Hoarfrost Castle is a user created plugin for the fourth game in The Elder Scrolls series, Oblivion. This is a series of quests that at the end result in the player owning a castle with numerous benefits. Unlike the official residences that are available in the game, this doesn't require either purchasing or having to buy stuff to furnish it. Instead, the player gets Hoarfrost Castle and its benefits by completing a series of quests.

The Quests

Hoarfrost Castle

Tithes and Tribulations

Scream Like a Symphony

An Eye for an Eye

The Duellist

Fiery Devotion

Grand Designs

Requiem for the Reluctant

Rewards for completing the quest series

Hoarfrost Castle

Hoarfrost Castle(105657)Credit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar

Hoarfrost Castle LocationCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar"I've been hearing rumours of some calamity befalling the occupants of a castle overlooking the Orange Road, north of the Imperial City: Hoarfrost Castle... Apparently, they were all killed by some malevolent force inside the keep; and only the Castle Steward survived to tell the tale. He now waits outside the gate for someone brave enough to come and help: to venture into the keep. Perhaps I could go speak to him, and find out what really happened there."

Inside the castle bailey, you can only enter the chapel, guard towers and gate house. The doors into the keep are all locked and require a key.

Ignatius EssaganCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarSpeak to Ignatius Essagan who is either asleep in a tent outside the main gate, or seated on a chair beside the tent. He will tell you what happened and say he is the only survivor of the undead attack. He tells you that the castle is his to give to the person who manages to successfully clear it out, but warns that you would not be the first to try, and the others have all failed.

If you agree to help, he gives you the Hoarfrost Castle Key which opens the door to the Great Hall. If you decline, you can always come back later and accept.

"I have met with Ignatius Essagan, Steward of Hoarfrost Castle; and now sole owner, following the recent massacre of the Callonus family who lived there previously. He has, in turn, offered ownership of the castle to me; if I can rid the keep of the undead host that has taken up residence. I have accepted his generous offer. Ignatius says the revenants came up from the cellar - so that might be a good place to investigate. Perhaps I can discover where they got in."

Hoarfrost Castle Great Hall(105658)Credit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarInside, the castle is full of Zombies. There are three in the Great Hall itself. Doors lead off to the Smithy and Kitchen on the ground floor and the Sleeping Quarters, Mage's Study and Master Bedroom from the balcony. There is another blocked door on the ground floor. The door to the Master Bedroom is locked and requires a key.

There isn't a great deal in here. There are three more Zombies in the Sleeping Quarters, and another in the Mage's Study, which also contain a couple of items of alchemical equipment, a lot of low value books, some ingredients, a jewellery box and a locked chest. The exits to the outside from the Sleeping Quarters and Mage's Study are all locked and need keys to open. The key is the Hoarfrost Castle Key, so you can leave by these doors if desired.

Wall of SkullsCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThe Smithy contains another Zombie, and the kitchen two more. Go down to the cellar, where there are two more Zombies and, in the far corner, a wall of skulls behind some flames. If you take one skull from the wall, the rest collapse. There is a corridor beyond with a door, on which an Ethereal Notice which says "Woe betide all those who enter here. This is OUR place - and have no fear: I will summon dead armies, to tear limb from limb; Any so foolish as to force their way in. Fight us with swords, fight us with magic...Struggle in vain - oh; so tragic...And if you see a lich, come howling through, Then know it is I: that I have come for you." is stuck with a Silver Dagger. Once you read the note, your quest log updates.

Ethereal NoticeCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar"In Hoarfrost keep's cellar, I found what appears to be a long-abandoned passage behind a broken section of the wall. Affixed to a door in this passage was an... interesting notice that appears to have been written by a lich. The note seems to indicate that this lich is responsible for the undead monsters invading the keep; and that the area beyond the door 'belongs' to them. I should continue on and see if I can find the author of the note."

Hoarfrost LichCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThe door leads to the Hoarfrost Underground Ruins. The Ruins are a three area dungeon, comprised of the Lost Crypts, the Old Waterway and the Sanctuary. The Hoarfrost Lich is inside the Sanctuary.

Once you defeat the lich, your log updates again.

"I destroyed the lich beneath Hoarfrost Castle, and felt a thrum of energy pass through the air as it fell. I wonder what it could mean? In any case, I should probably check its body, before returning to Ignatius to let him know what happened..."

Hoarfrost Castle Caverns(105662)Credit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarSearch the lich's body and retrieve the Hoarfrost Master Bedroom Key. Now return to Ignatius. Return through the door to the Hoarfrost Castle Caverns from the Sanctuary. In the Caverns is a trap door to the Master Bedroom. The end of the passage is blocked by a stone wall, to the left of which is a Strange Candle. Activating the candle opens the wall, and you can enter into the Master Bedroom. The Bedroom is trashed like the rest of the Keep. Along with some silverware there is a Chest and a lot of cheap books. Open the door from the Bedroom into the Keep with the key you took from the Lich.

If you didn't kill any of the undead in the Keep, they are now all gone. Once you exit the Keep, your log updates again.

"Hoarfrost Keep was empty of the undead that filled it earlier. Maybe destroying their lich master served to drive them away. I have done what Ignatius asked; hopefully he will be satisfied with my account."

Speak to Ignatius. He asks you to confirm that the lich is, indeed, dead, and after doing so says that he will fulfil his promise and that Hoarfrost Castle is now yours. He will once again take up residence in the castle and now that he has access to the castle funds again he can pay to get it repaired. This will be done by magic, will take three days, and during the repair you won't have access to it.

Because the repair of the castle will mean the disposal of all the contents of the keep, he asks you to confirm that you want the work to start now, and says you should remove anything you want to keep, as otherwise it will be discarded. Once you confirm the repairs should go ahead, both the Hoarfrost Castle Key and Master Bedroom Key are removed from your inventory. Ignatius tells you to return in three days and your log updates.

Once the repairs are finished, your quest log updates informing you of this. Return to the castle when ready and speak to Ignatius again, who is still outside the gate. Ignatius says he was waiting for you to return before going back into the castle. He gives you a scroll called Hoarfrost Castle Particulars which details what is available in the castle and what still needs doing.

Ignatius then returns to the castle and says to you to speak to him when ready. He rooms in the east wing, but can be found around the castle. Explore the castle if you like; everything has been repaired and there is plenty of storage space.

When you speak to him again, this finishes the Hoarfrost Castle quest. The quest Tithes and Tribulations can now be started.