Walkthroughs for the Main Quest series from Dibella's Watch, a large user created plugin for Oblivion. The defeat of the Deadtree forces at Dreadmoor Hills in Commander of the Army mean that only the Deadtree Clan leader in Temple Dro-Zharrn needs dealing with now.

The Location of Fort Deadtree on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdInto Temple Dro-Zharrn

Talk to Captain Renck to start, and he asks you to do a favour for him if he dies, and go see his wife in The City. When you are ready to enter the fort tell him "It's time. Let's take on Dro-Zharrn!"

"We're now on our way to attack Fort Deadtree and Temple Dro-Zharrn; we're on our way straight into the Deadtree centre, but we need to do this before The Deadtree Leader uses the Dibella's Wrath to destroy the world."

Countess Crevana in Temple Dro-ZharrnCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Deadtree Champion from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdMake your way up the steps to Fort Deadtree. There is a Deadtree Mage on guard outside. Proceed through Fort Deadtree and Dro-Zharrn Entrance to Temple Dro-Zharrn Inner Halls. Interestingly, there is a secret room which contains many books from the Shivering Isles. Find Crevana and speak to her. If Captain Renck is still alive, at this point he keels over dead during the conversation.

Dibella's Messenger in Temple Dro-ZharrnCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdCountess Crevana tells you she is the leader of the Deadtree Clan, and the summons the Deadtree Champion to attack you. Kill him and then Dibella's Messenger who was seen in the cathedral appears and Crevana dies. Now speak to the Messenger to complete the quest. The Messenger suggests that you return to the City now, so take Dibella's Wrath and head back.

"Dibella's Messenger has appeared to me again. She tells me that the war is now over, both in the realm of the gods as well as in the land of the mortals. I shall now go and tell the Count what has transpired during this final battle."

Wedding Bells

"The Messenger spoke of a wedding taking place at the Cathedral of Dibella, a wedding that, according to her, prophecies the coming of a new era in the land of Dibella's Watch. I am going there to see what is happening, but I have my suspicions."

The Wedding of Count ZerrvaCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdWait in the Cathedral for the Count and Gra-Maruck to arrive and get married. When they do, speak to the Count.

"The Count tells me that Renck's widow was last seen at the Howling Drinker, which is a tavern of bad reputation in The City. I shall go look for her, since I feel it's my duty to take care of her for Captain Renck."

Viliana Renck from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdSpeak to the Count and tell him "I need to find Renck's widow." He tells you she is in The Howling Drinker, a tavern at the north end of the City. Enter it and speak to Viliana Renck.

"I have found Renck's widow. Hard times have fallen upon her and she's looking for work. She would make an excellent maid in my Scarley castle."

Speak to her again and say "I offer you work at Scarley." This completes this quest and the Main Quest series.

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