Maps for quests from the Skyrim plugin Helgen Reborn.


This is Helgen after the town has been completely rebuilt at the end of A City on a Hill. Although the entire quest needs to be completed before the town is fully rebuilt, various buildings are functional before then.

Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdAround the houses, both inside and outside the town, can be found various plants: Dragon's Tongue, Mountain Flowers, Nightshade, Snowberries and Tundra Cotton.

Map of HelgenCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd(1) Cienna's House

This is where Cienna can often be found outside of normal working hours, unless the player marries her; in which case, she will be in the Private Tower instead. There are some food, drink,  harvestable items and ingredients in the house.

(2) Helgen Inn

Once the inn is rebuilt, Patsy can be found here, if he is needed to make improvements to the Private Tower. He also buys and sells a range of food and drink.

Manara, who serves at other times, buys and sells food and ingredients with 200 gold.

In the basement of the inn is an Arcane Enchanter, a Shrine of Arkay, Spell Tome: Healing Hands, Spell Tome: Candlelight, a Petty Soul Gem (Petty Soul), a Common Soul Gem (Common Soul) and a Greater Soul Gem (Greater Soul).

On the ground floor is a Cooking Spit, the valuable book The Lusty Argonian Maid, v1 and the rare book Children of the Sky.

Upstairs is an Alchemy Lab.

There are also some food, drink and harvestable things in the inn.

(3) Hammer and Anvil

Cienna and Balfring Firescale can be found here during working hours. They buy and sell weapons, armour and miscellaneous items; Cienna with 1,200 Gold and Balfring with 700. Each also has some valuable weapons and armour for sale.

There is some armour, food, drink, ingredients and harvestable items in the blacksmiths.

Outside are a Smelter with an empty Barrel next to it, an Anvil with another empty Barrel, a Grindstone, a Tanning Rack and a Workbench, the latter having an empty Barrel, Chest and Strong Box near to it. This is therefore a useful place to perform the various operations that require these, and to store the required raw materials, excluding anything that needs the use of a Forge, as there is not one here and that will require the player having to travel to Riverwood for the nearest.

Private Tower

The tower is given to the player as a reward partway through the quest Desperate Times.

(4) Door to Private Tower (1)

(5) Trapdoor to Private Tower (12)

(6) The Arcane Ambry

Andore buys and sells spell tomes, spell scrolls, enchanted robes and soul gems with 1,000 Gold and buys staves, books and jewellery, both enchanted and normal.

In this building is an Arcane Enchanter. Notable items are a Petty Soul Gem (Petty Soul), Lesser Soul Gem (Lesser Soul), Common Soul Gem (Common Soul) and Greater Soul Gem (Greater Soul), Spell Tome: Clairvoyance, Spell Tome: Heal Other and Spell Tome: Soul Trap.

(7) Potent Potables

Meen-Lei buys and sells potions, ingredients and recipes with 1,000 Gold and also buys food. There is an Alchemy Lab in the shop.

The most notable items in Potent Potables are the valuable books The Lusty Argonian Maid, v1 and The Lusty Argonian Maid, v2, the Alchemy skill books A Game at Dinner and Mannimarco, King of Worms, a Cure Disease Potion Recipe and a Fortify Carry Weight Potion Recipe and the following potions: Draught of Enhanced Stamina, Draught of Haggling, Frostbite Venom, Persisting Magicka Poison, Philter of the Defender, Potent Paralysis Poison, Potion of Brief Invisibility, Potion of Cure Disease, Potion of Extreme Magicka, Potion of Magicka, Potion of Resist Magic, Potion of Resist Shock, Potion of Ultimate Healing, 2 Potions of Extreme Stamina, 3 Potions of Healing, 2 Potions of Vigor, 2 Skirmisher's Potions, Solution of Lasting Potency, Stamina Poison, 4 Weak Aversion to Fire, 5 Weak Aversion to Frost, 5 Weak Aversion to Magic, 5 Weak Aversion to Shock, Weak Fear Poison, 2 Weak Frenzy Poisons and a Weak Poison. There are also a number of ingredients and harvestable items.

(8) Helgen Wholesale

Helgen Wholesale is run by Marcus Jannus after he decides to retire. There are various relatively low value miscellaneous items in here.

Marcus buys and sells most things with 1,500 gold, including some valuable weapons.

Helgen Keep

The keep is where most of the troops can be found when they are not patrolling.

(9) Trapdoor to Helgen Keep (3)

(10) Door to Helgen Keep (2)

(11) Door to Helgen Keep (1)

Outside the Gates

The following buildings are all located outside Helgen's north gate.

(12) Marcus' House

Marcus, who runs Helgen Wholesale, lives here. In the house are food, drinks, ingredients and harvestable items.

(13) Meen-Lei's House

Meen-Lei, who runs Potent Potables, lives here. In the house are food, drinks, ingredients and harvestable items.

(14) Empty House/Froki and Haming's House

When built, this is called Empty House, but the name changes during the quest Going Home. Froki and Haming move in here after the events of that quest. There is food in the house.

(15) Hella & Dunroe's House

Hella and Dunroe, two workers who can be seen around the town, live here. In the house are food, drinks, ingredients and harvestable items.

(16) House

Ingmarke, Sillina and their son Daening, from Bitter Wounds, live here. In the house are food, drinks, ingredients and harvestable items.

(17) Cave to Helgen Keep (4)

(18) Helgen Memorial - The memorial to Val appears here.

Private Tower

This is given as a reward partway through the quest Desperate Times. On the top of the tower, which is reached by a ladder inside the tower, is a Cooking Pot, although the one inside the tower is more conveniently located for storage.

Ground Floor

Private Tower Ground FloorCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(1) Exit to Helgen (4)

(2) Table - On this are:

Alto Wine
Cabbage Potato Soup
2 Eidar Cheese Wedge
Goat Cheese Wedge
Grilled Leeks
Rabbit Haunch
2 Tomato
Tomato Soup

(3) Cooking Pot

(4) Here there are:

Empty Barrel
Large Sack - This may contain food.

Cupboard - This may contain Gold and Clutter. On it are:

Empty Chest

2 Alto Wine
Goat Cheese Wheel

(5) Enable Mannequins at Private Tower Lower Level (9)

(6) Door to Private Tower Lower Level (1)

(7) Here there are:

Table - On this are:

Redguards, Their History and Their Heroes
The Keepers of Hattu: Real or Myth? Volume I

Table - On this is:

Apothecary's Satchel - This contains ingredients and may contain restorative potions

Shelves - On these are:

Brief History of the Empire, v3, 2 copies

Empty Strong Box

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