The Lost Spires is a large user created plugin for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It adds a new quest series, and a new Faction, The Archeology Guild. When the plugin is added, a new location appears on the map, the Archeology Guild, and a new quest, Join Archeology Guild.

The quest series itself features lots of dedicated voice acting for the NPCs and creatures encountered, new locations and graphics and new music. Many monsters encountered have been retextured, as well as being levelled, so are more dangerous than might be thought. There are new dungeons, new and unique items and new cave textures. The quest series is said to have more than 15 hours of gameplay - it can be much more than that. There are twelve quests in the main series, one side quest and ten dungeons, some of which have multiple parts, and most of which are very large.

The Quests

Join Archeology Guild

A Proper Acquaintance

The Newfound Ruin

Tumyr's Dissolving Agent

Rythor's Task

A Mysterious Glyph

Another Spire?

A Vengeance Unfulfilled

The Primeval Hollow

The Elven Hero

Finding the Horn

The Sorcerer's Captive (Side Quest)

The Revelation

Join Archeology Guild

Archeology Guild Location(102249)Credit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksWhen this quest is added, the following appears in the journal.

"I've heard that the Archeology Guild is looking for experienced recruits. Perhaps I would fit the bill."

The Archeology GuildCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksThis quest is very straightforward. First, travel to the Guild's location on the south side of Lake Rumare, just to the south and east of the landmark Old Bridge.

Teav(102201)Credit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksEnter the Guild headquarters and, just to the left behind a counter as you enter, you will see an Argonian called Teav, the Guild's gemologist. Ask him about the Archeology Guild topic, and when he finishes speaking, a new topic, New Recruits appears. When this is chosen, Teav explains the Guild is very specialised, and asks if you have any appropriate skills, to which you reply "No" and "Not really."

Fortunately, it appears the Guild also needs some muscle. Choose the reply "Greenhorn! I'm a seasoned adventurer" and Teav will make you a temporary guild member and you will be given the following items, an Archeologist's Hood, which has the following constant effects, all on self - Fortify Health +25, Fortify Alchemy +2, Fortify Speechcraft +2 and Fortify Mysticism +2, and an Archeologist's Robe, which also has several constant effects on self - Fortify Speechcraft +5, Fortify Alchemy +5, Fortify Mysticism +5 and Fortify Health +75. Neither of these items function as armour.

You have now joined the Archeology Guild with the rank of Tyro. This completes Join Archeology Guild and a new quest, A Proper Acquaintance is added.

In the lobby of the Guild, you'll see lots of goodies on display. Don't get greedy yet; if you ask Teav about Rewards, he tells you that as you advance in the Guild you will be given display case keys and access to display stands. There are many unique and unusual items in the Guild, which will be discussed in the guide to the Archeology Guild. There is also a patch growing various Alchemy ingredients, including a Nirnroot.

There is also an extensive library, with many common books in it. The most significant is Cleansing the Fane, which adds a map marker for Malada, an Ayleid ruin east of Bravil involved in the quest Nothing You Can Possess.

A Proper Acquaintance

"I must formally introduce myself to the Archeology Guild's most prominent members, Aster Coi, Domitian Verus, Norlene and Sova. Afterwards, I'm to report back to Teav for my first assignment."

Teav asks you to introduce yourself to the four most important Guild members, and will explain what their role in the Guild is. Fortunately, they are all on the premises.

Aster Coi is to the right of the entrance, just past the stairs. Norlene is on the balcony accessed from the left hand stairs; Domitian Verus and Sova up the stairs on the right. Go through all the chat options and they will tell you about the Guild, the castle, their research, a mysterious spire and the shipwreck in the lobby, although Verus is drunk and initially thinks you are bringing him more booze.

Both Norlene and Sova will sell you posters if desired; Norlene a Skull Poster and Sova a Glyph Index.

After speaking to all four, return to Teav and tell him you have properly introduced yourself to finish this quest, another easy one.

The Newfound Ruin

"I am to travel to the Spire ruin and clear a path for Teav's excavation efforts."

Newfound Spire LocationCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksSelecting the First Assignment chat option after finishing A Proper Acquaintance will start this quest. Teav tells you about the Spire mentioned by the others, and a marker for it is added to your map. You are to go to the Spire and make sure that it is safe for excavation to continue - probably by killing anything that makes it dangerous.

Newfound SpireCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksTravel to the Spire, which has a ramp going up it and stone steps going down into the ground. There are two Guild members there; Assistant Cerru and Assistant Cirnus, who will give more information about some of the Guild members you've just spoken to.

Go down the steps into the ground, and you will come to a stone door to Newfound Spire Ruin. Enter here, and you will find yourself in a cave with some pretty crystals, some ruins and an empty Warlock Chest. In the south west corner is a hole in the floor. There is no immediate access back to the surface once the hole is entered, so make sure you are prepared. The Ruin is mostly inhabited by beasts and Ogres.

Metallic ShardCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksYou need to make your way through the Newfound Spire Ruin to the other half of the room with the empty Warlock Chest. In this room is a Metallic Shard and a floor pad which opens a passage back to the entrance room.

Once you take the Metallic Shard, your quest log will be updated with the following message:

"I've cleared the cave and discovered this curious shard. Certainly, it will interest Teav."

You will get this message even if you haven't fully explored the cave and killed everything in it. It's up to you whether you finish killing everything in this sizable dungeon, although there are some more chests scattered around.

When ready, head back to the entrance room through the newly opened passage, and leave the Newfound Spire Ruin. Head back to the Archeology Guild and give the shard to Teav. This will complete The Newfound Ruin.

Three new topics now come up for with Teav; Inner Matrix, Meteorite and Reward.

Excavation Site LocationCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksAs a reward for this task, you will be given the key to Display Case C, containing a Dwemer Cog, in the Guild on the first landing of the staircase to the right of the entry door, if you click the Reward topic when speaking to Teav.

Choosing Inner Matrix causes Teav to talk about something on the meteorite. No matter whether you say "Yes, I see it" or "Nah, I don't see it," Teav will say that it is barely visible and covered in grime, which brings up the topic of Grime in conversation. Selecting Grime will then cause Teav to talk about Tumyr's Dissolving Agent, adding the quest of the same name, and adding a new map marker, Excavation Site.