After tracking down the other factions smuggling operation in the quest A Sewer for the Oblivion plugin Windfall, you now need to recruit a spy in the enemy camp.

A Spy

Varo's Knights

Helena SelectusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksHelena works in the Town Officials in the castle, and can usually be found there. If not, she may be in the Dining Room or the Wealthy Section.

Speak to Helena, and she says they are looking for a spy in The Righteous. She advances you 200 Gold for expenses.

"Helena seems pleasant enough and much more professional than Volen. I still get the impression they are not as prepared as they ought to be, but maybe I have not been told everything yet. Now I need to find a rebel who is willing to become a mole for Varo's Knights. May not be too easy. No doubt it means another trip into the Slums. I am certainly not going to find any rebels around here."

Return to the Slums where you will find people are less friendly then they were before. Find Marvian in The Thirsty Peasant again, and bribe him with some more Beer and ask about Restless Rebels. He tells you that Largo Gelt, of Gelt's Pelts, is unhappy. Why do you need a spy when you have Marvian and Beer?

"Good old Marvian, if the man isn't careful he might singlehandedly ruin The Righteous. Thanks to him I have name, Largo Gelt, and just for the cost of a drink. This may be easier than I thought. Provided this lead actually goes somewhere."

Largo GeltCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksSpeak to Largo, and he says he is unhappy, as he needs money for his wife, Melina's, treatment. He agrees to join if you first find Melina somewhere to stay.

"Largo Gelt will become our informant, but first I have to find somewhere secure for his wife to stay. She certainly can't stay in the Slums, and moving her to the Wealthy Section would look suspicious. I'd better ask around the Commerce District for a room for rent."

Garion ReginaldCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIf you ask around in the Commerce District, you will find that Garion Reginald may have room. After speaking to him, he is reluctant to get involved. He eventually agrees, if you first do a favour for him. He commissioned a necklace for Ameleyre from Melvin Branch, but now cannot pay for it.

"I'm not sure just what Garion expects here. I'd better find out just what this necklace costs. Maybe I can cover the cost with Helena's expenses. Otherwise, I may need to get inventive. So, let's see where Melvin Branch has his shop."

Melven is perfectly willing to sell you the necklace - for 450 Gold, 250 Gold more than you were advanced. You can pay for it, or you could steal it from the table in the back room of the ground floor of his shop. If you ask Helena first whether the extra money will be refunded, she tells you that of course it will.

After obtaining the necklace, find and give it to Ameleyre. She thinks Garion should have come himself, but gives you a ring to take back to him. Return to Garion and give him the ring, and he agrees to put Melina up.

"My word, that seemed a lot harder than it needed to be. But I have made the needed deliveries, Garion will allow Melina to stay with him, and now I can add "matchmaker" to my resume. Thank the Nine that's over with. I better get back to Largo and inform him that I have found a place for Melina to stay."

Go back and speak to Largo again.

"I guess I'm going back down into the sewers to do a little exterminating. I need the meat and hides from three, soon to be dead, sewer rats."

He says that now he needs to convince his neighbours that his wife was scared off by the rats, so he tells you to go down into the sewers behind Idellia's Pawnshop in the Slums, and return with three Rat Meat and Hides. Not just any rat will do for this, as normal rats don't have hides. Go into the sewers and there are four Windfall Sewer Rats near the entrance. Kill three - they are quite a bit tougher than normal Rats - and return to Largo with the meat and hides.

Escort Melina from Largo's to Garion's, speak to Garion then speak to Largo once again, and then return to Helena.

Helena, when asked about Collecting It, won't refund the extra money you laid out if you bought the necklace, as you don't have a receipt. Not that she actually asked for one. She does pay you 100 Gold for the job and gives you a key to a room on the top floor of Brend's Barrels.

The Righteous

Marvel NolandCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksMarvel can usually be found in The Thirsty Peasant, either downstairs or in his room on the second floor.

"Marvel seems a very professional man if a little unfriendly. Odd they have not already planted a spy in the opposition camp but at least I'll get something out of it. All I have to do is locate one of Varo's Knights that wants to get out enough. I'd better ask around."

AmelyreCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksFind Ameleyre who can often be found wandering around the Wealthy Section. She will tell you of a possible spy. Either bribe or flatter her, if you can get her disposition to 70, and she will tell you that Ventura Ariel of Ventura's Blades in the Wealthy Section is unhappy with the state of things.

Ventura ArielCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksVentura when spoken to will only consider becoming a spy if the safety of her daughter, Celeste, is ensured first. She first wants you to encourage Braccius Julius, who works in the Town Ministries in the castle, to pursue Celeste to the point that he becomes a stalker. Julius, when spoken too, will likely require his disposition boosting to 70 before he will discuss Celeste with you.

Braccius JuliusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"I think I've sorted out the stalker. I feel sorry for Celeste. The way this guy was talking, she is about to get one huge pain in the rump. Of course, if she is actually interested in him, this whole thing is going to backfire. I'd better tell Ventura."

Return to Ventura and inform her. Now, you need to find a place to rent a room for Celeste.

"I don't think Braccius will be quite so grateful to me once Celeste spurns his advances.  Now to find a lodging for the girl. Moving her to some place in the Wealthy Section won't fix the problem. Moving her to the Slums might reveal the true reason for the move. I guess it will have to be somewhere in the Commerce District."

Frillia in The Weary Traveller suggests that Glavin Entold may be interested in renting some space out.

Glavin EntoldCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGlavin can often be found in the Windfall Warehouse, or elsewhere in the Commerce District. His disposition may need boosting, possibly substantially if you've dealt with him in A Missing Shipment, until he is willing to consider taking Celeste in. Before he does so, he states that he, too, is interested in pursuing an acting career, and wants you to find a sponsor for him and Celeste.

"How do I go about finding a patron for two unknown, would-be actors? Ozkar seems to know a lot. I'll ask him."

If you speak to Ozkar he suggests Corelius Benardius as a possible sponsor. Corelius can often be found in the Town Officials in the castle, or in other parts of the Wealthy Section. Corelius is willing to sponsor Celeste and Glavin, but first he wants you to get a ring from Beelet's Gems for him. He isn't willing to pay for it though.

Corelius' Look a LikeCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"Corelius will sponsor the actors, but in turn he wants me to acquire a ring for him. The description he gave me was a Gold and Diamond ring. It sounds a lot like a wedding ring to me. Of course he doesn't want to pay for the ring, which could be a minor problem. I should check out Beelet's Gems to see if he has the ring before I make any further plans."

Go to Beelet's Gems and speak to Meradalor about the ring. He is willing to sell it to you for 500 Gold.

"Meradalor claims to have a ring that matches the description of the ring I am looking for. Unfortunately, he wants 500 septims for the ring. That is far more than I am willing to pay. Perhaps I should consider arranging a discount later tonight."

Upstairs on one of the counters is Corelius' Look a Like. When you take this, your log updates.

"I have acquired the ring that Corelius wanted. It looks like the ring he described, a lot like it. But it seems off a bit. It will simply have to do."

Take the ring back to Corelius, whether you paid for it or stole it. He agrees to sponsor Celeste and Glavin now. Return to Glavin and tell him that you have found a sponsor. He gives you a key to his house for you to take to Celeste. Return and speak to Ventura; she asks you to lead Celeste to the house. Speak to Celeste and get her to follow you to Glavin's. Once inside the house, Celeste approaches you and takes the key. Return to Ventura again.

"So, eventually I have sorted out a spy for the Righteous. I have a feeling I'm not going to find myself in funds though. But it is time to let Marvel know I have completed his task."

Return to Marvel and inform him that you have found a spy. He gives you a key to a room in The Thirsty Peasant, rather than money.

"This is kind of what I expected. I am out the septims I spent on this job. Instead I am getting use of a room in the tavern. I guess I'll need to take what I can get for now. Marvel wants to discuss a funding problem next. Hopefully that will start putting some cash in my purse, instead of removing it."

Your next task will be to help improve your faction's cash flow by finding a legendary gemstone in the quest A Diamond.

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