Once a cure for Arkyon has been found in the Oblivion plugin Windfall quest Tastes Like Chicken, the next step is to see what threat Alexander poses.

An Old Fire Rekindled

"The Order of the Candle seems to be facing a serious threat. This Alexander seems bent on their destruction for some reason. Granted they are necromancers, but they have been kind and pleasant since I have met them. They certainly haven't harmed anyone since I have been here. They even stayed out Windfall's problems. It is Alexander that seems to be killing innocent people for no reason. It may be a lost cause, but I have agreed to help. I'll need to talk to the Hermit, then find a cuirass."

You can get some more information on this feud by reading the letters from Todward on the Desk in Shanur's Room in the Manor.

The easiest place to get a cuirass is from the dead Guard found at Narn's Place. Hopefully you acquired it back then; if not return and get it.

Crackstone CavesCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo and visit Rolen again. He tells you about an entrance from some caves (Crackstone Caves) north east of the keep, although he doesn't know their exact location. He will also suggest some places to get a cuirass if you don't already have one.

"Alexander seems to have command of the area because of the strength of his forces. He certainly doesn't have many friends in the area. The hermit was very helpful this time. He directed me to a hidden entrance into the keep. It sounds like the hardest part will be locating the cave. It should be somewhere just north of the keep. Since I already have one of their cuirasses and I can go back to Todward and get ready for this."

Return to Todward who takes and enchants your cuirass, then gives it back to you along with a Potion of Invisibility and a Potion of Chameleon.

Alexander GuardCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo to Crackstone Caves and make your way to the entrance to the keep. There is a guard posted outside the entrance, so make sure you're wearing your cuirass. If spoken to, he will give out a fair amount of information. To get into the keep itself a Movable Pillar needs activating to open a secret door. Make your way to the Servants area; the jail cells are there. On a Desk in the jail is a Letter with information about Ashemanu which is helpful in the next conversation.

Jail GuardCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThe jail cells are all empty, so speak to the guard present. Tell him that you've come to transfer a prisoner, the dark elf witch and that your Captain sent you. He tells you that she has already been transferred.

"These people obviously took her, but she isn't being held here. It seems no one here knows where she is being held. Todward will need to find her location before anything else can be done. I should get back to the coven. Sooner or later these people will figure out I am not one of them. I don't mind a tough fight, but 20 to 1 is a little more like suicide."

Return to Todward, who gives you a Telekinesis scroll. Now go and speak to Shanur.

I Love You But Can I Trust You?

"Todward wants me to find a way to convince Shanur to resurrect Razz. I am trying to accomplish that, but this beginning to get monotonous. Back and forth, back and forth. These two may not belong together, but they certainly deserve each other. I hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel."

Razz's GhostCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksSpeak to Shanur about resurrecting her husband, Razz. She's unwilling to trust him as he betrayed her before, so go and speak to Razz's Ghost, who can usually be found with the Order's horses. Razz will do a dangerous ritual to bind them both together. Return to Shanur and tell her this. The ritual requires a special dagger, which hasn't been made in centuries. She is willing to agree to the ritual if Razz can obtain a dagger. Now go back to Razz. Razz tells you that he believes some Orcs moved here, and may have brought a dagger with them. He found some caves (Hillside Caves, which he marks on your map) but he was unable to enter them being a ghost.

Hillside CavesCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"Finally something to do besides carry messages back and forth between these Orcs. There is a cave in the hillsides I need to search for the pieces of a ceremonial dagger. Razz's spirit was somehow able to mark the approximate location on my map so I could find the cave. I would love how he did that. Of course, I am not interested enough to become a spirit and find out for myself. I guess I am off to search a cave."

Ceremonial Dagger PieceCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo to the caves. They are inhabited by Goblins and various nature creatures. You need two Ceremonial Dagger Pieces. One is located in a long cave to the east; the other, along with the Orc's Journal, is in a small cave to the north, itself off a larger cave. Once you find the first piece your log updates.

"This must be one of the pieces of the dagger. It certainly matches the description that Razz gave me. Hopefully the other one is around here somewhere."

Ceremonial Dagger Piece(112423)Credit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you find the second piece, it's time to return.

"This must be the other piece of the dagger. I should get both of these pieces back to Shanur."

Go and speak to Shanur. She takes the dagger pieces and asks you to go and get Razz and ask him to meet her in the basement.

"It looks like they will have their ceremony. Hopefully Razz is correct and his love is pure. If not they are both going to die. I can go let Todward know that I have completed the task. Or I can go watch the ceremony, and then tell Todward."

You can either go and speak to Todward straight away, or wait until after the ritual. When she speak to Todward, he gives you an Open Hard Lock scroll and a Spell Absorption scroll. After the ceremony is completed and you have spoken to Todward, go and speak to Razz again about defending the order in Your Cheating Heart.