After completing the quest Another Spire? from The Lost Spires Oblivion plugin, and after Teav's funeral, your next quest will be given to you.

A Vengeance Unfulfilled

"While Sova attempts to decode the Ayleid Scroll, I should talk to Norlene concerning Teav. Teav's funeral will be held tonight, just outside the Guild's front entrance."

Norlene will not talk to you until after the funeral. At 11 o'clock, a message will appear saying "It's 11 o'clock. I should speak to one of the guild members to start the funeral."

Teav's FuneralCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksGo and speak to one of the members. It is possible you may need to run through some dialogue regarding the previous quest if they haven't already been spoken to about it. Once finished, speak to them again about the funeral. It is not essential for you to attend the funeral.

The members will file outside to a pyre that has been erected, which Rythor will light, and then go back inside the Guild.

Norlene will not speak to you immediately, instead saying "Let us observe a moment of silence." When she is ready to talk to you, she will explain how she doesn't think the bandits found the excavation by accident. Although the Guild has had to put up with theft before, killing Guild members cannot be tolerated.

"Rumour spreads that Rodon Dakkon, a wealthy collector, has acquired a rare new specimen. Could this be the same specimen Teav discovered? I should find Dakkon in Cheydinhal to ascertain if he bears any blame for Teav's death."

Norlene wants you to go to Cheydinhal to investigate. Should Dakkon have been involved, you should deal with him as is fitting.

Rodon Dakkon's HouseCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksGo to Cheydinhal. Dakkon's house is near the East Gate. The front door is locked, so you will need to break in to talk to him. Once in, you will be in a room with several display cases containing weapons that can only be opened with a key, as well as several weapons on the top of a cabinet. There are some stairs; if you climb them you will find Dakkon, as well as another locked display case full of gems.

Rodon DakkonCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksDakkon demands to know how you got in, and tells you to leave before you call the guards. You then threaten him, and he gives you 1,200 gold to spare him. When asked about the weapon, he says he is just a businessman, and the sword he bought is on the desk.

Ceremonial Warlock BladeCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you pick up the Ceremonial Warlock Blade, you are informed that it is definitely from the Spire. When threatened a bit more, Dakkon says he bought it from some bandits, and marks their lair near Bravil. He still claims he knows nothing about the murders, just that he doesn't ask too many questions when buying items.

You now have two options. If you say "Liar! You will pay with your blood!" Dakkon attacks, and should be easily defeated. If, on the other hand, you say "You're right, you're not responsible" Dakkon will thank you for making the right decision, and gives you Dakkon's Key which will open all the display cabinets downstairs. This key is not on Dakkon's body if you kill him, so decide whether you want to kill Dakkon, and take the items on him, or take the loot from the cabinets.

Bandit LairCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksTravel to the Bandit Lair near Bravil. The first room contains three Bandits and one Bandit Bowman, so caution is advised.

You need to make your way through the Bandit Lair to a large cave at the eastern side.

There are a lot of bandits in this room; at least one and maybe up to four at the dock at the bottom of the tunnel, one bowman in the north east corner, Dwyff and two hedge wizards on the centre island, and possibly two more bandits, with two bandits near the entrance to the undead area and another bandit to the south east - the latter three may wander onto the centre island. Only rush in if you're bored of living. Kill the bandit(s) at the entrance first.

There is a lot of water in this cave, and once you fall in, you won't be able to climb out of it other than at the platform at the entrance. Some sort of water walking spell is definitely advised, as well as a lot of sneaking. The single plank bridges between the centre island and the shore have a tendency to collapse when stood upon.

Now, what you can do is enter the water, swim around underneath the surface until you reach the tunnel in the south east corner, then make your way up into another crypt where there is a Lich and a Dread Zombie, then make your way to the centre island to confront Dwyff and his followers, although this can be suicidal.

There is another way of approaching the centre. From the dock, jump onto the boat. There are two floating crates in the water; you can jump from the boat to the first, then to the second, and finally to the north east corner where the bowman is. You can then make your way using the fixed bridges to the centre island. Again, this could have you facing seven enemies at the same time, although it does avoid the undead.

Alternatively, cast a water walking spell, sneak along the surface of the water along the western edge of the cave, then along the southern until you reach the northern of the two tunnels. This provides an alternative, above the water entrance into the crypt. With a bit of planning, a spell for detecting life and some summoned creatures, you can actually lure the Lich and the Dread Zombie out of the cave for the bandits to see, at which point both sets of enemies will fight.

There are enough bandits to easily crush the undead if they attack en masse, but any bandit who attacks by themselves will likely die. It's quite possible to get at least one bandit killed, the undead killed and, with a bit of luck, several of the remaining bandits knocked into the water, where they will be unable to get out and can be sniped with some Destruction spells or a bow and arrow.

When Dwyff is killed, your quest log will update.

"I have killed the bandit leader Dwyff. I should look around for any artifacts these bandits may have kept."

Once you are able to get to the centre island, enter the tent. In a chest you will find a Warlock Scroll, and your quest log will update again.

"I found an ancient scroll, like the one Teav reported finding, in Dwyff's tent. I should return with it to Norlene and tell her that Teav's murder was properly avenged."

You can now return to the Guild or, if not already done, finish exploring and looting the lair.

When you return to the Guild to see Norlene, she thanks you for avenging Teav, and, when the artifacts are mentioned, takes the Warlock Scroll to study, but says you can keep the Ceremonial Warlock Blade for now, as she is sure you will find it useful. She also promotes you to Disciple. This completes this quest. She will also now sell you a new poster, Rune Index II. Aster Coi will also sell a new poster, Egg Poster.

When asked about a reward, you are given Display Case F Key, which is up the right hand stairs on the balcony, to the right of Domitian Verus' room, and contains a Dwemer Catapult Schematic.

The glass cover to the pedastal between the entrance to the Sleeping Quarters and Aster Cei holding a Music Box has now been removed.

Your next quest will be to explore The Primeval Hollow.