted island, but he refuses to leave with me! All he asks, is that I go to The City of Dibella's Watch and tell his wife to join him on the island."

Go to the City and speak to Sana Lemaron in the Cathedral. Tell her "Your husband is alive."

"I have found the marooned sailor's wife. She now wants me to bring her to him on the island. We will go when both she and I are ready."

When ready, tell her "Let's go to the island"

Sana Lemaron from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdYou have to walk (and swim or water walk) to the island; fast travel isn't an option. Fortunately the roads are pretty safe, although you may come across a highwayman. When you reach the island with Sana, talk to Grogan again.

"The marooned sailor and his wife are reunited on their paradise island. Here, they can live out their lives in harmony. I should now talk to Sana to get my reward."

Now talk to Sana to complete the quest. She gives you Dibella's Watch House Key, which opens the door to Dibella's Watch Home near the West Gate. You now own the house and contents. Notably in the house upstairs is a Chest which needs opening with the same key and contains 2,500 Gold.

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