Maps for quests from the Skyrim plugin Helgen Reborn. Clutter refers to the worthless and low value items found in containers.

Private Tower

The Private Tower is in the town of Helgen and is given as a reward partway through the quest Desperate Times.

First Floor

First Floor of the Private TowerCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

(8) Bookshelf - Each of these will hold 18 books.

(9) 2 Empty Safes

(10) Here there are:

2 End Tables - These are beside the bed and on one is an empty Strong Box, on the other is The Keepers of Hattu: Real or Myth? Volume II. Each may contain clutter.


End Table - This is at the end of the bed and on it is an empty Strong Box. In it are:

Helgen Guard's Armor
Helgen Guard's Shield
Keepers of Hattu Boots
Keepers of Hattu Gauntlets
Keepers of Hattu Heavy Armor
Keepers Of Hattu Helmet
Keepers of Hattu Officers Armor

Empty Backpack

(11) Here there are:

2 Empty Safes

Shelves - On these are:

Empty Chest

Three shrines which function in the same way as the normal shrines found around Skyrim, giving the blessing of the appropriate Divine. These are:

Shrine of Arkay
Shrine of Kynareth
Shrine of Stendarr

(12) Ladder to Helgen (12)

Private Tower Lower Level

As well as displays, this level has lots of marked containers for storing items.

Private Tower Lower LevelCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd(1) Door to Private Tower (6)

(2) Door to Cavern Level (1)

(3) Misc Items - Empty Barrel

(4) Garbage - Empty Barrel

(5) Here there are:

Six Chests of Drawers, each of which contains clothing and may contain Gold, marked as follows:

Stuff to Sell

2 empty Safes, one of which is marked Arrows, and on top of which is a copy of Your New Dynamic Display Room!

(6) Here there are:

3 Cupboards, each of which contains clothing and may contain Gold, clutter and gems or jewellery, on top of one is a Snowberry and they are marked as follows:

Heavy Armor
Light Armor

2 Night Tables, each of which may contain clutter, Gold and gems or jewellery, and marked as follows:


On top of them are 2 empty Strong Boxes.

(7) Display Case - Dagger Rack. Each of these will take and display one dagger.

(8) Display Case - Weapon Rack. Each of these will take and display one weapon.

(9) Mannequin - These are activated using the button at Private Tower (5). One piece of each type of armour plus weapon and shield can be mounted on these.

(10) Here there are duplicates of the trophies that are acquired during the various Thieves Guild quests.

On the left hand set of shelves the following items appear:

Dwemer Puzzle Cube, Honningbrew Decanter and Left Eye of the Falmer from The Litany of Larceny.[1]

The Ornate Drinking Horn appears after 15 jobs, the Golden Ship Model after 25 jobs the Jeweled Pitcher after 55 jobs and the Jeweled Flagon after 75 jobs.

On the right hand set the following appear:

East Empire Shipping Map, Model Ship and Queen Bee Statue from The Litany of Larceny.

The Jeweled Candlestick appears after completing 5 jobs, the Golden Urn after 35 jobs and the Jeweled Goblet after completing 45 jobs.

Between the two sets of shelves the Crown of Barenziah from No Stone Unturned is added.[2]

To the right of the right hand set the Bust of the Gray Fox from The Litany of Larceny appears.

(11) The various Dragon Priest masks that can be acquired can be stored, and displayed, on this.

(12) In this corner are the following:

Arcane Enchanter - Under this are two empty Safes, one labelled Empty Soul Gems, the other Filled Soul Gems

An End Table, labelled Scrolls. This may contain clutter and Gold. On top of it are the scrolls Scroll of Fear, Scroll of Firerune and Scroll of Ironflesh.

(13) Cupboard - This is labelled Misc. Items and may contain Gold and clutter. The five Bugs in a Jar that can be found around Skyrim can be displayed on the shelves.

(14) Dragon Claw Display - The eleven Dragon Claws can be displayed on this.

(15) In this corner are:

Cupboard - Labelled Poisons, this may contain Gold and clutter. On it are the respawning poisons Deadly Fear Poison, Deadly Frenzy Poison, Deadly Paralysis Poison, Deadly Poison and 2 Poisons.

Alchemy Lab - On this is an Apothecary's Satchel which contains ingredients.

Cupboard - Labelled Potions, this may contain Gold and clutter. On it are the respawning potions Cure Poison, Draught of Extra Magicka, Draught of Glibness, Draught of Health, Draught of Resist Cold, Draught of Resist Magic, Draught of Resist Fire, Draught of Vigor, Philter of Extra Magicka, Philter of Health and Potion of Cure Disease.

(16) In this corner are:

An End Table, labelled Notes, this may contain Gold and clutter.

A Cupboard, labelled Books, which may contain Gold and clutter. 18 books can be stored on the bookshelves.

Wall Mounted Weapon Displays

These various displays allow weapons to be mounted on the walls.

Battle Axe and Hammer display - One battle axe or hammer can be displayed on these. There are 4 in room (b) and 1 in room (c)

Bow Displays - One bow can be displayed on these. There are 6 in room (b)

Shield Display - A shield can be placed on this. There is 1 in room (b) and 1 in room (c)

Sword Displays - Two swords can be placed on these. There are 6 in room (b)

Single Sword Display - One sword can be placed on these Horizontally. There are 12 in room (b)

Weapon Displays - One weapon can be placed on these wall mounted displays. There are 8 on the walls of room (a) and 5 on those of room (b)


Various banners are added to the walls of the Lower Level when the player is made a Thane of the various holds, with the emblems of those holds, as well as some others representing other areas or organisations.

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