The Astral Realm is a quest from the Midas Magic Spells of Aurum mod for the computer role playing game TES IV: Oblivion.

The Astral Realm

"I have entered the Astral Realm. Although it is eerily devoid I get the feeling there is more to this place than meets the eye."

Midas Astral GateCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksThis quest starts when the Astral Gate in the Astral Travel Laboratory in Midas' shop is entered. This takes you to an Astral Plane with a Chest, the Chest used in the Midas' Chest spell, a sleeping slab, a Gate to return to Midas' shop and five Gates with gems in front of them. The Astral Plane is also used for the Midas' Astral Mark spell - the gemstone gates take you to the appropriate Mark - and Midas' Astral Recall spell which brings you here.

This quest involves first traversing a number of different Astral Realms through various Gates. Some parts of a Realm can only be reached by entering another Realm and using a Gate there. Should you fall of any of the various islands and rocks in the Astral Realms, you will reappear back at the entrance Gate after falling some distance - unless you hit something, in which case you take normal damage from falling.

You will need the spell Midas Force Push and some method of breathing underwater. There are only a few types of monsters in the Astral Realms; Astral Shadows, Astral Plasmoids, Will o'the Wisps and Astral Atronarchs. There are five Astral Atronarchs which need killing to proceed with the quest. The various monsters use Midas spells; the Atronarch's Midas Stone Storm spell can be very damaging, and the Will o'the Wisp has an annoying spell that teleports you away, usually back to the entrance Gate for the Realm you are in.

Astral Plane(107375)Credit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksThe Midas Astral Mark/Midas Astral Recall spell requires a Gold Nugget and six Flawless gems: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald and Pearl. The Midas Force Push Spell requires a Gold Nugget, a Flawless Pearl and a Varla Stone.

The various Realms are:

Astral Plane (Initial)
Astral Plane (Through Revealed Gate)
Astral Heart
Astral Mist
Astral Spire
Astral Spiral
Astral Temple
Astral Chaos
Astral Claw

To the north east you can see another island some distance away. To continue the quest you will need to get to the island, and there is no physical connection. This can be done with the spell Midas Force Push. Stand on the platform facing the island and continually cast the spell whilst running towards the island. This will allow you to run through the air to get to the floating island.

Crossing to the Second Astral Island Using Midas Force Push

Great Astral GateCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda Softworks

Strange CrystalsCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksOnce on the island you will see some Strange Crystals. When activated this message appears "Cast open the stones and enter." Cast any lock opening spell at the Stones, and they will break apart revealing another Astral Gate. Also on the island are some Astral Beacons which can be harvested. These grow throughout the various Astral realms near the glowing crystals on the ground. They are used in a number of Midas spells.

The revealed Astral Gate takes you to another Astral Plane where you can continue the quest. Should you wish to leave the quest part-way through, it's advised to leave a Midas Astral Mark here to avoid having to reach this spot again using the Midas Force Push spell.

Astral PortalCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksOnce you have stepped through the Gate, head east to the Astral Portal. Going through it takes you to Astral Heart. In front of a Great Astral Crystal is a set of five Strange Pedestals. Activate one and your quest log updates.

Astral Heart(107372)Credit: Xilvar and Bethesda Softworks"I have found the great crystal and it is some how activated by 5 pedestals. These pedestals look as if they are missing a piece.  I should explore the area to find them."

Astral AtronarchCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksYou need to find and kill the five Astral Atronarchs. Each time one is killed, an Astral Prism will appear on a nearby plate. The Astral Atronarchs are located on the following Realms: Spire, Spiral, Chaos, Claw and Temple

An Astral PrismCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksOnce you have all five Astral Prisms return to Astral Heart. Activate each of the strange pedestals, and a Prism will be removed from your inventory and be added to a pedestal. Now, once activated, each pedestal will make a sound. The pedestals need to be activated in the correct order; each time the correct pedestal is activated, the floating Great Astral Crystal will glow. If you make a mistake, you have to restart the sequence. The sequence of notes is the one from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Viewing the pedestals from left to right, with left being 1 and right being 5, the sequence is 4,5,3,1,2.

Once the sequence has been done correctly, the Great Astral Crystal emits a burst of light, you gain knowledge of the spell Midas Holy Judgement, which can be very useful against the undead in the quest A Warlock's Luck although unfortunately it can only be used once per day, and your log updates.

"I have awakened the Great Astral Crystal and so have learned the Holy Judgment spell."

The circular Astral Gate on the second Astral Plane now works. Activating it causes a portal to appear; stepping through the portal takes you to a new room revealed off the Astral Travel Laboratory in Midas' basement. To the left of the Gate are some controls, consisting of the letters R, L, E, A, T, S and an Activate button and to the right is the Astral Gate Crystal. When the Crystal is activated, your log updates again.

"The Great Astral Gate seems to have a control panel that would allow it to access other worlds. Perhaps Midas has left clues or directions nearby?"

The Astral MapCredit: Xilvar and Bethesda SoftworksThe instructions are on the Desk to the left of the Midas Astral Gate in the basement, The Astral Map. When read, this a puzzle called Crossworlds (a crossword). Each correct answer is a Midas Astral Gate destination, and a clue to the destination is in the Crossworlds answer. Each answer is also only composed of the letters on the control panel.

The answers are:


1. SEAS - Plane of Water (Underwater)
3. STALE - Umberhulk Swamp
5. ALTAR - Divine Plane
7. STRATA - Plane of Sand
8. TAR - La Brea Pits
10. TREES - Plane of Nature
12. TESLA - Plane of Shock
14. TEARS - Plane of Unlife


1. SEARS - Plane of Fire
2. ASTRAL - Astral Plane
4. AERATE - Plane of Air
6. LATE - Plane of Darkness
9. STAR - Plane of Light
10. TATER - Tamriel
11. SLEET - Plane of Ice
13. STEEL - Mechanical Halls

Although the quest is not completed at this point, there aren't any more stages to it, so no more can be done.

You can now enter the various planes where new items, vendors and monsters can be found, as well as two new quests and many Midas spell books.

In addition, entering the word SEE into the controller opens a Gate to the Beholden Shrine.