Walkthroughs for the Main Quest series from Dibella's Watch, a large user created plugin for Oblivion. After completing The Messenger, the Count needs escorting to the Borderwatch Camp.

The Location of the Borderwatch Camp on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Borderwatch Camp

The Count wants you to escort him personally to the Borderwatch Camp, just past Border Watch. Follow him there, although he may not take the most direct route, and is probably accompanied by Sir Mordon, Captain Leyna and Captain Renck. After Forest's Edge you will be attacked by two Deadtree Clan Warriors and at Border Watch there are two more. If you don't get to the latter in time, they will probably have killed Guard Levius who is outside the tower.

Go past Border Watch to the camp and then follow the count into The Count's Tent and talk to him.

"The Count was talking about both the quest for Dibella's Wrath as well as the military campaign. The Count is deploying me together with Lord Scarley again and I should go talk to him. There's obviously an important job for us to do."

The Location of Border Watch on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdZerrva isn't impressed with the idea of the artefact but this does start the quest Dibella's Wrath. If you ask him "What about the emancipation?" he tells you it is signed. The Count wants you go see Sir Mordon, who is in the camp outside. You can either do this now or switch to the quest Dibella's Wrath. If continuing with this one, speak to Sir Mordon.

"Lord Scarley is leading another assault on a Deadtree Fort, this time the raid will go against Fort Varschenk. I am to meet him outside the Borderwatch tower at six o'clock in the morning and we'll go. Just him and me again, with the surprise element the only advantage on our side."

The Location of Fort Varschenk on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdLord Scarley will meet you at Border Watch at 6 AM. When he arrives there, speak to him.

"We're off for a stroll in the countryside as Lord Scarley put it. Off to Fort Varschenk to take out the enemy position there and clear the threat to the back of our army."

The Fort Varschenk Commander from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdFollow him to Fort Varschenk. There are two Deadtree Squadmen and two Deadtree Warriors outside; kill them and enter the fort, following Sir Mordon through Fort Varschenk Entrance Level and Fort Varschenk Commander's Quarters and kill the commander. Once she is dead, speak to Sir Mordon, who says he will meet you back at the camp.

The Location of Seldora Monastery on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdDibella's Wrath

After speaking to the Count, go and speak to Father Mathieus at the Seldora Monastery.

"I have spoken to Father Mathieus at the Seldora Monastery about the Dibella's Wrath artefact. He has given me a note about it to take to the Count and also told me to speak with Gra-Maruch who lives at nearby Port Constanze but used to serve in the Crusader Army out west. She is supposedly one of the few people who have laid her eyes on the Dibella's Wrath. The pub in Port Constanze next, therefore."

Father Mathieus from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdMathieus gives you On Dibella's Wrath and suggests you speak to Gra-Maruch in The Happy Gallows in Port Constanze. Go there and ask her about Dibella's Wrath.

Gra-Maruch from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"I have spoken to Gra-Maruch. She wants me to take her to Borderwatch Camp to persuade the Count of the existence Dibella's Wrath and the importance of it in the campaign against the Deadtree. She is very persuasive, to say the least. I shall now lead her to the Count so she and I can speak to him."

She will accompany you back to Borderwatch Camp to help convince Count Zerrva that the artefact is real. You can fast travel back to near the camp and, once back, enter the Count's Tent and speak to him.

The Location of the Tavylana Ruins on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"Gra-Maruch has spoken to the Count and I have also left him the notes from the Seldora Monastery. He is now sending me to recover the Dibella's Wrath. I am told to return with it as quickly as possible because the enemy activity in the area is increasing and they will soon attack."

The Deadtree Agent in the Tavylana RuinsCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdSpeak to Gra-Maruch and she will mark Tavylana Ruins, which are far in the west, on your map, as well as mentioning a past relationship with the Count. Go to the ruins - waterwalking around the coast is the safest way to get there, avoiding the Woodlanders and other dangers found on the overland route. Make your way through the ruins and, along the way, you will come across several Freshly Killed Jungle Trolls which suggest that someone else is inside. In the main chamber are two Deadtree Squadmen and a Deadtree Agent. The agent will talk to you before they attack; when they do, kill them, and then take Dibella's Wrath - a two-handed sword - from the stand at the end of the room.

Dibella's Wrath in Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdLeave and return to the camp and enter the Count's Tent and speak to him. He congratulates you and takes Dibella's Wrath and says he will reward you with Countess' Banner Armour, which is only given to very special people. Don't you feel very special now? He gives you the Countess' Banner Key which will open the armoury in the Countess' Banner.

The Siege of Wordham

Once The Borderwatch Camp and Dibella's Wrath are completed, enter the Count's Tent and speak to Zerrva again. Wordham Castle is besieged and he wants you to speak to Sir Mordon, who knows a secret way into the castle. Leave the tent and speak to Sir Mordon who is in the camp. He marks Secret Passage on your map for you, if you don't already have it. You can go there by fast travel, then make your way through to the exit. There are only a few Rats, although of the tougher Dibella's Watch kind, in the cave. You will come out in the bailey of Wordham Castle. Enter the castle and speak to Sir Meyowind.

The Location of the Secret Passage on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"Lord Wordham tells me that Scarley will stay on in Wordham castle and lead the breakout when the Count signals the beginning of the counterattack. I shall now go tell the Count of the situation inside the castle and that all is setup for his offensive."

Speak to Sir Mordon again and then return through Secret Passage and go and speak to the Count in his tent. He says to meet him at 8 AM when the attack will begin, in The Battle of Grandoak Cross.

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