After retrieving the opposing factions log book in A Book, it became apparent that Brend's wife had returned to Windfall Island. Your next quest in the Windfall plugin for Oblivion is to seek her out.

A Revelation

This quest is mostly the same for both Varo's Knights and The Righteous.

"My urgent mission is to find Brend's long lost wife? What, in the name of the Nine, does that have to do with this rebellion? Oh well, such is my task, I may as well do it as best I can."

If you read the either log, you will have seen that it mentions Brend's wife. Brend or Stilus now wants you to find out where she is. Apparently, someone called April Flowers knows, and is willing to sell the information. Go to The Weary Traveller; if you speak to Frillia she tells you that April Flowers is in her room downstairs.

April FlowersCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksBefore she will tell you what she knows, April wants you to find a book for her.

"April's request doesn't sound all that easy. But one thing is clear, if there is a clue in the book it has to be a specific copy of the book and one that can't have been opened for years. Perhaps the best place to start is at one of the stores as April suggested. I think I can rule out most of the specialty stores. There are a few general stores, Reginald's Pawnshop, and Idellia's Pawnshop, come to mind.  I suppose it's possibly in Varnius Outfitter's, but I doubt it."

Mystery of the Gorvette DiamondCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIdellia will tell you that she only keeps a couple of books around for her to read and Varnius can't think of anything to help. Garion says he no longer remembers if he has that book, but if he has, he will sell you it. The copy of The Mystery of the Gorvette Diamond you want is in Garion's. It's standing upright on the floor, sandwiched between some shelves containg books and a table with cloth on on the south west wall. When you read the book, a key falls out. You can pocket the key or replace it. Pocket it; despite what he said, there doesn't seem to be any option to get Garion to sell you the book.

"I have a key. But a key to what? Perhaps April has some idea, this might be what she was looking for. I will talk to her."

Solace CavesCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksReturn to April with the key. She doesn't know what it is for, as she checked everything of her mother's that was locked. April does say that her mother liked swimming near the marshes (to the east of the city on the other side of the lagoon) although she stayed near the coast as she was afraid of entering into the marshes themselves, and suggests there may be somewhere near the coast. There is, in Solace Caves on the coast there is a Hidden Chest in a cave to the north east which the key you found in the Gorvette Diamond book opens. Inside is 1,000 Gold and the Flower's Family Ring.

Hidden ChestCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"This must be the ‘nest egg' that April is looking for."

Return to April. When she asks what you found, you can tell her you just found the ring, the ring and 500 Gold or the ring and 1,000 Gold. If you say you just found the ring, and confirm you found nothing else, April says that isn't wnough and that she will need paying 1,200 Gold for the information she has.

Once paid, April says that Acretia has changed her name to Jane Doe and is working at a house of ill repute known as the Lonely Escort, and she marks the location on the map.

The Lonely EscortCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"Looks like I'm going to the Lonely Escort. Acretia should be there somewhere."

Jane DoeCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo to the Lonely Escort and speak to Wrothgar. Ask about a Bed and he says he has one for 100 Gold that comes with a chamber maid. Go upstairs and enter the room; inside is Jane Doe. Speak to her and she will give you Acretia's Letter to take back to Brend or Stilus. If you read the letter, it seems unlikely that Brend or Stilus, depending on your quest line, is going to be terribly happy with its' contents.

"Acretia did not seal the letter and I have glanced at it. Somehow I do not think Brend/Stilus is going to be very happy about it."

Return to Brend or Stilus and, as expected, both react badly, ordering you out of their sight. Brend tells you to deal with Arcalius in the Town Ministeries from now on, and Stilus tells you to deal with Glorvin who is usually wandering the Slums. Go and see Arcalius or Glorvin to end the quest.

A Leader

Varo's Knights

Arcalius wants you to remove Brend from power, killing him if you have to. All but one of the Knights will support you, the exception being Brend's bodyguard. Arcalius doesn't know which way he will swing.

Go to the Throne Room where Brend will be. When you approach him, Brend will initiate conversation with you. If you say to Brend that you will do it the hard way, or that he has lost the support of the Knights, Brend will attack. If you ask him how does this solve anything he agrees to step down, for now. Keeping him alive is needed for the best result in the final quest.

Return to Arcalius and this completes the quest.

The Righteous

Glorvin wants you to remove the Saint from power, again killing him if you have to. Apparently all The Righteous, with the exception of Stilus' bodyguard, will support you.

Go to the basement of the house for sale in the Slums and allow Stilus to initiate conversation with you. Only if you ask Stilus how will this solve anything will Stilus step down for now. Other answers result in him attacking you. As with Brend, keeping Stilus alive gives the best result in the last quest.

Return to Glorvin to complete the quest.

It's now time to end the succession crisis once and for all in the quest A Count?