Maps for quests from the Skyrim plugin Falskaar.

Amber Creek

Amber Creek is the main town that is visited on Falskaar, even though it is quite small. Many different quests can be started here, or require people here to be visited.

Map of Amber CreekCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd(1) Stable

There are two horses here. Taking either of them is theft.

(2) Stable

There are another two horses here. Taking either is again theft, but one of them may be purchased for 1,000 Gold from Gabrial.

(3) Kunnari's Farm

Kunnari and his son Kalevi live here. The quest No Harm, No Fowl is started by Kunnari and Kalevi will start Kind Blood. After No Harm, No Fowl is completed Kunnari will become a general merchant, buying anything at any time of day or night, although he only has 113 Gold and during the night he is in his locked farm. Kunnari has only a limited number of items to sell.

(4) Horndew Lodge

This house can be purchased by the player for 10,000 Gold from Jalma and then improved.

(5) Oudin's House

Oudin, the town's lumberjack, lives here. He will start the quest Old Friends, and will pay the player 10 Gold for every log processed through the Sawmill (6). On the porch outside is a Satchel which contains Gold and may contain Lockpicks and restorative potions.

(6) Sawmill

Oudin will pay the player 10 Gold for every log put through the Sawmill. Simply speak to him after it is done to get paid.

(7) Wood Chopping Block

(8) Rangarr's House

The quest A Craftsman's Finest is started by Ragnarr the blacksmith. He buys and sells weapons and armour with 694 Gold and has some significant enchanted items. Mecaius, his nephew, is rescued during the quest Welcome to Falskaar.

Outside the house are a Blacksmith Forge, a Grindstone, a Tanning Rack and a Workbench.

(9) Amber Mead Inn

The inn is a popular meeting place and, as well as the staff, many other people will come in, especially at the end of the day. There are a number of NPCs resident in the inn. Njola and Klara will buy and sell food, drink and some ingredients with 114 Gold each, and will also rent a room for 50 Gold, which will drop to 25 after the completion of Dread Aura. Klara will start the quest Dread Aura and Njola will start any available Bounty quest, although Jalma is the one who will pay the reward. Varrina will teach the player various food recipes and Gabrial will fight the player with his fists for a bet and will sell his Horse for 1,000 Gold.

There are an Arcane Enchanter and an Alchemy Lab, as well as a copy of the Falskaar Bounty Ledger and various harvestable items, in the inn.

(10) Amber Creek General Store

Svea starts the quest A Fortunate Find and buys and sells anything with 760 Gold. She also has some notable enchanted items for sale.

(11) Rurik's House

Rurik the Bard lives here, but can frequently be found entertaining in the Amber Mead Inn. He starts the quest Songs of the Dead.

(12) Helena's Stall

Speaking to Helena is one way of starting the quest The Crusher's End. She will not be at her stall until that quest is complete. Helena buys and sells clothing and jewellery with 505 Gold with some notable enchanted items. There are some items on her stall, but not the most expensive of what she has for sale.

(13) Borvaldur Manor

This is where Jarl Agnar and his wife Jalma live. Jalma will start some of the Bounty quests and will pay the reward for all of them. She also starts the quest The Forgotten Depths.

Notable items in the manor are the rare books The Legendary Scourge and Chimarvamidium and the valuable book The Rise and Fall of the Blades.

(14) Amber Creek Barracks

The Barracks are where the Falskaar Guards are stationed. They are also where the player will be imprisoned for breaking the law, with the evidence and prisoner belongings chests inside it too. The Key to Falskaar Jail is on a table inside.

(15) Amber Creek Mine - Quarters

Notable items in here are a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Minor Stamina and the Smithing skill book Last Scabbard of Akrash. Outside is a Cooking Spit and varies items of food, pelts and containers holding food.

(16) Smelter

(17) Amber Creek Mine

Amber Creek Mine

During the day various miners can be found in the mine. There are Pickaxes available in it.

Map of Amber Creek MineCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd(1) Exit to Falskaar

(2) Iron Ore Vein

(3) Corundum Ore Vein

(4) In this cart are 3 Iron Ore

(5) Silver Ore Vein

Falskaar Docks

Approaching Falskaar Docks for the first time will start the quest Rough Waters. The docks are the starting point for many of the quests which do not originate in Amber Creek.

Map of Falskaar DocksCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd(1) Levelled Missile Bandit - Only present until they are killed in Rough Waters

(2) Levelled Melee Bandit - Only present until they are killed in Rough Waters

(3) Prisoners - Wulf, Henrik, Freya and Galen are tied up here until they are freed in Rough Waters

(4) Water's Edge Trader

Henrik, Freya and Galen live here. Henrik will start the quest A Present from the Past, Freya A Special Kind of Berry and Galen The Deadliest Catch.

Henrik buys and sells weapons, armour, clothing, jewellery, food, potions and miscellaneous items with 756 Gold. He has some notable enchanted armour and wearable items for sale. There are a variety of weapons, armour, ingredients, potions, soul gems, ores and ingots and containers in the shop.

(5) Wulf's House

Wulf lives here, when he isn't on his ship. He will start the quest The Lady in the Lighthouse. There are some containers in the house.

(6) Ship

The ship provides transport back to Skyrim, during the quest Passage Home. Activating the trapdoor on the deck will start the voyage back to Skyrim.

Wulf will normally be on board his ship during the daytime.

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