In the Windfall plugin for Oblivion Main Quest series, after framing a member of the opposing faction in A Frame, you now have to try and recruit a group of necromancers, the Order of the Candle, as an ally.

An Ally

This quest is mostly identical for both Varo's Knights and The Righteous. Speak to Ophia for the Knights and Elvetta for The Righteous.

Order of the CandleCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"I am going to visit the Order of the Candle. I have no idea who they are, and Ophia/Elvetta didn't explain much. They sound like some kind of cult, if you ask me. My goal is simple; persuade them to help us, or at least not help the Righteous/Knights. Maybe this time I will get away without doing anything criminal!"

You are to go to the Order of the Candle and see if you can recruit them as an ally. Ophia or Elvetta mark the Order's location on your map.

Knawl VilanteCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksOnce you get to the order, you will see a number of Skeletons guarding the place. Don't attack them; the Order is friendly, even though they are necromancers.

Go into the Manor and look for Knawl. He tells you that they are neutral but that The Righteous were supposed to be doing them a favour, which they haven't yet done. If you do this instead, they will remain neutral.

Apparently, the Order gets a supply of corpses from Narn but recently these have been faulty. He wants you to go to Narn and investigate.

"It looks like I am going to pay a visit to Narn. It seems he has been providing the Order of the Candle with corpses. Not only has something gone wrong recently, but judging by the looks of the place, they're ugly as well. Knawl has asked to see if I can find out what has gone wrong recently. Nothing I can about the ugly part, which is really too bad."

Go to Narn's Place and find Narn. He will need his disposition boosting to talk to you about the supply of corpses. He tells you a Redguard with some impressive documentation came to check out the corpses. For 500 Gold he will tell you where the Redguard is, which is in the Basement, so you can skip the payment.

Carven CleaverCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you find the Redguard, Carven Cleaver, if you say you have come to stop him from tampering with the corpses, he immediately attacks. If you say you haven't, he says you know too much and still attacks.

"More violence!  Is there no end to it?  I'd better report to Knawl.  It's a pity I can't tell him who this guy was working for."

Return to Knawl and tell him the problem has been solved. You can now start the Order of the Candle quest series by speaking to Knawl about working for the coven.

Return to Ophia or Elvetta; Ophia pays you 250 Gold and promotes you to Lieutenant and tells you that you will now be reporting to Ramonius Rucus, Elvetta pays you 200 Gold, promotes you to Rebel and says you will now be reporting to Gruff Grub-Lok.

A Murder

Gruff Grub-lokCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksRamonius RucusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksBoth Varo's Knights and The Righteous want you to kill Legion Lieutenant Glavin Hardius.

For the Knights, Ramonius Rucus works in the Town Officials in the castle and can usually be found there or in the Dining Hall; for The Righteous Gruff Grub-Lok can usually be found in Righteous Hall, where he also lives.

If you refuse to kill Glavin, the quest ends here and Ramonius or Gruff tells you that next time you will be executed.

Glavin HardiusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIf you agree, you can either kill Glavin or get him to leave town. Glavin is usually in the Jail where he works. If you kill him, you can search his body and find a Letter.

If you talk to him instead, you can convince him to leave town, which he does, giving you the same Letter. The Letter is apparently from The Righteous. Either it seems you've been duped into killing Glavin for The Righteous or killed an honest man for The Righteous.

Return to Ramonius or Gruff. Ramonius takes the Letter saying it's a fake and you should forget about it and gives you 250 Gold. Gruff gives you 200 Gold.

After disposing of Glavin, whether through killing him or convincing him to leave town, you must now try and discover a leak in your faction in A Traitor.