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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Plugin Walkthrough - Dibella's Watch: The Attack on Shardville and The Lord of Scarley

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Walkthroughs for the Main Quest series from Dibella's Watch, a large user created plugin for Oblivion.

Main Quest Series

This series is started by going to the, burning, town of Shardville, and either speaking to the Orcs or examining the governor's body for his message. The series involves an Orc clan that is launching an attack against the County.

The Location of Shardville on Dibella's Watch
The Attack on Shardville

The Flaming Ruins of Shardville on Dibella's Watch
The flames of Shardville can be seen from some distance. As you approach, you can see that there are dead colonists on the ground and three Deadtree Orcs. When you get near, the Deadtree Battle Leader will approach you and tell you that the Deadtree Clan has declared war on the county.

The Orc Battle Leader in Shardville

"Reaching Shardville, I noticed that the town was in burning ruins and all the inhabitants of the colony were killed. It is clear that the Deadtree Clan has declared war on Dibella's Watch. This has obviously been done in a surprise attack. This is most disturbing news, and I should report to the Count of Dibella's Watch to tell him what is going on."

After the Battle Leader finishes talking, he will attack you. The other two clan members may not. Once you've killed the attacking Orcs, go to Castle Mournrest in the City and speak to Count Zerrva III in Dibella's Watch Castle to tell him what has happened.

Count Zerrva from Dibella's Watch
"I have reported to the Count of Dibella's Watch about what had happened in Shardville. He was most surprised that the Deadtree Clan has gone on the offensive and couldn't even guess why they had all of a sudden gone aggressive. I should return to the Count later, if I desire to help him in the war against the Deadtree."

The Count asks you to return later. Immediately is fine. Simply stop speaking to him and then initiate conversation again. If he has wandered off in the meantime, he will have gone to the War Room, which is on the west side of the Castle Hallway, which can be reached by going up the stairs.

The Location of Wordham Castle on Dibella's Watch
The Count asks you to go to Wordham Castle and speak to the lord. Go to the castle and see Sir Meyowind Wordham he should be in the Main Hall.

Sir Meyowind Wordham in Wordham Castle
The Lord of Wordham told me to go seek out a witch who lives in the woods outside the village. She is known to have contacts with the Deadtree Clan and may be able to help me understand why the Deadtree are going on the war path. She is supposed to live in a cabin west of the village."

The Location of the House of Zela the Witch
Sir Meyowind suggests you go and find the witch who lives to the west of the village. Go to the Witch's House and speak to Zela the Witch.

Zela the Witch from Dibella's Watch
"The Witch tells me she's prepared to help find information about the Deadtree Clan, their goals and why they attacked and destroyed Shardville; I should give her some time to ask around and then return to her to hear what she's found out. For now, I should report back to the Count."

Return to Count Zerrva who will, during normal hours, be in the War Room, otherwise he will be in the Private Quarters. Speaking to him completes the quest.

"The Count is pleased with my help and has rewarded me for it with citizenship in Dibella's Watch. I am now also considered a part of his army and will therefore be fighting on his side in the continued Deadtree War."

End the conversation and then speak to him again to start the next quest, The Lord of Scarley.

The Location of Scarley Castle on Dibella's Watch
The Lord of Scarley

The Count wants you to get the Lord of Scarley to join in the war against the Deadtree Clan. Head to Scarley Castle in the south in Scarleyshire. Inside, the Lord does not appear to be present. Speak to one of the soldiers and they will tell you that Lord Scarley went to Zeena's farm to the south east to deal with a problem.

The Location of Zeena's Farm on Dibella's Watch
"I have been told that Lord Scarley went to Zeena's House in the south east to take care of a problem there. I should look for him there."

Zeena from Dibella's Watch
Head to the farm and speak to Zeena who is outside. She tells you Lord Scarley went in and told her to lock the door. She wants you to go in and help him, and gives you Zeena's Key in order to unlock the door.

"I've met Zeena. She says Lord Scarley went into her house to fight an invasion of rats. I'll go look for him."

The Interior of Zeena's Farm from Dibella's Watch
Enter the farm and Sir Mordon Scarley is being attacked by Rats. These are a much stronger type of local Rat that are level 12. Help him kill them and, once all the Rats are dead speak to him.

Sir Mordon Scarley from Dibella's Watch
"I've helped Lord Scarley fight off the rats. He is quite a character. He has invited me to the local pub for a drink, so I can explain why I came to see him."

Go to the Old Oak Pub in Scarley Village. If you fast travel you will probably have to wait for Sir Mordon to arrive. When he does arrive, speak to him again. He is excited by the prospect of combat and also gives you a bottle of Lazeera's Fine Wine.

"Lord Scarley seemed thrilled to go to war. What a strange man. At least he has pledged his full cooperation and assistance in the Deadtree War and is now on his way to Dibella's Watch, in-person, to take part. I should also report back to the Count after this mission well-done!"

Return to the Count; again, he will either be in the War Room or his Personal Quarters. Speaking to him completes the quest. Count Zerrva suggest you return to see the witch, so head back to the Witch's House and speak to Zela again. She tells you that the Deadtree need more land to grow food and are being manipulated by their leader. The next quest is The Witch's Message.
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