Windfall is a major plugin for The Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, adding a new island and town, two major quest series and a number of individual quests, along with new locations and NPCs as well as several new books detailing the island and its history and others providing background and depth. Most of the locations on the island are quest related. Visiting them ahead of time could result in someone important accidentally getting killed. There are also several minor locations that are not marked on the main map of the island.

After the initial quests, the remaining quests have no quest markers giving you clues as to where you need to go. Often, stealth and persuasion skills, items and spells will be of more use than combat skills, and failing to persuade certain NPCs to quit peacefully can get you mobbed.

The quests can be played at any level, but higher level players with higher non-combat skills will have an advantage, although the quest rewards are fixed, so only loot will be levelled.

The quests can be divided into four sets.

The Coat of Arms of the Varo FamilyCredit: ed_conn/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdStarting Quests

This is the small series of three quests that gets you to Windfall.

The Main Quest

This relates to the recent troubles on Windfall regarding a new Count, and you choose and support one of the two factions involved in this during the series of twenty three quests.

The Order of the Candle

This is a series of sixteen quests that can be started after the Main Quest An Ally. In this you do a series of quests for an order of necromancers living on the island.

Miscellaneous Quests

These are nine stand alone quests started from Windfall City. These can help introduce you to various NPCs who live in Windfall.

Starting Quests

The Missing Man

Jude ThadiusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksYou will be approached in the Market District of the Imperial City by Jude Thadius, who is looking for his father, who disappeared years ago. He is unfamiliar with cities, and wants to pay you to help him. He will pay you 20 Gold, and Jude says he will wait where is until you return.

"This may not be a job I would normally take, but I feel sorry for Jude. Besides 20 septims for just for asking a few questions isn't bad. All I really need to do is find a few places that trade in food and ingredients. Someone must remember him."

The places you need to visit are all in the Market District. First, go to The Main Ingredient and speak to Ogier Georick about Jeb. After speaking to him, you will then be referred to Smash 'n Slash, where you need to speak to Urgul gro-Orkulg. He will then refer you on to the First Edition.

Phintias at the First Edition says he lent Jeb a map in exchange for some personal items and a promise to repay him later. In return for 5 Gold, Phintias will give you Jeb's Ring and Jeb's Letter. You can read the letter; it discusses a goblin cave Jeb found under the bridge to the Arcane University that Jeb intended to explore.

"This looks like all I am going get about ole' Jeb from the merchants. I should give these to Jude and see what he wants to do."

Return to Jude, and speak to him again. He will take the ring and letter from you, and asks if you will continue the arrangement. He wants to go and explore the cave, but fears he will not survive by himself.

"I have returned Jeb's items to Jude. Now he would like to discuss continuing our arraignment. I have a feeling I know where this is going."

The Search Continues

Jeb's CaveCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"I have agreed to help Jude search the cave his father found. I have a feeling I can't rely on too much help from him if we get into trouble. "

If you decline to help, Jude will stay where he is until you agree.

You can ask Jude how much he will pay, in which case he gives you 50 Gold, a Weak Potion of Healing and a Weak Potion of Sorcery, or just say your fee is 50 Gold, in which case you don't receive the potions. The map marker for Jeb's Cave is added.

Go to the cave. It's in two parts, both of which contain Goblins. If Jude accompanies you, he will most likely be killed quite easily. You can keep him alive by telling him to wait. If he does die, your quest log will give this rather callous update.

"It looks like Jude was right, the fighting proved too much for him and I couldn't protect him. I'll bet he finally found his father now. Fortunately he did pay me in advance. According to the letter, his father was pretty excited about what he expected to find in the caves. Could be there is some good treasure? Seems the least I could do is search the caves like I promised."

Portal to UnknownCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIn the main room of the second part of the cave are a number of dead bodies. Some time after examining these, and making your way to the Portal to Unknown in the north east corner, your log updates, completing the quest and adding a new one.

If Jude is alive, the update is this.

"There is no sign of Jude's father among the bodies. Jude is right, if Jeb lived through this, he likely went to the door to recover from his wounds. But without knowing where the door goes, if would have been risky at best. Since he didn't return the conclusion seems obvious. Jude says he would like to hire me for one more task. I have a feeling I know what is coming."

Otherwise, you will get this update.

"There is no sign of Jude's father among the bodies. If he lived through this, he likely went through the door to recover from his wounds. But without knowing where the door goes, it would have been risky at best. Since he didn't return the conclusion seems obvious."

Getting this final update can be a bit tricky, especially if Jude is still alive. He should automatically approach you when you near the Mage's Door. If he doesn't, you will likely need to try again. Ensure he's in the same cave with you at all times, even if not the same part, and maybe allow him to engage in combat. Jude should also be checking the bodies.

Once this quest is complete, the story continues with We're Not In Kansas Anymore.

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