After the completion of the quest Scream Like a Symphony in the Hoarfrost Castle plugin for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion you now have a series of quests to do to find staff members to fill various vacant positions at the Castle. The quest The Duellist is done to fill the position of blacksmith at the castle.

The Duellist

"Ignatius has recommended a man named Bodean Monsey as an ideal candidate for the blacksmith position at Hoarfrost Castle. He would provide repair and arms and armour trading services for the castle guardsmen and myself. According to Ignatius, Bodean is apprenticed at the Anvil Castle smithy, but feels somewhat limited there (perhaps because he is apparently already a very gifted smith)."

Bodean MonseyCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarGo to Anvil Castle, and talk to Bodean Monsey in the Smithy. He explains he is willing to come and work for you at Hoarfrost, but that he is in love with a girl, Vilene, and wants her to come with him, and he believes she will be able to help at the Castle. She is being pestered by Advisor Valgus Hertarian, and Bodean believes he will not let her leave easily.

Go to the Dining Room and talk to Vilene. Vilene also says she will be able to function as your housekeeper and cook at Hoarfrost Castle.

Vilene FrernisCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar"Vilene says she would love to work at Hoarfrost Castle as a housekeeper and cook - and as a general merchant in charge of trading supplies with nearby towns, as well! Valgus has to be eliminated first, however, and she hinted strongly that I should get him alone at the Anvil lighthouse - where he takes his nightly walk (leaving from the Dining Hall at 10pm). She suggested searching Valgus' private quarters for his diary - and any vulnerabilities it might reveal - if I still want to try to provoke him into a duel."

Valgus HertarianCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThere are several possible courses of action here. If you talk to Valgus directly, you can try and guess the three responses that will provoke him into challenging you to a duel. You could also just attack him, but if he hasn’t challenged you to a duel he will call for help and you could be arrested or killed by guards, so it is easier to go to the Lighthouse and wait for him to arrive, which he does at about 11 PM. There is no point speaking to him as if you do so all you can do is try to provoke him into a duel, so just ambush and kill him.

Valgus' RoomCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarIf you choose to break into his quarters, you will first need to pick the hard lock to the Private Quarters, then pick the Hard lock to Valgus' room. There are two possible entrances to the Private Quarters; one from the Great Hall and one from the Dining Room. The Great Hall entrance has a Guard nearby who will object to you breaking in. It is easier to enter from the Dining Room, then sneak up to the door to Valgus' room. High Sneak and Security skills, or magic that will allow the same are advised here.

On the Desk in Valgus' room is Valgus Hertarian's Diary. Reading it reveals the insecurities that will provoke him into challenging you to a duel. Return and speak to Valgus, choosing the following reply options as applicable in the conversation:

"You have the sunken eyes of a pig!"

"What woman would want a bald man?"

"Your cheeks sag like old sacks!"

Valgus will challenge you to an immediate duel in Anvil Castle Courtyard. Follow him out there, and kill him. He isn't waering any armour, so this shouldn't be too difficult if you are prepared.

Whether you kill Valgus in a duel or by ambushing him he has the following items on him: Duellist's Blouse with 6% Shield, Castle Anvil Key, Castle Anvil Interior Key, Valgus Hertarian's Key and a Fine Steel Cutlass. Your quest log will then update.

"Adviser Valgus Hertarian is dead. With him no longer standing over them, Bodean and Vilene are now free to leave Anvil Castle and come work for me at Hoarfrost Castle. I should give Bodean the news."

Go and speak to Bodean again. He thanks you, and says that he and Vilene will travel to Hoarfrost Castle and meet you there. Quest complete.

Grand Designs

"With a retinue of guardsmen in residence, Steward Ignatius has suggested that we now approach people to fill the remaining staff positions at Hoarfrost Castle. He has ideal candidates in mind for each position, but I can talk to them in any order I wish. Ignatius seemed to have something else on his mind, but has refused to talk about it for now, saying we should resolve the staff situation first. Perhaps I should ask him about it later..."

Grand Designs starts after Scream Like a Symphony is finished, but you cannot progress any further with it at that point.

Shortly after completing the quests An Eye for an Eye, Fiery Devotion and The Duellist to fill Hoarfrost Castle's staff requirements, Grand Designs will update.

"All the staff positions Steward Ignatius and I discussed for Hoarfrost Castle are now filled. Perhaps now would be a good time to ask him what was on his mind earlier; what it was he refused to tell me until the staff situation was resolved. It sounded as if he considered it to be somewhat important."

Speak to Igantius. He tells you about a journal that was found, apparently belonging to Furius Hoarfrost, the orginal builder of the castle. He asks you to come to his room to collect it. This completes Grand Designs.

"Ignatius revealed what he was about to tell me earlier: a certain journal - relevant to the mysteries surrounding Hoarfrost Castle - had been found in the keep..."

By accompanying Ignatius back to his room in the Sleeping Quarters and speaking to him there, the final quest in the series Requiem for the Reluctant will start.