After disposing of Legion Lieutenant Glavin in the Oblivion plugin Windfall quest A Murder, you must now root out a traitor in your own faction.

A Traitor

Varo's Knights

"I need to find out who the traitor is. No doubt Righteous Hall will be the best place to obtain that information. Somehow I don't think they will just hand that information to one of Varo's Knights. It seems I can try to find a disguise or trust to my skill with sneaking. Or I suppose I can try invisibility or chameleon. Only one chance though."

You are now to locate a traitor in the Knights.

Melina GeltCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksSpeak to Melina in Garion's. You could either sneak into the Hall, which would require stealth items, or get a pass from Largo. Largo will get you the pass if you het the missing Fur Shipment for him.

"I'll try the usual suspects for information about the bandits.  But I'd better check on Ophelia first.  If she won't make me the uniform, there's no point going after the furs. Then again, there is no point in buying some overalls if I can't find the furs. Decisions, decisions."

Ophelia will give you the Overalls if you tell her it's about a girl, will sell them to you for 50 Gold if you say you need the money, and will simply refuse if you say it's for the Knights, which will necessitate the stealth approach.

If you speak to Ozkar, he will tell you he's been looking for the Bandits, but can't find their lair. He says they're definitely south of the town but that there are no caves around there.

Unknown GrottoCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThe bandits do have a cave; it has no map marker and is underwater between the Docks and the Abandoned Hut. Enter the Unknown Grotto and look for the Fur Shipment, which is in a Crate on the upper level of the cavern. Return to Melina with the shipment, which she takes off you and gives you the pass.

"I have the pass and the overalls I need to get into Righteous Hall. This should work as long as I don't talk to anyone when I get there. I'd better go late at night. I must also remember to put on the overalls before I enter Righteous Hall."

Wear the Overalls, take the Cleaning Pass and go to Righteous Hall. When you enter, Swanfried will approach and ask you for your pass.

Letter(112301)Credit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksHowever you got into the Hall, now go upstairs. There's a Letter on a Table that you want which identifies Ventura as the traitor. Take the Letter, ensuring you are not observed as this is theft and being seen may blow your cover.

"I have the name that Ramonius was looking for, Ventura Ariel. I wonder what made her change sides? But that not all I found. The really valuable information was found completely by accident. The Saint is none other than Brend's brother Stilus. Can it be true? This information could be very useful but it is potentially very sensitive. I'll keep this little tidbit to myself for the moment. But I do need to report back about Ventura."

Return to Ramonius with the Letter. He takes it and tells you to go and kill Ventura Ariel.

"Another murder?  By the time the Knights have finished will there be anyone left in Windfall?  These Knights seem blade crazy.  Maybe there's another way. Kill her or not, I should make sure she is alone when I approach her. I don't want any witnesses, regardless of what I decide to do."

If you decide to kill Ventura, make sure you are not observed. She is usually alone in her shop in the Wealthy Section. Once she is dead, return to Ramonius, who will give you 250 Gold.

If you don't want to kill Ventura, speak to her first. You need to convince her to leave, but she is worried about how her daughter, Celeste will be treated by the Knights.

"This might take longer than I have time for. I could just kill her. What's one more murder among so many? Otherwise, I'd better go and see Glavin and Celine."

Go and find Celeste who is currently staying with Glavin in the Commerce District. She says she won't leave, as doing so will damage her acting career. By the sounds of it, she's being conned by Corelius and her "acting" won't be what she expects. However, this needs to be confirmed with Glavin. He confirms the story, and it appears he is going to be "acting" also (again, likely not in the way he thinks) as Corleius has told him that Crassius Curio (who appeared in Morrowind and may be remembered for his tastes) is coming to see him.

"I think I can tell Ventura that Celeste is safe from being tortured and killed but I'll keep quiet about her exits and entrances."

Return to Ventura, who agrees to leave town and gives you a Ring of Persuasion. Now go and speak to Ramonius, who gives you 250 Gold.

"I have reported back to Ramonius, Ventura is dead, at least as far as Ramonius is concerned. Hopefully she will enjoy her new life. She may have been a traitor. And while I don't condone it, I certainly understand the frustration with the Knights. Ramonius has a new errand for me."

The Righteous

Gruff Grub-Lok wants you to find a traitor in The Righteous. He tells you to stop by Tubbia's on the way out; she gives you a Potion of Invisibility and a Potion of Chameleon.

Celeste ArielCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo and speak to Celeste in Garvin's house. She says she can get you some Guard Papers and a Windfall Guard Cuirass (Disguise) but needs you to find a shipment of Antique Silver for her from some bandits. These are the same bandits and the same cave as from the Knights quest. You can speak to Frillia and Ozkar to find this out. The Antique Silver is in another Crate in the same location as the Fur Shipment from the Knight's quest. Return to Celeste with the silver, and she gives you Guard Papers and a Windfall Guard Cuirass (Disguise).

"The uniform is a bit incomplete, but it should be enough to meet my needs. I do have a pass should anybody ask any questions. Hopefully I can avoid talking to anyone. The Castle is a big place, and I just need to search the Ministry area. The real question is when? At night while everyone is asleep? Or perhaps during the evening when everyone is out eating and drinking?"

Letter(112303)Credit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksWear the cuirass and go to the Town Ministries in the castle. There is a Letter on the Desk in Spendit Allonius's office, the south western one. Take the Letter - this is theft, so make sure no-one sees you.

"So I can report to Gruff that the traitor is Largo Gelt. I wonder what made him do it?"

Take the Letter to Gruff, who orders you to kill Largo Gelt.

"Is murder the only solution the Righteous can come up with?  Wouldn't it have been more sensible to deliberately feed him misleading information?  I'm sure that would have worked more to their benefit.  Still, maybe there is another way."

If you decide to kill Largo, make sure you are not observed. He is often alone in his shop in the Slums. Once Largo is dead, return to Gruff who will give you 200 Gold.

If you aren't feeling that bloodthirsty, speak to Largo first. He needs to be convinced to leave, but is worried about his wife.

"I wonder if I have the energy to do all this.  It would be simplest to kill him.  Otherwise I'll have to go and find Melina and this Garion."

Go speak to Melina who is staying in Garion Reginald's shop. She is perfectly happy with Garion - probably a bit happier than Largo would like - but it seems like she will be safe. Speak to Garion to confirm this.

"I'll tell Largo that Melina is safe.  I'd better be careful to make sure he knows I'm only talking about safe from the Righteous."

Return to Largo, who will now leave town and gives you a Ring of Persuasion, then return to Gruff, who pays you 200 Gold.

After finding the traitor, you will now be faced with A Decision.