Walkthroughs for the Main Quest series from Dibella's Watch, a large user created plugin for Oblivion. After finishing The Lord of Scarley, the player has to return and see Zeela the Witch again.

The Location of Stembrook Castle on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Witch's Message

Before Zela will give you her notes, she wants you to do a favour for her. Ask her about "A favour?"

"The Witch has asked me to take care of the ghost at Stembrook Castle for her. It seems I owe her a favour, since she is risking her life dealing with the Deadtree clan for us. I should take care of the ghost and get back to her later. The castle is nearby."

The Interior of Stembrook CastleCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdZela gives you Castle Stembrook Key. Now head to the castle, which is at the end of the road from the east of Dibella's Watch, enter it and kill the three undead, Lord Stembrook, Lady Stembrook and Stembrook Guard Captain. After they are dead return to Zela. She thanks you and says she needs one more favour. The Deadtree Clan have sent an assassin to kill her, so she needs a bodyguard to take her to the castle.

The Deadtree Assassin from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdYou cannot fast travel, and Zela will not follow you. Instead, you have to follow her as she slowly makes her way to Stembrook. Near the Castle itself the Deadtree Assassin is waiting. Kill him - fortunately, it seems that Zela herself cannot be killed - then enter the castle. Speak to the witch again and she gives you a Note to Count Zerrva, which she suggests you also read, so do so.

Return to the Count and he says he will copy the note. This completes the quest.

Striking Back

Speak to Count Zerrva to start this.

"The Count is sending me with Lord Scarley and a team of soldiers to Millstone Run where enemy activity is being reported. The Count fears that the village may be attacked at any time and we're to defend it with our lives! Lord Scarley is leading the operation and I am to follow him and take his orders."

The Location of Millstone Run on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdSpeak to Sir Mordon who is also in the War Room; he, along with Soldiers Novius and Fidie, will accompany you. Proceed to Millstone Run by walking there; you could fast travel there, but this will result in you having to fight the attackers yourself and the townsfolk will be attacked and likely killed - if you walk there they should be out of the way when you arrive.

The Attack on Millstone Run in Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdSir Mordon says he will lead the march (leisurely amble) to Millstone Run. When you get there, two Deadtree Squadmen and two Deadtree Warriors will attack. Sir Mordon cannot die, but both the soldiers can. Once the four are dealt with, speak to Mordon again.

"We now stand in Millstone Run, but here comes another Deadtree raiding party!"

There are more Deadtree attacking, a Deadtree Squadman, two Deadtree Warriors and a Deadtree Mage. Speak to Sir Mordon after the second wave has been killed. He says that although you took losses (at which point if either Novius or Fidie are still alive, they will keel over dead) you were victorious and should take the battle to the Deadtree by attacking Fort Garzhuur which is to the north.

"Millstone Run is secure and Lord Scarley obviously had fun. The Lord now wishes to counterattack and take Fort Garzhuur to the north. The problem is that we don't have an army. It's just the two of us. I should return to him when I'm ready to join his foolhardy expedition; somehow I feel I need to go along and protect him from all he's going to get himself into."

The Location of Fort Garzhuur on Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdWhen you are ready to accompany him there speak to him and say "Very well. Let's go." Now follow him to Fort Garzhuur. Outside the fort there are two Deadtree Squadmen; kill them and follow Sir Mordon inside. He will speak to you and say that you need to kill the fort's commander.

"The Garzhuur Inner Key from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdLord Scarley and I have entered the depths of Fort Garzhuur. He tells me we now only have to kill the fort commander and revenge for Shardville has been dealt."

The Fort Garzhuur Commander from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdMake your way through Fort Garzhuur Top Level to the Barracks, killing any Deadtree troops that attack. On a table in the Barracks is the Garzhuur Inner Key. This will unlock the door to Fort Garzhuur Commander's Quarters. Enter the quarters and kill the commander, then speak to Mordon after he is dead. Return to Count Zerrva in the City; Sir Mordon will make his own way back. Once you have returned, speak to Zerrva who, although he is pleased with your actions at Millstone Run, is less pleased with the attack on Fort Garzhuur.

Dibella's Messenger from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Messenger

Speak to the Count again to start this. Apparently a vision of the goddess Dibella has been seen in the cathedral and he wants you to go there. Enter and inside is Dibella's Messenger, who tells you that the Goddess is displeased with how people have been behaving. You may have come across Lord Fernmouth's Beastfolk Laws in various places.

"The Messenger of Dibella has appeared in the Cathedral and spoken to me. She told me that the gods are most displeased with the development on Dibella's Watch and that The Goddess will not help us in the current crisis as long as laws of slavery, evil and barbarism are upheld openly by the government on the island. I should speak to the Count about this at once."

First Minister Drelwin from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdReturn to the Count, who doesn't believe you when you say you've seen the goddess' Messenger, but believes that having people see him doing what the goddess wants will be good for morale and tells you to speak to First Minister Drelwin.

The Leaflet Time to Free the Slaves from Dibella's WatchCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdFind the First Minister, wherever he is - he could be at his house, in the castle, or elsewhere around the City, and speak to him. He gives you a leaflet, Time to Free the Slaves! Read it and then speak to him again.

"I must now go and talk to the lords of Wordham and Eastwatch to get their votes in Council so slavery can be ended. Wordham lies out west, while Eastwatch is a castle on the coast just southeast of the City of Dibella's Watch. It's going to be a long trip therefore."

Sir Roger Easton at Eastwatch CastleCredit: Antiscamp/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo and see Sir Roger at Eastwatch Castle and Sir Meyowind at Wordham Castle. Each wants you to do them a favour, although you may already have done them. For Sir Meyowind, you must complete The Lost Daughter and for Sir Roger The Retiree. Once the relevant quest has been completed, Sir Meyowind will give you Wordham Vote and Sir Roger Eastwatch Vote. Now go back to see the First Minister, who takes the votes from you.

"I returned to the First Minister with the votes from Wordham and Eastwatch and the First Minister is now working on the law that will end all slavery and servitude in this land. This is a great day in the history of this County. I just hope these news are enough for the Messenger and that the gods are pleased now. "

Return to the Cathedral to speak to the Messenger again to complete the quest. The Messenger tells you that the Deadtree Leader wants to ascend to godhood, by using an artefact called Dibella's Wrath. Now return to the Count to continue with The Borderwatch Camp.

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