Maps for quests from the Skyrim plugin Falskaar.


Staalgarde is visited during the quest Returning the Favor and is the starting point for The Heart of the Gods. Once those quests are complete, the valley cannot be revisited.

Map of StaalgardeCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd(1) Missile Staalgarde Soldier

(2) Melee Staalgarde Soldier

(3) Corundum Ore Vein

(4) 3 Horses

(5) Unnvaldr Keep - Yngvarr and 4 Elite Soldiers are inside

(6) Path to Mountain Mist Temple - This is the route which must be followed to get to the temple; it cannot be reached otherwise

Emerald Valley Gates

Emerald Valley Gates are visited during the main series quest Returning the Favor. Before and after that quest the location cannot be entered, as bars block the gate.

Map of Emerald Valley GatesCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd(1) Quicksilver Ore Vein

(2) Melee Emerald Soldier

(3) Blacksmith Forge

(4) Dead Skeleton - This may have Gold

(5) Here there are:

Barrel - This contains meat and Salt Piles
Barrel - This may contain food
Fish Barrel - This contains fish and Salt Piles

Table - On it are:

3 Gold

Strong Box - This has an Apprentice lock and contains gems and may contain enchanted jewellery, rings and Gold

Horndew Lodge

Horndew Lodge is the player house which can be purchased in Amber Creek. Once purchased, a number of improvements can be made. The house as described here assumes that all of these have been purchased. Many of the items inside and outside the house respawn.


Behind the house are 4 Cabbage and 3 Potato in a cart and 2 Barrels and 2 Larges Sacks which may contain food. There is an insect critter spawn and  1 Blue Mountain Flower, 5 Cabbages, 2 Deathbell, 1 Dragon's Tongue, 3 Gourds, 3 Hanging Moss, 2 Jazbay, 8 Leek, 2 Nightshade, 5 Potato, 1 Purple Mountain Flower, 3 Red Mountain Flower, 3 Snowberry, 3 Spiky Grass and 3 Tundra Cotton.

Around the side is 1 Red Mountain Flower and around the front are 1 Deathbell, 1 Gourds, 1 Nightshade, 1 Purple Mountain Flower and 3 Salmon.

Also on the front porch are:

Tanning Rack

Leather Strips

Dried Frost Mirriam

Barrel - This contains meat and Salt Piles
Large Sack - This may contain food

On a table are:

2 Amber Mead
Cooked Beef
Eidar Cheese Wedge
Goat Cheese Wedge
Green Apple
Grilled Chicken Breast


Map of Horndew LodgeCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

Ground Floor:
(1) Exit to Amber Creek - This door can only be opened with the Key to Horndew Lodge given to the player by Jalma after the house is purchased

(2) In this corner are:


Bookcase - This has three shelves, each of which can take 18 books

Barrel and Large Sack - These may contain food

(3) In this corner are:

Display Case

Table - On this are:

Arcana Restored
Feyfolken I
Glories and Laments
Olav's Journey
The Rise and Fall of the Blades

(4) Over the fireplace is a weapon rack. On it are:

2 Steel Greatswords
Steel Shield

On the hearth is the note Secrets of Horndew Lodge which tells about the secret grotto.

In front of the fireplace is a Table on which are:

Falskaar Bounty Ledger
The Book of Daedra

(5) Here there are:

Display Case

(6) In this area are:

Alchemy Lab - On it are a Nightshade and a Salt Pile

Corner Shelf - On this are:

Bear Claws
Bone Meal
Chaurus Eggs

2 Apothecary's Satchels - These contain ingredients and may contain restorative potions

Shelves - On these are:

2 Chaurus Eggs
Chicken's Egg
Creep Cluster
2 Fire Salts
Giant Lichen
Pine Thrush Egg
2 Rock Warbler Egg
3 Small Pearl

Shelves - On these are:

Elves Ear
2 Garlic
Giant's Toe
Hagraven Feathers
Pine Thrush Egg

Shelves - On these are:

Dwarven Oil
Hanging Moss
Orange Dartwing
Spriggan Sap
Troll Fat

Barrel - This contains ingredients. On it are an Imp Stool and a Lavender.


(7) In the area under the stairs are:


Barrel - This contains meat and Salt Piles
3 Barrels - These may contain food
Fish Barrel - This contains fish and Salt Piles

Shelf - On it are:

2 Alto Wine
5 Amber Mead
2 Bread
5 Tomato

Table - On this are:

Alto Wine
2 Carrot
3 Eidar Cheese Wedge
Goat Cheese Wedge
Goat Cheese Wheel
Grilled Leeks
Honey Nut Treat
Leg of Goat Roast
Pheasant Roast
Sliced Eidar Cheese
Venison Stew
2 Wine

(8) Hanging above the fireplace are:

Dried Elves Ear
Dried Frost Mirriam
Garlic Braid

On the hearth are:

3 Chicken Breast
Raw Beef
2 Salt Pile

In front of it is a Cooking Pot

(9) Here there are:

Barrel - This may contain food
Chest - Empty

Bookcase - This has three shelves, each of which can take 18 books

Shelf - On this are a Display Case and:

Flawless Garnet
9 Gold

To the right of the Bookcase is a Button which move the Shelf (13)

(10) Next to the bed are two End Tables. On top of the left hand one is The True Nature of Orcs. On top of the right hand one is a Sweet Roll. At the foot of the bed is an empty Chest.

(11) Here there are a Wardrobe and an empty Safe.

(12) Weapons Rack

(13) Shelf - This is moved by the Button at (9) and reveals the entrance to the secret grotto

(14) Here there are:

Arcane Enchanter

Table - On it are:

2 Common Soul Gem (Common)
Grand Soul Gem (Empty)
Greater Soul Gem (Empty)
Lesser Soul Gem (Empty)
Petty Soul Gem (Petty)

Random gauntlets

(15) Here there are:

Corundum Ingot
Orichalcum Ingot


Chest - Empty

Table - On this are:

2 Iron Ingot
Moonstone Ingot
Steel Ingot

(16) Here there are:

Large Sack - This may contain food

Table - On it are:

Arcana Restored
Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments, an Enchanting skill book
Coin Purse
Light Armor Forging, a Smithing skill book

(17) In this area are:

2 Weapon Racks, each of which holds 2 Iron Greatswords and 2 Iron Shields
2 Mannequins

Creature Display - This can be toggled to show a Brown Bear, a Dwarven Centurion, a Dwarven Sphere, a full set of Dwarven Armour being worn, a Nord, a Spriggan or a Troll

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