After completing Rythor's Task in The Lost Spires Oblivion plugin, your next quest is A Mysterious Glyph.

A Mysterious Glyph

"I must take the glyph-enscribed parchment to Domitian Verus so he may start translating it."

A Mysterious GlyphCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksTeav has completed the cleaning of the meteorite, and has discovered a glyph inscribed on it. He gives you a peice of parchment with a copy of the glyph, which you are to take to Domitian Verus for translation. Verus is up the right hand flight of stairs as you enter, inside his quarters.

When you speak to Verus, he will give you a Metal Tankard and a bottle of Verus' Mead, if desired. Once he speaks about the glyphs on the Spire, he will also now sell Snake Posters.

RathmerCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksVerus says the glyph resembles the runes from the Spire, but he is having no luck in translating them. Apparently there is a book, Runes of Cyrodiil, that is being auctioned by Rathmer in Bravil, but for more than Verus is willing to pay, so he has commisioned a copy. The transcript has not arrived yet, so he asks you to go to Rathmer's Books in Bravil to chase it up. He gives you the money to buy the completed transcript.

Rathmer says the book is not yet ready. He gave it to a professional scribe, Miro, in Leyawiin to transcribe, but it hasn't been done yet. You now have to go to Leyawiin to see what progress Miro has made.

Miro's Scribe ServicesCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you get to Miro's Scribe Services in Leyawiin, you discover it is a burnt out ruin. A Leyawiin guard is standing outside, and is under orders not to let anyone in. Boost his Dispostion so that he grants you access.

On the floor inside you discover the charred corpse of Rhea Miro. Once activated, your quest log updates.

"Rhea Miro is dead and her office is a pile of smouldering ash. An accident? The Runes of Cyrodiil is certainly motive for arson. I had better search around for clues."

Resting on the broken chandelier is a Charred Transcript. Take it. Now, you have to go back to Rethmer in Bravil to tell him what happened. He thanks you for informing him. Now return to Verus in the Guild.

Speaking to Verus removes the transcript from your posession and completes this quest. Your reward, if asked for, is the key to Display Case A. This case is just to the right of the entrance door and contains a Dwemer Spider Leg. Additionally, you get to keep the money Verus gave you to buy the transcript.

Another Spire?

"Even though the transcript I brought Verus was badly charred, he was able to extract from it a set of cooridinates. I should consult Aster Cei as to their meaning."

Domitian Verus was unable to find the mysterious glyph in the book, but there appeared to be a set of coordinates that referred to a location where the glyph could be found. Speak to Aster Cei, who is to the right of the entrance, past and underneath the stairs.

Pristine Spire LocationCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksAster Cei says that an Ayleid map created by himself and Solan will allow the coordinates to be translated. He does so, and a new spire, Pristine Spire is added to the map, north east of Fort Cedrian and to the east of the Corbdo River.

Cei will now sell you a poster, Skeleton Study I and, if asked, will tell you that Teav is returning from the Newfound Spire, where he has discovered artifacts and a weapon.

Pristine SpireCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksOnce you arrive at the Pristine Spire, your log will be updated. Once again, enter the Spire and clear it out of monsters.

Make your way through the Pristine Spire Ruin to a large cave at the south.

Celestial PortalCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksIn this room is the Celestial Portal. When activated, you get asked "Do you want to go through this ominous portal."

Celestial RealmCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksIf you choose yes, you get transported to the Celestial Realm. This small, and initially very colourful, realm has, at the far end just one inhabitant, an Ascendent Warlock,  a dangerous and powerful undead spell caster. Should you defeat him - not very easy, one of his attacks does a lot of damage - and go to the platform where he was initially, you will find a Warlock Coffer and a skeleton of an Ayleid Captive. It should be noted that once you enter, you can't leave again without first killing the Ascendant Warlock, so make sure you're ready before entering.

Searching the Ayleid reveals, amongst other items, an Ayleid Scroll. When this is taken, the following is added to your quest log.

"I've found a scroll on the corpse of what looks like an Ayleid Captive. Its writing is illegible. I should take it back to Verus."

There is a fair bit of loot in this tiny plane, on the Ascended Warlock, including its Warlock Staff, on the Ayleid Captive and in the Warlock Coffer. One notable item in the Coffer is a Warlock Glyph. These come in different types and, although they oddly aren't worth anything, will enchant an item with effects determined by which Glyph is used.

When you take the scroll back to Verus, he says that Soland and Sova have discovered several Ayleid Scrolls over the years. Although he can trabslate it, he can't understand it, as they are often allusional, so he suggests you take it to Sova as she will be able to do better.

When asked about a reward, Verus gives you the key to Display Case B, which is to the left of the entrance door behind the counter where Teav was, and contains a Psychotic Chili.

Go speak to Sova, whose room is off the balcony accessed by the righthand staircase. When you speak to her, she asks you if you have heard the news regarding Teav. This is not the news about him returning with a weapon and artifacts. Apparently, Teav and the Assistants Sirnus and Cirru are dead, only Assistant Mogen survived. Bandits attacked the camp and stole everything.

You can respond to Teav's death in two ways, either by saying "Teav will live on in our memories" or "Teav wasn't all that great." Although Sova doesn't appreciate the second sentiment, it makes no diference.

Showing the Ayleid Scroll to Sova completes this quest. Sova says that translating it will take some time, and meanwhile you should speak to Norlene.

When asked about advancement, Sova will promote you to Aspirant. She also tells you that Teav's funeral will be held tonight at 11 o'clock.

Sova now has two posters to sell you, an Eye Poster being the new one. Domitian Verus will now sell Skeleton Study II.

The glass cover on the pedestal in the Library to the left of the door which holds Alzor's Marvellous Maw has now been removed.

After Teav's funeral, Norlene will speak to you regarding your next quest A Vengeance Unfulfilled.