Maps for quests from the Skyrim plugin Undeath.

Ravenscorn Spire

Ravenscorn Spire is visited during the quest In Their Footsteps. The door to the tower cannot be opened prior to the quest. It can also be improved after Black Book: Whispers of the Veil into a player lair.

Outside the tower is one of the three altars that can be used to transform soul gems into Black Soul Gems, on which are Necromancer's Moon and a Human Heart. Behind the tower is an Iron Ore Vein. Guarding the tower are two Necromancers and two melee Skeletons. Nearby are two levelled forest predators; one or both of these may be fighting the Necromancers and Skeletons, should they be near enough.

There are a Blisterwort and a White Cap in the tower.

Map of Ravenscorn SpireCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdBasement

(1) Wooden Door - This is locked at the Master level and can be opened with the Key to Tower Basement (13)

(2) Dead Skeleton - This may have Gold and Bone Meal

(3) Dead Draugr - This may have Gold, weapons and armour

(4) Here there are:

Blood Bowl - Activating the Blood Bowl cures all diseases and adds the effect Dark Pact.

Antioch's Journal - Volume 2
Arcana Restored
Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim, Alchemy skill book
On Oblivion
Souls, Black and White
The Book of Daedra
The Doors of Oblivion, Conjuration skill book

Ground Floor

(5) Exit to Skyrim


The Balcony is an open area that overlooks the Ground Floor.

(6) Levelled Necromancer

(7) Melee Skeleton

(8) 2920, Frostfall, v10, Conjuration skill book

First Floor

The empty room on the First Floor is where the Ritual Site will be constructed, as part of the Laboratory.

Second Floor

This is empty bar a Skeleton and 2 Levelled Necromancers.

Top Floor

(9) Cooking Pot

(10) Exit to Skyrim

(11) Coffin - This may have Bone Meal, Gold, gems and clutter, and be marked with the player's name

(12) Arcane Enchanter

(13) Table - On this are:

Antioch's Journal - Volume 1
Key to Tower Basement - This opens the Wooden Door (1)
The Path of Transcendence

Temple of Arkay

The Temple of Arkay is visited during the quest Arkay the Enemy. Prior to the quest being started, the priests and priestesses are all alive, and the Necromancers and Skeletons have not arrived. On the steps to the temple is a dead Priest of Arkay - who is alive if visited before the quest.

In the aboveground portion of the temple is a melee Skeleton.

Map of the Temple of ArkayCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd(1) Exit to Skyrim

(2) Dead Priest/Priestess of Arkay

(3) Empty Burial Urn

(4) Levelled Necromancer

(5) Melee Skeleton

(6) Gundar

(7) Captive Priest of Arkay

(8) Here there are:

3 Empty Burial Urns

Shrine of Arkay

(9) In this corner are:

Empty Burial Urn

Blue Mountain Flower
Jazbay Grapes
Orange Dartwing
Purple Mountain Flower
2 Snowberry

(10) Death Blow of Abernanit, Block skill book

(11) Here there are:

Shrine of Arkay

Coffin - This may contain Gold, Bone Meal, gems and clutter
2 Empty Burial Urns


(12) Life of Uriel Septim VII

(13) In this area are:

2 Leeks
Leg of Goat
Uncommon Taste

Barrel and a Large Sack - These may contain food

(14) Table - On this are:

Dead Priestess of Arkay

Goat Cheese Wedge
Green Apple
Grilled Leeks
Nord Mead
Pheasant Roast
Venison Chop

(15) Chest - This contains Gold and may contain Torches, animal hides and parts and clutter.

(16) Shelves - On these are:

Frostbite Venom
Glow Dust
2 Lavender
Potion of Haggling
Slaughterfish Scales
Void Salts

(17) Urn - This may contain Gold, restorative potions, gems and jewellery

(18) Here there are:

Coffin - This may contain Gold, Bone Meal, gems and clutter
Empty Burial Urn

(19) Here there are:

Empty Burial Urn


(20) Tables - On these are:

Dead Priest of Arkay

2 Potions of Minor Healing

(21) 4 Burial Urns and an Urn - These may contain Gold, restorative potions, gems and jewellery

(22) 2 Burial Urns - These may contain Gold, restorative potions, gems and jewellery

Dragontail Mountains

The Dragontail Mountains are visited during the quest Scourg Barrow and are a wilderness area leading to the Barrow itself.

Map of the Dragontail MountainsCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd(1) Fast Travel Arrival Point

(2) Levelled Mountain Snow Predator - This can be a Wolf, Ice Wolf, Snowy Sabre Cat, Ice Wraith, Snow Bear or Frost Troll

(3) Frost Troll

(4) Here there are:

Chest - This has Gold and may have gems, jewellery, metal ingots and soul gems
Dead Skeleton - This has Gold

(5) Ambush Melee Skeleton

(6) Ambush Skeleton Mage

(7) Ambush Missile Skeleton

(8) Entrance to Scourg Barrow (1)

(9) Exit from Scourg Barrow (65)

The Broker's Shack

The player, after starting The Path of Transcendence, will have received the Broker's Message and the location of the shack, which is west of Falkreath, will be added to the map.

On the path to the shack there is a destroyed wagon. On the wagon itself is a Chest which contains Gold and may contain armour, weapons, enchanted armour, enchanted weapons, potions, gems, ingots, jewellery, Torches, Lockpicks, spell scrolls and soul gems.

Outside the shack there are two Necromancers and three Wolves who will fight each other. Leaning against it is a Coffin, which may contain Gold, Bone Meal, gems and clutter. The shack itself contains a lot of useful or valuable items.

Notable items, some of which are required to make the items needed to become a Lich, include:

2 Black Soul Gems (Empty)
Catalogue of Armor Enchantments, Enchanting skill book, 2 copies
Frenzy Poison Recipe
Poison Bloom - Other than here, the Poison Bloom can only be found in Darkfall Passage, or in the Venom Garden improvement to Solitude Sewers.
Response to Bero's Speech, Destruction skill book, 4 copies
2 Rings of Remedy
5 Vampire Dust
3 Void Salts

There are many other books, ingredients, potions, poisons and soul gems around the shack, and the Broker will also sell a range of items, including the improvements to Solitude Sewers and Ravenscorn Spire.

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