The Windfall plugin for Oblivion also has a number of quests that are not part of either the Main Quest or Order of the Candle series.

Miscellaneous Quests

By asking people in town about Work in Windfall, you will come across reference to a number of people needing small jobs doing. Many of these are quite small, and don't require any combat.

The quests are as follows.

The Missing Necklace

The Historian

Dungeons and Dragons

A Missing Shipment

Deliveries and Collections

A Round of Applause

Helping Hands

Where Did I Leave That?

The Deed

The Missing Necklace

Bernelle PeletteCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThis is given out by Bernelle Pelette, the owner of The Weary Traveller in the Commerce District.

Bernadette initially offers you 50 Gold for the necklace, then in the conversation increases the reward to 75. She can be bartered up to 100 Gold, but getting that payment may require you threatening to keep the necklace.

The Sewer entrance is just outside The Weary Traveller. The necklace is on top of a Chest in a room to the north east of where you entered. You may have to fight some Goblins on the way. Take the necklace and return to Bernelle to get the reward.

The Historian

VirginiaCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThis is given out by Virginia, who can be found in the Warehouse or The Weary Traveller, both in the Commerce District.

"A lady named Virginia has offered to pay me for each journal or diary I can find. Unfortunately, she gave me no helpful information. She isn't sure who would have kept journals, where they would be, or even if they exist at all. Absolutely nothing that would let me get started. Still, considering the price she is paying, it worth keeping my eyes open in case I run across something that she may find useful."

The books she wants are as follows:

The Diary of Count Alconius - Found during the quest A Ring.

Diary of Stilus Varo - Found in the Basement of the House for Sale in the Slums, entered during the quest A Count?

Fracus's Journal - Found in the Hidden Wall Safe in Fracus' office, possibly searched during the quest A Discovery.

Brend's Journal - This is on a Desk in a hidden room off Brend's room in Varo Manor. The door to the room is opened by pulling a lever which is next to the bookcase in the north east part of his room.

Virginia will pay you for every book you give to her, with a bonus on completion.

Dungeons and Dragons

Marcus NovausCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksAfter delivering the letter from Federia Experia to Marcus Novaus in the quest Deliveries and Collections, Marcus says he has a good paying job. Asking about this job starts this quest.

"Marcus will pay me to find his great-grandfather Ramonicus' armor and shield. 100 septims per pieces, with a bonus for the complete set. The pieces are supposedly scattered throughout Windfall, and Marcus has no idea where to look. Sounds pretty simple, if I find a piece I bring it to Marcus for payment."

Ramonicus' Greaves - These are in Glayve Shadow Hall. Glayve is visited during the quest An Attack.

Ramonicus' Shield - This in the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, the outside of which is visited during the quest Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Ramonicus' Cuirass - This is in Gyerdion Sel Lor. Gyerdion is visited during the quest Something Old.

Ramonicus' Gauntlets - These are in the upper levels of Deathgrip Keep, which is visited during the quest Lost and Found.

Ramonicus' Boots - These are in the Windfall Gold Mines, which are not visited during any quest.

Ramonicus' Helm - This is in the Windfall Sewers, which are visited during many different quests. They are in the Necromancer's lair, which can only be reached by an entrance from the Sewers reached from the Commerce District outside The Weary Traveller.

Take these back to Marcus for your reward.

A Missing Shipment

Felitia BenardiusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThis quest can be started by speaking to Felitia Benardius.

"Felitia Benardius claims she didn't receive everything she was supposed to get in her last shipment. She says the bill matches what she received, but she is sure something is missing. The shipment came in by ship, and was delivered to the warehouse. From the warehouse to her. That is a lot of places and a lot of hands. And of course, that all assumes she is right. I'm not even sure where to start with this one."

If the Bill of Lading matches what Felitia received, maybe there was something wrong with the Bill itself? Questioning Glavin just annoys him, as he says Felitia is always complaining and if there was finally something wrong it serves her right.

Bill of Lading PageCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIn the Windfall Warehouse, between the fireplace and a Barrel, there is a small piece of paper. Read this, and your log updates.

"This is interesting. The last page of the bill of lading. Either this fell off, or it was torn off. Either way it looks like Felitia was right, she didn't get everything she ordered. There are two bottles of vintage BD Label wine missing. If this was an accident, they should be here. If it wasn't an accident, then someone has helped themselves to some very nice wine. But who? Either way this is the proof she wanted. Do I want to trouble myself to find the wine?"

Take the Bill, but be careful as this is theft. You can now either return to Felitia with the Bill or look for the bottles of wine. If you return to Felitia, she takes the Bill of Lading and gives you 100 Gold and says that she would have paid more if you had recovered the wine. Quest complete.

"I gave Felitia the Bill of Lading page. I'll let her deal with it from here."

BD Label Vintage 227Credit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksAlternatively, you can look for the wine first. Given that it was in the Warehouse, it seems likely that Glavin did have something to do with it going missing, so break into his house and search it. On the top of some shelves approximately opposite the door into the house are the missing two bottles of wine. Take them and return to Felitia. She takes the Bill and wine and this time gives you 200 Gold. Quest complete.

"Too valuable to lose? She didn't even know what was missing. Either way I got my money and the rest is her problem to deal with."

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