After resurrecting Razz in the Oblivion plugin Windfall quest I Love You But Can I Trust You?, you now need to look to defending the compound.

Your Cheating Heart

Razz(112447)Credit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"This is one risky gambit Razz has in mind. But he is correct, it does look like the best chance the coven has of keeping Alexander at bay for now. I have no idea how I am going to pull this one off. I'll have to try and pick up some information in Windfall, and see where that takes me. I guess I'm supposed to divert Legion supply shipments, armed with a letter of all things. It may be best if I find out what I can about this Corelius first."

Razz tells you that he wants the Legion's shipments diverting to the Order, not be sent to Alexander. On the last batch of bodies was a Letter which he gives you.

The Letter is from Felitia Benardius who suspects her husband Corelius is cheating on her. If you have already encountered Corelius during the miscellaneous quest Deliveries and Collections, as well as A Round of Applause, you know that he is, although this time it's with someone different.

If you speak to Felitia she says she knows her husband is up to something. If you speak to Corelius he doesn't care that his wife suspects him, as there is no proof.

Speak to Frillia in The Weary Traveller. When asked about Corelius, she says he has a mistress in the Slums, and that he has apparently lost his wedding ring. When asked about the Legion shipments, she says that Glavin Entold will most likely know.

Glavin tells you that the shipments are being arranged by Marvus Carpellius, Felitia's brother.

"The shipments I need to redirect to the coven are controlled by a man named Marvius Carpellius. I have no idea who or where he is. But as luck would have it, he does have a Windfall connection. Felitia Benardius is his sister. I am sure that is useful information. But how? Feltia is Corelius's wife. But how can I use knowledge of her husband to influence Marvius?"

Felitia will not attempt to persuade her brother to divert the shipments.

"Felitia obviously isn't going to push her brother into redirecting those shipments for just any reason. I will have to find way to persuade her. Or find someone to persuade her for me. If this letter is true, I may be able to get Corelius to act on my behalf. But how?"

IlmenaCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksWhen you speak to people in the Slums, only Ilmena has Corelius as a topic, and will not say anything to you. Now go and break into her house in the Slums. On the table is a love letter from Corelius to Ilmena. There is a locked Chest beside the table; in it is Corelius' Wedding Ring. Take the ring and go and find Corelius again.

Ilmena's ChestCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"I hit the jackpot. This is the ring I have been looking for. Corelius will have to listen to me now. He'll have no choice. If I show this to his wife, he loses her and her money. He may not care about her, but I am sure he doesn't want to risk losing her money. Time to have a heart to heart with Corelius."

It actually seems that you could have skipped speaking to Glavin and Felitia about the shipments, but this results in a confusing conversation with Corelius where you appear to know things you haven't actually discovered. You can convince Corelius to get the shipments relabelled. He is not best pleased.

"That should take care of redirecting the shipments. At least for now. No doubt I have made an enemy today. But I doubt Corelius can follow through on his threat. In meantime, I am sure he will find a way to keep me happy. He isn't about to risk his wife finding out that I have the ring. I need to get back and see how Razz is coming with his preparations."

Return to Razz who takes Corelius' ring and the Letter and gives you two Potions of Cure Disease and a Strong Potion of Willpower. He tells you that Arkyon wants to see you.

Once Upon a Time

Marsh RuinsCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda Softworks"Simply put? Easy? My gut tells me there will be nothing simple or easy about this. I am going to look for the remains of Hyreechus. Someone who experimented with the black arts to such an extent he was singled out for extermination. His remains are somewhere in a building that was magically sealed to keep his atrocities contained. No one has been in there since it was sealed. Well, I wanted to be an adventurer, and this is what adventuring is all about. Lucky me."

Arkyon is still arranging his wedding. He wants you to go and get a piece of the body of Hyreechus so he can be raised to perform the ceremony. Hyreechus was imprisoned in the Ruined Cathedral in the Marsh Ruins, which Arkyon marks on your map, and needs the Magical Sigil key obtained earlier to enter. Arkyon gives you the key, a Potion of Cure Disease, a Potion of Resistance and a Rebuke Undead scroll.

Ruined CathedralCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksThere are quite a few zombies roaming the Marsh Ruins themselves. There are more inside the Cathedral itself. The zombies outside are normal types; the ones inside are Hyreechus Soldier Zombies and Hyreechus Follower Zombies which are tougher and numerous; the Soldier's are similar to Dread Zombies which can also infect you with the fatal disease Hyreechus' Folly. The Hyreechus Zombies can overwhelm you if care isn't taken; either stealth or some serious anti-undead preparation is advised. The Ruins themselves you will have come across a reference to back in the Orders taken from a Skeleton in Unknown back in the quest We're Not in Kansas Anymore.
There are two Hyreechus Follower Zombies and a Hyreechus Soldier Zombie inside the Cathedral. The altar in the Cathedral if activated inflicts Hyreechus' Folly on you - if you don't get the disease cured, it will eventually kill you; there are also a number of potions around that do the same thing.

In the Undercroft there are just three Hyreechus Follower Zombies and three Hyreechus Soldier Zombies and nothing else of any real interest. This is an open space, so attacking one zombie can easily result in them all attacking you at once, and possibly overwhelming you. There is no real need to go into the Undercoft unless Mort Flesh is really wanted.

HyreechusCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksHyreechus' Zombie is in the Chapel Hall, in a room at the bottom of the stairs. There are also three Hyreechus Soldier Zombies and two Hyreechus Follower Zombies; although not quite as exposed as the Undercroft, being attacked by multiple zombies is still possible. Inside the various rooms are various alchemical items, ingredients and potions as well as the restoration skill book The Exodus in the locked room to the north west.

Hyreechus SkullCredit: ed_conn and Bethesda SoftworksIn Hyreechus' room is yet more alchemical equipment and ingredients, some Research Notes and The Bishop's Diary which can be read to see what happened as well as several Experimental Potions which can cure Hyreechus' Folly. Hyreechus' Skull is on the floor next to the table; when you take it your log updates. Time to return to Arkyon, who takes the skull and gives you 200 Gold and scrolls of Hush and Summon Daedroth. Now go and find Todward.

"I have returned the skull to the coven. Based on what I saw, I understand why Todward doesn't want this guy around. I guess he is special to necromancers, but I wouldn't want to be married by him. I was also told that Todward wanted to see me when I returned. Maybe his people have found Ashemanu."

Todward wants you to recover another piece of the Lucky Charm in Something Old.