The Windfall plugin for Oblivion also has a number of miscellaneous quests.

A Round of Applause

This quest can be started after speaking to Corelius Benardius during the Deliveries and Collections quest.

Corelius has "acquired" something he shouldn't when visiting someone in The Thirsty Peasant.

"While Corelius certainly deserves his little problem, his wife shouldn't have to suffer. I had better talk to Tubbia about this."

Speak to Tubbia of Tubbia's Treatments in the Slums. Tubbia needs you to help stop the spread of the disease, so you need to go to The Thirsty Peasant and get whoever Corelius was with to come to see her.

"I can't imagine anyone whose livelihood depends on - granting favors - is going to admit to being less than 100% healthy. Perhaps if I talk to them, they will drop hints. Hmm - I hope that's all they think I want them to drop."

Go up to the Third Floor of The Thirsty Peasant. There, after speaking to either Velvet or Cameo, you find that Corelius has been seeing them both, so you need both to go and see Tubbia. Speak to them both, and by saying that Corelius is ill, they both agree to go see Tubbia.

"Okay, if Tubbia knows what she's doing I've stopped the disease spreading from here but that's not helping Corelius.  I'd best talk to Tubbia again."

Return to Tubbia, and she says that they came to see her, but know Corelius needs seeing to. Unfortunately, Tubbia has no more medicine, so you need to get two Cure Special Disease potions from Petarus' Potions in the Wealthy Quarter. This needs doing discretely, so you will have to steal them.

Cure Special DiseaseCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThe potions are on top of a Desk, which is to the right of the entrance door and to the left of the stairs. It's easier to steal them by breaking in when the shop is closed and Petarus is absent.

"These are the potions I need. I better get them to Corelius before he infects the rest of Windfall."

Return to Corelius and give him the potions. If your Mercantile skill is under 90, Corelius will give you some tips to improve it.

"I have delivered the potions to Corelius. Hopefully that will end the problem. Maybe he learned his lesson, but somehow I doubt it."

Helping Hands

TubbiaCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThis quest can be started by speaking to Tubbia of Tubbia's Treatments in the Slums.

"Tubbia, is low on potions to continue her charity work. It seems like a worthy cause, so I have agreed to help her. She needs 3 standard Potions of Resistance, or enough ingredients to make them. To make them she will need, 3 Garlic, 3 Bergamot Seeds, and 3 Foxglove Nectar."

Tubbia needs either three potions or the ingredients to make them herself. Which you get is up to you. Foxgloves can be found inside the city and Bergamot can be found growing around the island and Garlic can be bought from the various inns. Once you have the required items return to Tubbia's.

"I gave Tubbia the ingredients/potions she needed. In return she gave me some Potions of Disbelief. Not quite a fair trade, but I'm sure these will come in handy at some point."

Tubbia gives you two Potions of Disbelief.

Where Did I Leave That?

This quest can be started by speaking to Ameleyre in the Wealthy Section.

101 Things To Do With A Dead RebelCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksAmeleyre has lost a book she borrowed from Brend Varo. She thinks it could be in the Wealthy Section.

"Sounds as if I'm to search the whole of the wealthy district looking for this book, "101 things to do with a Dead Rebel." The reward had better be very good!"

The book is on a table on the east wall outside of Marcus' Metalworks in the Wealthy Section. Once you have the book, find Ameleyre again.

"A lousy Potion of Personality? And a weak one at that. I expected this part of town to pay much better than that. By the looks of this place, even the servants should have plenty of spending cash."

Ameleyre gives you a Weak Potion of Personality in exchange for the book.

The Deed

Idellia FironaCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThis can be started by talking to Idellia, who can be found in Idellia's Pawnshop in the Slums.

"I have agreed to talk to Corelius Benardius on Idellia's behalf. He lives in the Wealthy Section and is trying to take her home away. It seems that Idellia's father, Menlo, made arrangements to buy the property. Unfortunately, Idellia doesn't know what the arrangements were. She just wants me to see if I can talk Corelius into waiting until Idellia's father returns."

If you ask around you find that Corelius, assuming you haven't already met him in either Deliveries and Collections or A Round of Applause, has a house in the Wealthy Section and works in the Town Officials in the castle. Corelius spends the majority of his time in the castle, and does sleep there as well.

When you speak to Corelius, he says he is unwilling to wait for Idellia's father to return, and needs either 500 Gold or the Ancient Commander's Cutlass that Menlo was going to retrieve. You can just pay the 500 Gold and get the Deed, which you can take to Idellia, completing the quest.

"I paid off Idellia's house for her. That is certainly money lost, but it was the right thing to do."

Fort LucieCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksAlternatively, you can offer to retrieve the Ancient Commander's Cutlass yourself. Corelius will mark the location on your map, Fort Lucie, which is on a nearby island. This is a two zone Fort; the first zone contains Conjurers and Daedra, the second Undead. It's beginning to seem obvious why Menlo hasn't returned.

Shortly after entering Fort Lucie: Lower Chambers you come across Menlo's body.

"This stinks. Not only is Idellia losing her home, but she also lost her father. Worst yet, I may be the one who has to tell her."

Ancient Commander's CutlassCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksProceed through to the end and take the Ancient Commander's Cutlass. Now return to Corelius and give him the Ancient Commander's Cutlass. In return, he gives you the Deed.

The ChestCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksFinally, you can steal the Deed itself. It's held in a tiny locked chest on some shelves in the main room of Corelius' quarters in the Town Officials in Windfall Castle.

However you got the Deed, you can now take the Deed to Idellia, who gives you 50 Gold, saying she will give you more when her father returns. You can now either agree to this, knowing her father is dead, or let her know about his death. It doesn't make any difference which you do, even though she panics when hearing about his death (you may have noticed earlier that Idellia is not exactly the most confident and self-sufficient person around).