Midas Magic Spells of Aurum is a user created plugin for The Elder Scrolls game Oblivion. Although the Midas Magic mod mostly adds new spells to Oblivion, there are also a number of related quests, as well as new locations to visit. The rewards for these include new Midas Magic spell recipes as well as the ingredients necessary to create Midas Magic spells that cannot be found elsewhere. Completing some of the quests will be much harder, if not impossible, without using some of the Midas spells.

New Ingredients

If you come across new ingredients from monsters or plants, don't immediately sell or use them until you have created all the Midas spells. They are quite likely to be needed for a Midas spell recipe. Many of the monsters that these can be harvested from do respawn though, allowing multiple ingredients to be harvested from them.

New Spells

The mod adds several hundred new spells to Oblivion. Spells are created by putting the required items - some valuable, some unique, some junk - into the Aurum Reactor in Midas' shop, casting a spell on the reactor, and then taking out the Aurum Residue created and eating it to learn the new spell. Once the spell has been learned it is cast in the normal manner and no new ingredients are required.

Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets are needed to make any new Midas spell. It can be costly and difficult acquiring these. The spell Midas Touch transforms any dead body into Gold, which can help provide a source of income, as well as tidying the place up. Make sure any items are taken from the body first though.

Gold Mines

There are only a couple of mines with Gold Veins in them in the unmodified game although plugins may add more. Desolate Mine north west of Cheydinhal, visited during the Fighter's Guild quest The Desolate Mine, has five Gold Veins. Abandoned Mine to the east of Bravil has three Gold Veins. Gold Veins are not a good way of getting gold nuggets for Midas spells. This mod itself adds several new Gold Veins; the mods The Lost Spires and Windfall add even more.

Midas' ArkCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksMidas' Ark

There are a number of Midas' Ark located throughout the new locations. These each hold three Gold Nuggets, and they respawn, making them an effective way of collecting a number of Gold Nuggets, although probably insufficient for the several hundred needed to create every spell.


The mod adds several new locations to the game. Most of these are separate planes, but several are in Cyrodiil.

Midas Magics - Spells and Sundries(107352)Credit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksMidas Magics - Spells and Sundries

This is Midas' shop, where various books and items can be bought and spells made. Midas Magics - Spells and Sundries is located in the part of the Arcane University that can be accessed by anyone.

Ohm Quat Ohm FraternityCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksOhm Quat Ohm Fraternity

This fraternity is also located in the Arcane University, and is involved in a couple of the quests.

Broke Back Mining Co.(107360)Credit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksBroke Back Mining Co.

The Broke Back Mining Co is located near the border with Hammerfell. The mine sells (expensive) Stock Certificates, and there is also a Gold Vein in the mine itself. Each certificate gives a chance of getting a Gold Nugget; the more certificates, the higher the chance. If the total number of certificates owned is greater than a random number between 0 and 20, and if Boramir has less than three Gold Nuggets on him (you need to collect them from him) he will get another Gold Nugget.

Khazud-DunCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksKhazud-Dun

Khazad-Dun is a non-quest complex where you can obtain two Midas spell recipe ingredients, the Balrog Horn and the Prime Morpholith. The spell recipes are found in the book The Prime Morpholith in Midas' shop.

Beholden ShrineCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksBeholden Shrine

The Beholden Shrine is a non-quest complex where you can obtain three Midas spell recipe ingredients, Slime Hearts, Beholden Eyes and Beholden Hive Mother Eyes. The spell recipes are found in the book Eye of the Beholden in Midas' shop..

The Quests

Midas Magics adds the following quests:

Ohm Quat Ohm Initiation
Where Tiger?
The Astral Realm
The Wayward Skeep
The Will of the Necronomicon
A Warlock's Luck

Neither Ohm Quat Ohm Initiation nor The Astral Quest have been finished.

Ohm Quat Ohm Initiation

Gilbert GrapesCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksStarting the Ohm Quat Ohm Initiation quest makes you a member of the fraternity, which allows you to take items from the frat house without it being theft. This is useful in the Where Tiger? quest.

Speak to Gilbert Grapes in the Ohm Quat Ohm fraternity house and mention joining the fraternity. This will immediately make you a member and start the quest.

"I am now a member of the Ohm Quat Ohm fraternity."

Speak to Gilbert again to go to the next stage.

"The fraternity has some job available to me.  I need to talk to Gilbert Grapes to learn more."

Snipe LocationCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksSpeak to Gilbert one more time. Gilbert wants you to get some alchemical ingredients and gives you a Shopping List on which there is one item, a Snipe Feather.

"I've been tasked to find a snipe feather.  Looks like a snipe hunt to me."

The Snipe nest is to the south of Chorrol; Odil Farm is probably the closest safe fast travel location, and the second closest is probably Weynon Priory.

SnipeCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksThere are three Snipe at the nest; two small ones and a large one. Only the large Snipe has a Snipe Feather. You now need to kill the Snipe to get the feather. This isn't quite as easy as it sounds; once attacked the Snipe can run away extremely fast, faster than you can run. You need to either kill the Snipe immediately, probably using your most powerful spell, or immobilise it so it can't run away whilst you attack. Otherwise, you will end up chasing the Snipe all over the countryside.

Once killed, collect the Feather and return to the Fraternity. Speak to Gilbert, and he will take the Snipe Feather and give you a Gold Nugget in exchange.

"I've completed all the available tasks for now.  Perhaps one day, Gilbert will dream up more."

The quest is not complete at this point, but there is nothing more that can be done.