After the completion of the quest Scream Like a Symphony in the Hoarfrost Castle plugin for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion you now have a series of quests to find staff members to fill various positions at the Castle. Once all three quests are complete, speak to Ignatius to continue and complete Grand Designs.

An Eye for an Eye

"Steward Ignatius recommended a woman named Estirdalin for the position of Mage-Assistant at Hoarfrost Castle. Apart from the more general magic-related services she would provide, I believe Ignatius was hinting that this Estirdalin woman can grant me access to enchanting and spell-making services - without the need to enter the Arcane University. She can be found at the Mages Guild Hall in Cheydinhal. Ignatius sounded quite intrigued, or perhaps enchanted by this woman. I wonder why..."

Estirdalin the BlindCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarTravel to Cheydinhal's Mages Guild and speak to Estirdalin. If you aren't at least an Associate of the Guild, she may be in areas you can't visit. She asks you to do her a favour first by leading her to a lookout point above Cheydinhal. She asks you to make sure you're ready before agreeing, as once you agree, you can't just leave her anywhere.

"I see now why Steward Ignatius was impressed by Estirdalin. She is completely blind, but still an obviously capable woman. She said that she *can* provide enchanting and spell-making services, as I had suspected. She would make an ideal choice for the Mage-Assistant position, but she has requested that I escort her up to a lookout north-east of Cheydinhal before she accepts the job. She said it's an important place to her, but did not elaborate."

Betrayer Cave(105715)Credit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarYou are to take Estirdalin to Betrayer Cave above Cheydinhal. It's probably a good idea to visit there first yourself, so that you can fast travel when ready.

Once there, Estirdalin explains she hasn't been entirely honest. Inside the cave is the man who blinded her by burning out her eyes. She wants you to help her kill him, so she will finally feel safe.

"Estirdalin has revealed the true reason for her wish to visit the lookout she described. Her ex-lover Nelacar tried to do her bodily harm on this spot, and succeeded in permanently blinding her. She says she can sense that Nelacar is nearby; in the cave by the lookout. She wants help to kill him. There look to be the bodies of several people strewn outside the cave. This Nelacar, if he is inside, is most likely a criminal - and cannot be a good man, whoever he is. I doubt anyone would object to his being killed."

NelacarCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarFortunately, Estirdalin is pretty capable in battle and also cannot die, making it much easier. Once Nelacar is killed, Estirdalin ask you to take her to Hoarfrost Castle. Return to Hoarfrost, and lead her to the Mages Study. There, she will explain what she can do for you. Unlike the previous quests where the dungeon keys were removed from you after the quests were completed, you can actually return and re-enter Betrayer Cave.

"I have escorted Estirdalin back to Hoarfrost Castle, and she is now settling in. If I am ever in need of enchanted item recharge services, spell and enchanted item creation services, or alchemical trading services, I need only visit Estirdalin in the Mages Study between 8am and 8pm."

Quest complete.

Fiery Devotion

Yellowleaf Chapel LocationCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarIgnatius knows of a priest who can help with the Chapel at Hoarfrost.

"Steward Ignatius has explained the need for a resident priest to bless and restore Hoarfrost Chapel: the altar within cannot be used in the chapel's current state. A priest's healing hands would be an asset to the castle as well. Ignatius has recommended approaching an old friend of his: Prior Faric at Yellowleaf Chapel, west of Lake Arrius, in County Cheydinhal."

Prior FaricCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThe closest safe fast travel location to Yellowleaf Chapel is probably Harm's Folly. If you get to the Chapel outside of normal hours, Prior Faric will be in the cellar underneath it.

Prior Faric tells you he has been having trouble with bandits operating from the nearby Spindlewick Tower, who have killed Abbot Crowley, leaving only him. He asks you to go there and kill Boss Heifnir, although he doesn't state it quite so bluntly.

Spindlewick Tower LocationCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar"Prior Faric tells me that Yellowleaf Chapel has come under repeated attack by some local marauders bent on driving him out of the region. They have already killed Abbot Crowley, and their leader - 'Boss Heifnir' - has threatened to do the same to Faric if he does not leave. Prior Faric has refused to listen to my offer while the chapel is still at risk. He didn't come right out and say it, but he obviously wants Heifnir killed. He and his band can be found in Spindlewick Tower; west of Yellowleaf Chapel."

Spindlewick TowerCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThere are two or three Marauders guarding the outside of Spindlewick Tower.

In Spindlewick Halls below the Tower are plenty of Marauders, Marauder Archers and Marauder Battlemages, as well as Boss Heifnir. Individually, the Marauders are unlikely to be a significant threat, but they have a tendency to move around a lot, so you could wind up facing several if not careful.

Boss HeifnirCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarOnce Boss Heifnir is dead, your log updates.

"Boss Heifnir is dead. Perhaps now Prior Faric will listen to the offer Ignatius and I have for him. I should return to Yellowleaf Chapel and speak to Faric."

Return to Yellowleaf Chapel. When you get there, the Chapel is in flames and two Dead Marauders lie on the ground beside it. Talk to Prior Faric. He tells you while you were away, the bandits attacked. He was able to kill some and drive the rest off, but they set fire to the Chapel. He tells you he is willing to go to Hoarfrost Castle, and tells you to tell Ignatius he will be along shortly. Meanwhile, he needs some time alone.

Yellowleaf Chapel in FlamesCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar"When I returned to Yellowleaf Chapel, I found that it had been burned to the ground by the marauders during my absence. Prior Faric had escaped serious injury - and had in fact killed several of his attackers - and driven the others off. Faric has accepted the position of priest at Hoarfrost Chapel, and says he will meet me there. In the meantime, he has asked me to let Ignatius know he's coming."

Return to Hoarfrost and speak to Ignatius. He tells you that Prior Faric arrived recently, and the quest is now complete.

"Prior Faric has arrived at Hoarfrost Castle and assumed his duties as priest. I will be able to find him in the chapel in the castle yard during the day, in the dining hall in the morning and evening, and in the general sleeping quarters at night. He can provide healing services himself - and now that he has blessed and restored the chapel, the altar there can be used to pray for relief from diseases and other afflictions."