Deliveries and Collections is a miscellaneous quest from the Windfall plugin for Oblivion.

Deliveries and Collections

Federia ExperiaCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"What kind of name is Federa Experia? And Fed Ex for short, that's hardly any better. To be honest, he makes the work sound like I'll be nothing more than a carrier pigeon. But it is easy cash, and maybe it will lead to bigger and better things. "

This is given out by Federia Experia, who can be found in the Warehouse in the Commerce District.

"First up, a simple letter delivery to Marcus in the Wealthy Section."

Your first job is simply to deliver a Letter for Federia to Marcus Novaus, who runs Marcus' Metalworks in the Wealthy Section. Once you find Marcus, speak to him and he takes the letter from you. He then says he has a good paying job which you may be interested in. Ask about this to start the quest Dungeons and Dragons. Now return to Experia, who pays you 10 Gold.

Your next job is to either recover a dress that hasn't been paid for, or the payment, from Merellia Viro.

Merellia ViroCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"My second job from Fed Ex is slightly different. This one is a collection instead of a delivery. Merellia Viro, the Castle Chamber Maid, never paid for a dress. I need to collect the 50 septims, or get the dress back."

Merellia's Unpaid DressCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksMerellia works in the castle. If you speak to her about the dress, she says she can't afford it, but Brend insisted she wear it. If pressed, she asks you to go away before she calls the guards. Stealing the dress seems to be the only option. Her dress can be found on the Cupboard in her room Varo Manor, and is easy enough to steal. Return to Experia with the dress, and he will pay you another 10 Gold.

The next job is to either recover a Silver Ruby Ring sold to Corelius Benardius, or the payment of 100 Gold.

"Job three from Fed Ex. Collect a Silver Ruby Ring, or 100 septims from Corelius. Corelius most likely gave the ring to his wife. It seems I have several options. If she isn't wearing the ring, it could be in the house, and I could steal it. I could go right to Felitia, his wife and let her know it didn't come from Beelet's. Or I could threaten to go to his wife with the information and simply pressure Corelius into giving me the money."

There are a number of ways to complete this quest, Should you try breaking into the Benardius' House in the Wealthy Section, there is Felitia's Silver Ruby Ring on a set of Drawers in the bedroom. If you take this back to Experia, though, he tells you it's the wrong ring.

If you speak to Felitia Benardius, she says that although she has a Silver Ruby Ring, it was a gift from her father. You will then get two options; you can either say you made a mistake, in which case your log updates and suggests you speak to Corelius himself, or say that Corleius recently purchased a ring from Melvin’s. Felitia responds that whoever Corelius bought the ring for, it wasn't for her. She pays you the 100 Gold owed.

"So much for discreet. But hey, I have the money, and Corelius has a lot of explaining to do. I need to return to Fed Ex with the money."

Corelius BenardiusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIf you ask Coreleius about the ring, he asks what you will do if he doesn't pay or give it back. If you say you will tell his wife, he panics and pays you the 100 Gold.

"I have the cash, time to return to Fed Ex."

If, however, you say you will make other arrangements, he tells you he gave the ring to someone and asks you to go and get it from them.

Go to the Slums and go to the third floor of The Thirsty Peasant. There you will find a young lady named Velvet who offers "companionship" for a price. Ask her about the ring and she gives it to you.

In both of these cases, Corelius says he will have a job for someone with discretion. Asking about this job starts the quest A Round of Applause. Threatening to tell Corelius' wife is the easiest way to complete this task.

Return to Experia with either the ring or the payment, and he will pay you 20 Gold.

Your next task is to recover an engraved Silver Longsword which was sold by Ventura to a Legion Soldier, who now refuses to pay. Experia doesn't know which soldier though.

"Fed ex paid me for the ring job. Now I need to find a sword that is in the possession of a Legion Soldier. I don't know which Legion Soldier, but I do know it is not a sword the soldier will be carrying on duty. That may more help than it seems."

With Ventura's Sword not being official Legion issue, the soldier is keeping it in a locked chest. This soldier sleeps in the Jail, not the Legion Headquarters. In the Jail Cells under the Jail is a room where the soldiers sleep. The Chest is on the north east wall of this room, the one closest to the door.

You need to get into the Jail Cells. If seen, this is breaking in, so you need to sneak past any guards. The Jail Cells can either be entered from the Jail itself, or from the Sewers.

Once you get the sword, the log updates.

"I do believe this is the sword I am looking for. I should return to Fed Ex and get my money."

Return to Experia with the sword and he will pay you 50 Gold. He has a new task for you.

"I have been paid for the sword. Now I need to find a painting. It seems to have arrived at the docks, but never made it to its owner. Perhaps I should start at the docks and see what the crew knows? Or maybe Glavin? He does run the warehouse."

Speak to Glavin, and he says he doesn't have the missing painting. He says that the two men who work for him have worked for him for years and he trusts them both.

Go to The Rusty Scupper and speak to the Captain. He tells you that four men unloaded the boat, not two.

"I don't know what happened to the painting, but I see the problem. Glavin sent two workers. But the ship's crew saw four workers. Where did the two extra workers come from? More importantly where did they go? Perhaps someone else in town saw or didn't see these two extra workers."

Most people questioned about the two extra men in the Commerce District weren't paying attention. If you speak to most of the Legion Soldiers, they say their duty is a patrol, so they wouldn't have seen anything. You need to speak to a soldier who wasn't patrolling, the one who stands outside the Jail during the day.

"The soldier on duty outside the jail recalls seeing four workers. So the Ship's crew was right, but does that mean that Glavin was lying? The soldier did think that two workers quit early."

Smashed CrateCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksApparently, two of the men left early. This suggests that they passed the soldier going one way, but never came back. Go out through the north west gates of the city, and close beside them is a smashed crate and a note. Read the note.

"Ah Ha. I'll bet this what detectives call a clue. If only I had my pipe with me."

You need to go to the Sewers under the Wealthy Section. These can be reached from the other Sewers, or you can enter through the grate behind Ophia's House.

If you go this way, there is a closed door on the south east wall opposite where you enter. This is opened by a Wheel on the south west wall. Open the door and go through it, then follow the passage in the south west wall of the next room. This will bring you out into a room with a Bandit. Continue through the passage in the north west wall to the next room, then take the passage in the north east wall.

This brings you out into another room. There is a passage in the north west wall that, when taken, brings you out into a room with another Bandit and the Bandit Ringleader. There are two more Bandits near by. Dispose of them, and then take the painting from on top of a chest in the south east corner.

"This must be the painting. Time to return to Fed Ex and get my payment."

Return to Experia with the painting. He pays you 100 Gold for the Painting, and says that is all the work he has for you. This completes the quest.

"Fed Ex has no more work for me."