Walkthroughs for the Crusaders Quest series from Dibella's Watch, a large user created plugin for Oblivion.

Crusader Quest Series

The Crusader Quest Series is started at Castle St. Graecius at the southern edge of the Deadlands.

The Location of Castle St. Graecius on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

The Test

Crusader Lord Marraldor from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThis is the first quest in the Crusader series and is the one done to join the order. To start go to Castle St. Graecius. Enter the castle and speak to Crusader Lord Marraldor. Tell him "I want to join sir!" in order to join the Crusaders. If at any time you ask "Do you have any alternative missions?" this starts The Road to Vasthelm.

The Personal Crusader Sword from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo to the Tomb of St Graecius, the entrance of which is in the castle's courtyard. Make your way through this undead lair and collect the Personal Crusader Sword at the end. Now return and speak to Marraldor again.

The Crusader Lord makes you a Squire in the Crusaders and you can now use the Castle Smithy - previously the door to the Smithy was locked. He also gives you a copy of the book The Lost Crusade.

The Location of Screaming Goblin's Folly on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdEarning the Cape

Speak to Marraldor who tells you that one of his men recently went missing and that you need to go and find and retrieve his cloak. Go to Screaming Goblin's Folly, a goblin infested cave, and make your way through to the last room with The Screaming Goblin, the head goblin. In this room is a dead Crusader, Whargu.

Dead Crusader Whargu in Screaming Goblin's FollyCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

Take his cape and return to the St. Graecius and speak to the Crusader Lord again. He promotes you to Knight and says that you can keep the Personal Crusader's Cape.

The Lawman of Al-Raj

The Location of Al-Raj on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

Speak to Lord Marraldor who now wants you to go to Al-Raj.

"Marraldor is deploying me at Al Raj, the only "civilized" outpost in the Deadlands. I am to report to my deputy officer at the Law Office at Al Raj and take command of the operation there. I am placed in charge of returning law and order to the unruly outpost."

Crusader Otho from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo to Al-Raj, a town with a rather Old West feel to it. In the Deadlands are Techtarra, which are really big spiders that cast lightning bolts and have a new ingredient. When you reach Al-Raj speak to Crusader Otho in the Law Office. Otho suggests you speak to the Sengousie's first. Go to their house and speak to Nicolas, which will start Freeing Al-Raj, unless it is already completed. Once that quest is finished, return to Otho. He will then tell you about The Ganton Brothers, starting that quest. Again, once it is finished, return to Otho.

"It seems I have cleared the streets of Al Raj from criminals. Otho is commencing regular daily patrolling of the town to keep it safe. He's keeping his ears open about town to learn if there's more to be done here to protect it."

You could wait about an hour before speaking to Otho again, or alternatively go and clear out the Slave Trader's Base to the south-west, the door to which can be opened using the key you obtained at the end of Freeing Al-Raj. Once enough time has passed, speak to Otho again.

The Dealanders Attacking Al-RajCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"Otho tells me that he has heard the locals whisper about a Deadlander raiding party nearing the town. We may be required to fight a whole party of them. We shall keep vigilant the coming hours, but I hope our swords won't be needed."

The raiding party is attacking from the west and consists of a Woodlander, three Deadlander Bandits and the Deadlander Raid Leader. Once they are all dead speak to Otho to complete the quest, and then return to Castle St. Graecius.

The Fourth Crusade

Speak to Marraldor at Castle St. Graecius after completing The Lawman of Al-Raj and he promotes you to Lieutenant and gives you a pair of Personal Crusader Boots. The Crusader Lord wants to start the Fourth Crusade.

"Crusader Lord Marraldor is pleased with my efforts at Al Raj and now talks about a Crusade to go out from Al Raj. He is marching the Crusaders to Al Raj right now to prepare his so called Fourth Crusade. I see a war coming."

You can follow him and the troops to Al-Raj, helping them defeat anything they come across on the way there, or alternatively fast travel there and wait for him. Once he arrives, speak to Marraldor again.

"Lord Marraldor has now asked me to talk to Otho again to see if he might know where the local Deadlanders have their base setup. The Lord is eager to go and fight his Fourth Crusade, and who am I to argue?"

Go and speak to Otho.

The Location of Borkh Camp on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"Otho tells me about Borkh Camp to the west. That's where the local Deadlanders have their base camp in the area. It's supposedly filled with both Deadlander and Woodlander warriors, and led by a terrible leader dressed in the black Deadtree Armour. I shall go inform Lord Marraldor now."

The Attack on Borkh Camp from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdNow go and speak to Marraldor again, who says they will start at 6AM. At that time speak to him again, then follow him and the troops to Borkh Camp. At the camp are the Western Barbarian Leader, four Woodlanders and six Deadland Bandits. Kill them all and then talk to Marraldor. The Crusader Lord tells you that he is retiring and becoming Mayor of Al-Raj. He gives you Personal Crusader Greaves. This completes the quest.

Crusader Lieutenant Farlen from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe New Lord

When Crusader Lord Marraldor is in his new residence in Al-Raj speak to him he gives you a Personal Crusader Cuirass and says that you and Crusader Lieutenant Farlen are the highest ranking Crusaders and one of you will become the next Crusader Lord. He expects Farlen will want to settle this the traditional way. Return to Castle St. Graecius and speak to Farlen.

"Lieutenant Farlen tells me that the leadership of the Crusader Army will now be decided in the traditional way, by us two duelling for the title. I am to return to him when I am ready to face him in duel."

The Stone Outside Castle St. GraeciusCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdWhen you are ready to fight, say to Lieutenant Farlen "I am ready for the duel" and then follow him outside and, when he reaches the stone, talk to him to start the duel. You must defeat him by knocking him unconscious; you can't kill him.

"I have beaten Lieutenant Farlen in a fair duel. I shall speak to him when he comes to his sense again."

When he comes around speak to him again. You are now promoted to Lord and given the Crusader Lord's Key which opens the Castle St. Graecius Commander's Quarters. This completes this quest series.

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