After completing The Newfound Ruin in The Lost Spires plugin for TES IV: Oblivion, your new quest is Tumyr's Dissolving Agent.

Tumyr's Dissolving Agent

"Teav wants me to bring him back a vial of Dissolving Agent from Tumyr's excavation site, He needs it to further study the mysterious meteorite."

The Excavation SiteCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksThe Excavation Site is on an island just off the west bank of the Upper Niben, east of Fort Alessia and south east of the bridge over the Niben. You need to travel there to get some of the Dissolving Agent.

Two more Assistants are present at the site, Quovi and Azim. Quovi will talk about Aster Coi and Sorva, Azim about Tumyr and Wymere Solan.

TumyrCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksTumyr is in a tent at the south of the island. Speak to Tumyr, and he will say that he ran out of the Dissolving Agent. He has plenty of slime to make the agent, but needs five Green Stain Cup Caps to make more. Tumyr tells the player that there is green stain cup  on the island, but if there isn't enough, there is more in the Archeologists Guild garden in the lobby of the guild. As well as the green stain cup on the island, there is also a Nirnroot.

When you have the required 5 Green Stain Cup Caps, return to Tumyr and give them to him. He will give you the Dissolving Agent, and say that if you want more, simply bring another 5 Green Stain Cup Caps for every vial wanted. The Dissolving Agent can be applied to a weapon, and give a 100 points Disintegrate Armour effect for 100 seconds. The Dissolving Agent can also be used on Alzor's Marvellous Maw and the Compacted Deposit in the Guild when both are available.

Return to the Guild with the Dissolving Agent and speak to Teav again and give him the Agent, which completes this quest.

Teav says that as a reward you can have the Wandering Eye on the counter nearby. He says that he will need time to use the Dissolving Agent on the meteorite, and in the mean time has good news. Rythor has returned, and wishes to speak to you in the library, starting a new quest, Rythor's Task.

The glass cover to the pedastal to the right of the entrance next to Display Case A holding a Dragon Scale Vase is now removed.

Rythor's Task

"Teav's told me that Rythor, the guild's headmaster, would like to speak to me. I can find him in the library."

Overgrown SpireCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksGo to the library and speak to Rythor. Rythor promotes you to Enforcer, as the Guild's official muscle, and gives you a new task. A new, Overgrown Spire has also been discovered. The growth prevents access to the Spire, so Rythor wants you to go to the nearby Bloodvein Mine and "convince" the Mine Foreman to dig a side tunnel to the Spire from the mine.

Bloodvein MineCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksRythor marks both Bloodvein Mine and the Overgrown Spire on the map, which are in the Niben Valley on the west side of the Niben. They are about half way between Leyawiin and Cheydinhal. The closest (safe) fast travel location is probably the Imperial Bridge Inn on the north bank of the Silverfish River.

Once entering the mine, you will see in the main room three miners, Corbin, Tollen and Liam and Clarus Ovin. In the south east corner, with a spike barracade in front of it, is a Wood Door to Gold Vein which needs a key. There also appears to be a door on the minimap in the south west corner, but you can't seem to access it.

Scattered around the mine are various food items, in contaniers as well as lose, and a handful of valuables. There are also some gold veins, but mining from them is theft, although there are quite a few Gold Nuggets you can take without stealing, especially in the miner's crates.

Clarus OvinCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksIf you speak to any of the three miners, they imply that there has been trouble and that you should speak to Foreman Ovin.

Ovin has been expecting someone from the Mining Office, as he sent for help, but you are patently not it. He has no interest in digging your side tunnel, as he has bigger problems. Whilst expanding the mine, the miners stumbled upon an Ancient Lair. Two miners, Stix and Darius are missing, as the lair was full of vampires and the vampires have abducted them. He will also give you the Ancient Lair Key, which also opens the Wood Door to Gold Vein.

If, whilst in conversation with Ovin, you ask about what's in the nearby cage, he will tell you that it's his pet fruiy bat, Squeaky. At this point, you can either offer to buy it for 1,000 gp, or say it looks evil and needs killing. Ovin will decline either course of action.

To get the miners to dig your tunnel, you are going to have to go and clear out a vampire lair. If you want to reduce the risks of being infected with Porphyric Hemophilia, you are going to need to avoid hand to hand combat if possible. Go for distance weapons and magic, and the use of conjured creatures.

Stix and DariusCredit: Liquid Graphics Interactive and Bethesda SoftworksIn the entry room of the lair, you come across the blood drained corpses of the missing miners, Stix and Darius, hanging from the ceiling by the eastern wall (their hearts are on a plate to the south).

Once the two corpses are discovered, your quest log updates.

"Looks like the miners met an unfortunate end. I must purge this Lair of every last one of the bloodsuckers."

On a table to the north of the hanging corpses is a variety of Alchemical ingerdients and equipment, including the Alchemy skill book, A Game At Dinner.

On the west wall of the entry chamber is an Old Wooden Door to Bloodvein Vampire Chamber which needs a key. The key is, of course, not handy.

Make your way through the Lair to the other entrance to the Bloodvein Vampire Chamber.

Be warned, the Bloodvein Vampire Chamber is essentially one large room, occupied by six vampires. Blindly charging in could open you up to attack by all of them simultaneously, which you are unlikely to survive. Caution is advised here; use summoned creatures to whittle down the defenders whilst you remain out of sight.

Once you approach this door, after having killed all the defenders, your quest log will update.

"The Lair is cleared of vampires. I should relate this to Clarus Ovin, the Mine's foreman. I should also tell him of his comrades' gruesome end."

The door provides a useful shortcut back to the locked door at the beginning of the Lair, using the Ancient Chamber Key.

Return back to the Bloodvein Mine and speak to Ovin again. You tell Ovin that you have cleared the Lair, and tell him of Darius' and Stix's fates, with more truth than tact. In return he agrees to dig the tunnel to the Overgrown Spire.

"As a favour for clearing out the vampires, Clarus Ovin has agreed to dig a tunnel to the Overgrown Spire. He'll contact me as soon as it's done. I should return to check up on Teav's progress with the experiment."

Nothing else you can do here until the tunnel is dug. Back to the Guild for now.

Once you return to the Archeology Guild and speak to Teav, he congratulates you on your efforts, and the quest is complete.

Your reward, if you ask for it, is the key to Display Case J, on the balcony up the right hand stairs, just to left of the door to Domitian Verus' quarters, and containing an Ancient Coin.

Norlene will now sell you a second poster, a Rune Index I.

The glass cover on the pedastal holding the Compacted Deposit with an arrow in it by the ship is now removed.

Speak to Teav about the next quest, A Mysterious Glyph.

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