After recovering the book on the Lucky Charm in the Windfall Oblivion plugin quest Paranoia May Destroy You, Arkyon wants you to get some rare seeds for him.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Tomb of the Unknown WarriorsCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"Arkyon has asked me to do some unexplained things, but this one tops the list. Not that I mind. As long as he is paying, I really don't care. He wants a plant. It actually might have made more sense to me if he had stopped at that. But he wants to breed some new species for a garden in the compound. Has he looked around the compound lately? Like I said pleasant, but very creepy. Even the plants are creepy."

Golic PlantCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksArkyon wants you to get three Ancient Golic Seeds from the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, which he marks on your map. These are outside the Tomb, so it doesn't need entering. He gives you two Potions of Sorcery. Make your way to the Tomb. There are two levelled melee Skeletons and one levelled archer Skeleton outside guarding it. Although there is no need to enter the Tomb for this quest, Ramonicus' Shield from the quest Dungeons and Dragons is inside the Tomb. Collect the seeds and return to Arkyon, who pays you another 250 Gold. Arkyon then suggests you speak to Knawl, and then to Shanur, who has an errand.

When you speak to Knawl he gives you a key to a room in the Order of the Candle Manor, so that you can stay for the wedding. When you ask about the wedding, Knawl tells you that Arkyon is getting married shortly, and it appears that all the errands you have been doing for the order were not for odd necromantic rituals, but were instead wedding preparations.

Trouble in Paradise

ShanurCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"It doesn't sound too exciting, but I don't have anything to do at the moment. Besides how long could this take. I make a quick trip over to Narn's Place, tell him to round up a few bodies, and a quick trip back. What could go wrong?"

Shanur wants you to run a quick errand to Narn's Place and order four new bodies which are needed for the wedding. When you enter Narn's, you come across a Dead Graverobber Thug on the ground floor, and the message "This doesn't look good" appears. There's more blood on the floor upstairs, and the signs of a struggle. In the basement are yet more bodies and blood, as well as a dead Guard dressed entirely in black armour (the Guard's Cuirass will be useful later, so take it) and you get the message "What happened here?"

Narn's BodyCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo upstairs to Narn's Flat. When you go in far enough, you find Narn's dead body, and your log updates.

"I had to wonder what could go wrong, didn't I? Narn is dead, along with everyone else, the place is a shambles. What happened here? I didn't see Goren's body anywhere. He must still be alive, or he did this. If he survived this, he may figure he is next. If he did this, I am sure he wants to be somewhere else. Either way, he will likely be in Windfall waiting for a ship. Let me see if I can find him, and find out what happened here. Of course, if he was working at a grave site, he might not be aware of what happened."

Goren LocanCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGoren Locan is staying in The Weary Traveller in Windfall. He can usually be found there, although he may be checking out the Docks.

When you ask him about Goren Locan he panics assuming that you have come to kill him also. He doesn't want to get the needed bodies, and asks you not to tell Shanur he is alive. You have three options; you can agree not to tell Shanur, you can ask what's in it for you, or you can simply say no. You can get Goren to pay you to say you never saw him.

Return to Shanur and tell her what happened. She gives you 150 Gold, although she only pays 50 if you let Goren go.

Now go and find Arkyon.

And Another One Bites the Dust

Tomanius Farm HouseCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"I have agreed to track down a key for Arkyon. A farmer named Tomanius should know where the key is, but Arkyon gave me no indication of where that may be. I am sure he doesn't know or he would have told me. He did give a couple of scrolls, just in case. This may turn out to be more interesting than it sounds. First stop; Tomanius' farm."

Arkyon marks Tomanius' Farm House, which is just to the east of the coven anyway, on your map and gives you a Spell Absorption scroll and a Superior Spell Reflection scroll.

FaleniaCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you enter the farmhouse, you find Tomanius dead downstairs and a Black Steel Helmet. Upstairs is Falenia's body and her ghost. Speak to the ghost and she explains what happened. The men in black armour were looking for a key, which they didn't have. Falenia says the sorcerer Blackheart has it. He lives at Fort Dyme, which she marks on your map.

"This isn't good. I found what I came for, but what price did these poor people pay simply because of whom their ancestor was. And what of these people in the black armor. I must be careful if I run across them. They seem to be killing people for some unknown reasons. Open confrontation with them may not be my best move at this point. At least not until I know more about what is going on. I will need to let the Coven know about this when I get back. In the meantime, it is off to Fort Dyme."

Fort DymeCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksGo to Fort Dyme. There is are two levelled Marauders outside. Fort Dyme has three areas; Fort Dyme, Fort Dyme Lower and Blackheart's Lair.

The first section is a Marauder lair. Make your way through it to Fort Dyme Lower. This dungeon has various nature creatures inhabiting it. The entrance to Blackheart's Lair is blocked by a Gate, in front of which are six levers, labelled one to six. To open the Gate you need to pull the correct levers; making a mistake summons either an undead or a Dremora.

Mysterious NoteCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThe clues to the required combination are written on Mysterious Notes scattered throughout the dungeon. Five of the notes are on top of chests; the sixth is on the floor next to a door. On the notes are the following clues.

"Three is first"
"Two is a mistake"
"Four is third"
"Five is second"
"One is last"
"Six is unused"

Number LeversCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThe levers which need pulling, in the following order, are three, five, four, one.

Go into Blackheart's Lair. There are some more nature monsters as well as Blacheart's Apprentice, Blackheart's Vampire Assassin and Blackheart himself. Oddly, they may not be aggressive towards you, but will instead attack the monsters.

In Blackheart's room are an Altar of Spellmaking, which has the conjuration skill book A Warrior's Charge on it, and an Altar of Enchanting, which has the alteration skill book The Dragon Break Re-Examined on it.

HandleCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksOn the wall to the left of Blackheart's chair is a handle. Activating it opens a secret door behind his chair. There are various alchemical ingredients, alchemical apparatus, books and scrolls in the area behind. On the desk is a key called Magical Sigil. Take it and your log updates.

Magical SigilCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"This must be the key Arkyon, and apparently others, are looking for. I should get back to the coven with this. Given recent events walking around with this may not be safe. I'll need to remember to tell Arkyon about Tomanius and his wife."

Now return to Arkyon, who takes the key and gives you 250 Gold and two Potions of Feather. Now go and find Todward who wants you to obtain a piece of the Lucky Charm in Parts is Parts.

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