After successfully recruiting an informer from the other faction in the Windfall plugin for Oblivion quest A Spy you now must recover a lost diamond.

A Diamond

This quest is mostly identical with the exception of the reward and who hands it out; Helena for the Knights and Marvel for The Righteous.

Rafeallius ManorCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"Apparently Varo's Knights/The Righteous are having cash flow problems. Helena/Marvel would like me to recover a gem called the Gorvette Diamond to help replenish the coffers. The diamond may be hidden in an old gem dealer's house west of the city on a small island. Sounds easy enough."

RafealliusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksYou may have come across books about the Gorvette Diamond already. You now need to got to the abandoned Rafeallius Manor on a small island west of the city and search for the diamond. When you enter the manor you discover it isn't actually deserted, but is inhabited by vampires, although they don't attack. You are approached by Rafeallius himself, who asks you to do him a favour in return for the diamond.

There are two choices here. You can attack Rafeallius to get the key you will need to get the diamond from his body, which will mean killing the other three vampires, or you can do the jobs he wants.

Narn's PlaceCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksRanneiceCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIf you choose not to fight him, first go and speak to Ranneice upstairs. She needs a fence to dispose of any goods they have acquired, and suggests that Ozkar in the town may know of one. Ozkar can usually be found in the town sitting outside someone's house or shop during the day and, when spoken to, will refer you to Narn's Place north of the town, which he marks on your map.

NarnCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksOnce there, speak to Narn, who may be in his locked room at the top, and he is perfectly willing to buy the goods from Ranneice. Return to the island and tell Ranneice. Now go and speak to Rafeallius again. He wants you to get three Gold Nuggets for him; how you do this is up to you. If you don't have any, there are two gold mines on the island (Varo Gold Mines and Windfall Gold Mines) you can try.

Once you have the nuggets, return and speak to Rafeallius again. In return, he gives you the key needed to get into his locked workshop in the basement, and tells you how to get into the hidden room where the Gorvette Diamond is stored.

Statue of KynarethCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThere are quite a few valuable items in the workshop (and the secret room) but if you take aything other than the Gorvette Diamond, Rafeallius and the other vampires consider this a breach of your agreement and will attack.

On the desk in the workshop is a statue of Kynareth. Activating this opens a secret door in the corridor where there is a chest containing the diamond.

Return to Helena or Marvel with the Gorvette Diamond, however you obtained it. Helena gives you 125 Gold; Marvel 100.

An Imposter

For both Varo's Knights and The Righteous you are going to be taking the place of a person that the other group believes they are dealing with, and thus wrecking a transaction.

Varo's Knights

"This may not be so easy.  I need to locate an amulet, presumably somewhere in Shanar's house. Then try and pass myself off as a rebel contact. Then I will need to return the amulet to Shanar's house. I hope my burgling talents are up to this.  Breaking into a house once undiscovered is bad enough but twice...!"

Abandoned HouseCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksHelena marks the Old Abandoned House on the island east of the city on your map. First you need to go to Shanar's house in the Slums. Shanar's is outside Righteous Hall, which is always guarded, so sneaking in may be a bit tricky. Once in, Shanar's Amulet is in a locked Jewellery Box in her bedroom. Take the amulet and wear it, then go to the Old Abandoned House.

Golent HylantCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksOnce there, you will be sent to see Golent in the basement. If you forget the amulet, you will have to kill them all.

"This job isn't off to a good start. I completely forgot to get the amulet. Needless to say, Golent figured out I wasn't the contact immediately. On the bright side, I don't have to worry about returning the amulet."

Golent is suspicious of you, even if you are wearing the amulet, and will ask you several questions.

"Who is the leader of the Righteous?" - The Saint.

"At least you are not clueless. You know that last time I was in Windfall there was a Righteous member in the club. All he would ever talk about was women. In fact, he was in Windfall because he had gotten himself in a spot of trouble. It turns out he was caught messing around with a general's daughter. Now what was his name?" - Fiorde Club-Fist.

"If nothing else, you have obviously heard some if his tales. Ole Fiorde is a chatterbox when gets to drinking, isn't he? What was the name of the Tavern he likes to hangout in?" - The Thirsty Peasant

Should you answer them all correctly, he will then be happy. Otherwise, you will have to kill him and the others.

"I blew my cover. Not the best solution but I don't think Helena really cared that much. I'd better return the amulet."

Take the amulet back to Shanar's and put in back in the box, then return to see Helena. She will pay you 150 Gold and, assuming you didn't wind up killing Golent, give you a Base Necklace of Mercantile.

The Righteous

"Well now this is interesting. The rebels have learned that a man named Menard is about to con the Knights out of their heirlooms. Now I need to kill Menard, so I can con the Knights out of their heirlooms. There is a perverse kind of justice in that. Sounds as if I'm going on a killing spree. Still I'd better try to convince Marcea that I am genuine first. I am not keen on killing innocents. Even those who are misguided"

Abandoned HutCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksMercea NolestusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksMarvel marks the Abandoned Hut on the coast south west of the city on your map. Go to the hut and kill Menard; take and wear his ring and read the Note. Once the Knights arrive, you can either kill all of them, or answer some questions posed by Mercea. After showing her the ring you took, the answers are Peltan and then Meradalor, and then you need to ask her for the password. The Knights will then give you the heirlooms.

"He he. They'll return to an empty welcome. Still, at least they're alive. Better get back to Marvel with the good news."

Return to Marvel who takes the heirlooms from you and gives you 120 Gold. If you had to kill Mercea, Marvel only gives you 60 Gold. If you failed to kill or dupe Mercea, you get nothing.

Your next quest is to stop attacks on road traffic in A Raid.

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