Now that you have recovered Alexander's Lost Sword from Deathgrip Keep, as well as the last piece of the Lucky Charm, the Pentagram of Endurance in Lost and Found, the final quest in the Order of the Candle series from the Oblivion plugin Windfall requires you to finally deal with Alexander and his grudge against the Order once and for all.

Pride and Prejudice

Alexander's KeepCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"The time has come to deal with Alexander. Since I was able to recover the sword, there is a chance I can resolve this peacefully. But it comes with a big risk. In order to talk to Alexander, I need to enter the keep, surrounded by guards no doubt. Once in, if talking fails, I'll have a tough fight my no friends. Maybe I can find a captain that will listen, but that will have the same risk. I can try and fight my way in. If so, peace is out of the question, but I can retreat if things get tough."

Finally, it's time to deal with Alexander himself. Todward gives you Alexander's Lost Sword back and asks you to deal with Alexander, preferably without killing him.

Keep ArcherCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksHow much bloodshed ensues is completely up to you, although starting a fight that results in the entire armed forces of the keep attacking you may not be survivable. When you reach the keep, the guard approaches you and initiates conversation. If you say you want to end the fight with Todward, this results in the guard attacking, pretty much defeating the option of this not ending in a bloodbath. You can also ask to see the Captain; when the guard queries you saying that you don't deal with flunkies will also start a fight, whilst saying it's above his paygrade will result in him taking you to see the Captain. Asking to see Alexander will cause him to take you there directly.

Keep CaptainCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksRamrodCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIf you speak to the Keep Captain, and go through the conversation without saying it's a waste of time, he agrees to speak to Alexander if you deal with the Battlemage, Ramrod. Otherwise, he attacks and, as he is standing inside Alexander's Keep, this is probably not a good outcome. Go and see the Battlemage who has a room in Alexander's Quarters in the keep. There is no other option than to kill him and then return to the Captain who says he has agreed to get Alexander to step down.

AlexanderCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIf when you spoke to the guard you asked to be taken to see Alexander you will taken to his quarters in the Keep. When you reach him Alexander approaches you. There is only one option point in the conversation; if you choose "So you sent Galath" as a response, Alexander will back down peacefully, otherwise he  attacks.

Once you have stopped Alexander from being a problem in whatever manner return to Todward. This completes the quest and the entire Order of the Candle quest series. You can still stay in the room you were given in the Order's Manor if desired.