After completing the Hoarfrost Castle quest in the Hoarfrost Castle plugin for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the next quest is Tithes and Tribulations.

Tithes and Tribulations

As detailed in the scroll Ignatius gave you at the end of Hoarfrost Castle, the castle is now short of money after funding the repairs. In the past, the castle got revenue from neighbouring farms in return for protection; however, when the inhabitants were slain and the farms were no longer protected, the farmers stopped paying their tithes. In order to protect the settlements again, it will be necessary to hire guards, but in order to hire guards the tithes need restarting. Ignatius says that any interim protection will likely be down to you.

"Steward Ignatius has told me that if we are to afford hiring guardsmen and a staff for Hoarfrost Castle, we need to re-establish the tithes system that has, until recently, funded the castle. Inwold Mannick, a farmer living just south-east of the keep, is the representative for those under the protection of the castle. I am to see if he (or those he represents) needs any help, and ask him if they will resume paying tithes."

Mannick FarmCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarHe suggests you go and speak to Inwold Mannick, who lives at Mannick Farm not far from the castle. Ignatius suggests you should hurry, as he was sure he heard Mannick crying for help whilst he was sleeping outside the castle. When you speak to Mannick, and explain the situation, he says that the local farms are being terrorised by mythical creatures and his wife, Anne, was taken away. The farms stopped paying the tithes because they weren't being protected from these attacks, but he admits that the guards being dead is a reasonable excuse.

Inwold MannickCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarMannick asks you to deal with these creatures in order for the farms to start paying their tithes again. He says they come from some Glowing Tunnels he visited as a child, and gives you the Glowing Tunnels Key. He had set a trap to collapse the tunnels, but was unable to trigger it.

"Inwold Mannick was distraught with grief when I met him. His wife 'Annie' had been carried off to the nearby 'Glowing Tunnels' (and presumably killed) by mystical beasts of some kind. It was difficult to get details from him - such as when this happened - but I suppose losing his wife that way could leave any man... unbalanced. Inwold said that if I collapsed a tunnel in the caves (to keep the beasts in) using a trap he made years ago, he would persuade everyone to start paying tithes to Hoarfrost Castle again."

Glowing Tunnels LocationCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar

Glowing Tunnels TrapCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarGo to the Glowing Tunnels near Mannick's farm and make your way to the trap trigger. When you reach it, your log updates.

"I think I've found Mannick's trap; this pull-rope must set it off. But... I can see a note near it; written in blood. It might be important."

Annelie MannickCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThe note is from Annelie Mannick and says "Help me! They're taking me deeper." Your log updates again, and suggests you go and find Anne. You will be unable to trigger the trap until you do so.

Undermountain MinotaurCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarThe door to the west of the trap leads to the Mountain Depths. This small area has a bottomless pit and Anne shut behind a Hard Gate. When you talk to Anne, she says she was taken by a beast. As you talk, the beast, Undermountain Minotaur, drops down from the area above you. Defeat it, and speak to Anne again. She asks you to accompany her to the farm. Leave the Mountain Depths and trigger the trap, collapsing the tunnel, although the tunnel may collapse of its own accord.

Take Anne back to Mannick's Farm. Mannick thanks you, and says the farms will start paying tithes again.

Return back to Hoarfrost Castle and speak to Ignatius. He says the farms have started paying the tithes, and you will get a stipend from these every week (you will receive a message when the money has been added to your strongbox), although much of the money will go to maintaining and improving the castle. The amount of Gold you receive in tithes is your level times 200.

"Ignatius was pleased to hear that the settlements under Hoarfrost Castle's protection will begin paying tithes again, and told me that from now on, a portion of each week's tithes will be placed in a money box near the bed in my master bedroom. The first payment is due tomorrow. In the meantime, Ignatius has asked me to come speak with him again when I'm ready to discuss hiring guards for the castle."

The next time you speak to him, Tithes and Tribulations finishes and a new quest starts.

Scream Like a Symphony

Highland Company LodgeCredit: Bethesda Softworks and Antistar"Steward Ignatius has recommended approaching Captain Sabinus Palenix of the 'Highland Company' mercenary group with an offer to employ him and his men as full-time guards at Hoarfrost Castle. Their lodge is located along the Black Road, west of Chorrol."

Ignatius now suggests that you go and hire some guards for the castle. He knows a company who are suitable, and you should go and meet with them at the Highland Company Lodge west of Chorrol and speak to Captain Palenix.

Captain Sabinus PalenixCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarWhen you speak to the Captain, he says they are currently employed by the Countess of Chorrol to kill an undead monster below the city. The task has been delayed, as they are waiting a shipment of restorative potions. The company doesn't start a new contract before finishing their current one. When you inquire further, he says that if you want, you can go and do the job yourself, and you will also get the reward. He gives you Under-Chorrol Key needed to access the tunnels where the creature lives.

"Captain Palenix told me that the Highland Company is not able to consider my offer of employment at Hoarfrost Castle until their current job is complete. They are tasked with destroying a fell zombie called 'Screamer' that has taken up residence under Chorrol. Palenix says they cannot pursue the beast until a shipment of healing potions arrive - whenever that may be. I ended up with a key to the sealed-off hollows beneath the town. Perhaps I can free these retainers of their current obligations myself..."

The ScreamerCredit: Bethesda Softworks and AntistarGo to the entrance to Under-Chorrol outside the city walls on the western side. Enter, and make your way through to the Under-Chorrol Hollows and kill the Screamer. Once the Screamer is dead, return back to the Lodge.

"I found the revenant called 'Screamer' deep beneath Chorrol, and the beast is now destroyed; its horrid moaning silenced. Captain Palenix would no doubt wish to be informed of this - and perhaps now he will be willing for he and his men to come work at Hoarfrost castle."

Palenix takes the Under-Chorrol Key from you, and explains there is more to the situation than he originally said. All the members of the Highland Company used to live at Hoarfrost Castle, before the Callonus' moved in, when their parents turned into undead and started attacking them. They eventually formed this company, and Palenix asks if you still want them as guards. Say yes, then return back to the castle. Once you speak to Ignatius, the quest is complete.

When you speak to Ignatius again the quest Grand Designs is added, although you cannot do that immediately. Instead, Ignatius says that the castle needs a blacksmith, priest and mage assistant. The Castle will also need a housekeeper, but Ignatius says one shouldn't be too hard to find. Each of the three major positions has a quest that requires doing to hire the person, An Eye for an Eye for the mage assistant, The Duellist for the blacksmith and Fiery Devotion for the priest. You can choose which quest to do first.