A Warlock's Luck is a quest from the Midas Magic Spells of Aurum mod for TES IV: Oblivion.

A Warlock's Luck

Castle Bravil DungeonCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksAncient SymbolCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda Softworks

"I have read a disturbing tale of the Alyeid of the Niben. I should travel to the Dungeon of Bravil Castle if I wish to learn more."

This quest starts after the book A Warlock's Luck, which is available from Midas' shop, is read.

Parts of the quest can be very dangerous. Various Midas spells are useful, in particular Midas Summon Angel, Midas Bound Holy Blaze, Midas Chest, Midas Wings of an Angel and Midas Holy Judgement, the latter gained from The Astral Realm quest. Although Midas Holy Judgement can only be used once per day it will likely destroy any undead nearby. Use it in the most dangerous situations, such as in front of the Hall of the Undead or when confronting the Lich King. Other Midas Holy spells can also be useful.

Midas Summon Angel requires a Gold Nugget, a Flawless Diamond and a White Monk Robe. The White Monk Robe can be found in Weynon Priory. Midas Bound Holy Blaze requires a Gold Nugget, an Angelic Katana and a Greater Life Essence. Angelic Katanas are sold by Keeyanu on the Divine Plane. A Greater Life Essence can be made by combining five Lesser Essences (obtained from many Midas monsters such as Lesser Sonic Essences from Wind Devils) of the same type in the Aurum Assimilator, then putting the resultant Greater Essence into the Essence Transmogrifier in the Astral Travel Laboratory and changing the Essence until it becomes the correct one. Midas Chest requires a Gold Nugget, a Silver Urn and a Lockpick. Midas Wings of an Angel requires a Gold Nugget and an Angel Feather. Angel Feathers can be bought from Archangels which are summoned by casting Summon Angel inside a cathedral.

Emero-El WarlockCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksYou need to find and kill all the Emero-El in the Ayleid Afterworld. There are five in various parts of the Skull Citadel, one outside the Citadel and one in the Unholy Chapel. Every time you kill a Emero-El your log will update with the following message, with the number changing dependant on how many Emero-El have been killed.

"I have put to rest the first of the seven undead warlocks."

The Dread Zombies encountered in the Afterworld initially appear dead, but come to life when approached. They can also resurrect themselves several times, so will need killing more than once before they properly die. The Emero-El can also resurrect the fallen undead in their area, so they must be killed first.

Go to Bravil and enter Bravil Castle. Make your way to the dungeons, and open the locked Hard door. Picking the lock is a crime, so make sure you aren't being observed - occasionally there will be a guard in the room itself.

Make your way to the room with a symbol on the floor. Activate the symbol and you will be the following message "You feel an evil grip pulling you." and the following two options "Resist" and "Succumb". Choose "Succumb" and you will be transported to a graveyard in the Ayleid Afterworld. You can return to Tamriel using the symbol you appear on if desired. The following message will appear "Fleeing will restore the power of the Emero-El." and you will be given the option to "Stay" or to "Flee."

Ayleid Afterworld(107361)Credit: Xilvar and Bethesda Softworks"I've entered into the Realm of the Alyeid Undead. Ruled by the Seven Emero-El of Nyne."

Make your way to the west to the Hall of the Undead, a skull shaped citadel. There are a Zombie and a Dread Zombie in the graveyard, and on the way you will also come across Ayleid Warriors, Ayleid Archers and Shadows. Watch out for Mushroom Mines also.

Undead CastleCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you reach the plain in front of the skull castle, Ayleid Warriors and Archers will appear from the sky, as well as the Emero-El Warlord. Quickly kill the Emero-El; until it's dead, more Ayleid Warriors and Archers can and will appear and those already killed will come back to life.

Claw GateCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksThe entrance to the Hall of the Undead is protected by a Claw Gate. When activated initially, the following message appears "The Gates remain sealed." The Gate needs unsealing first.

TThe LecternCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda Softworkso the south east is a circular basin full of water. Go towards this; there are an Ayleid Archer, two Ayleid Warriors and a Dread Zombie on the way. Sticking into the water in the basin is a piece of land, at the end of which is a Lectern. When approached, six tentacles appear. You can kill them, or just try running to the Lectern and getting the item inside, the First Seal. Once taken, your log updates.

"I have invoked the first of two rune scrolls to open the fortress of the undead."

Unholy Chapel(107364)Credit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksTo the north east of the Citadel is the Unholy Chapel. Inside this are four Dread Zombies and the Emero-El Priest in the Chapel itself. Kill them and in the altar is the Second Seal. Take this and your log updates again.

"I have invoked the second rune scroll and opened the seal to the fortress of the undead."

The two seals can be collected in either order.

Now go back to the Hall of the Undead. The Claw Gate will now slide into the ground when activated. You will now need to go through the various areas killing the five remaining Emero-El. In the main chamber of the Hall of the Undead is the Emero-El Chamberlain along with a number of Tentacles and Bile. There are seven doors off the main room; one doesn't lead anywhere, two lead to the Chamber of Rest and the remainder lead to other parts of the Citadel. The Hall of Brimstone has the Emero-El Firemaster, the Tower of Neitherspark the Emero-El Netherlord and the Hall of Hellrime the Emero-El Frostbearer along with various other undead, such as Eldritch Knights.

The final door is to the Hall of Utterdark; make your way through to the door to the Chamber of Utterdark. In this room are the Emero-El Lich King, two Eldritch Knights and six Skeletons. The Lich King is individually probably the most dangerous of the Emero-El. In the centre of the Chamber of Utterdark is another Ancient Symbol. Until all the Emero-El are killed, this won't do anything when activated, instead giving the message "Your task here is not yet done."

Once the last Emero-El has been killed, your log updates and the quest is complete.

"I have ended the threat of the Emero-El. The Warlocks of the Nyne will threaten us no more."

The Ancient Symbol in the Chamber of Utterdark will now transport you back to Bravil in the room you started if desired, saying "You may now return home." and giving you the options of "Stay" and "Return." The Symbol in the graveyard where you initially appeared in the Ayleid Afterworld will also now give the same options.